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October 28, 2017 12:31 am

Elderly man victim of home invasion

Thursday, January 28, 2016 @ 8:52 AM

Prince George, B.C. – An 88 year  old man was the victim of an apparent random  home invasion in Prince George yesterday.

RCMP  say  the victim called them yesterday from the University Hospital of Northern BC where he was receiving  treatment for injuries suffered  during the attack.

According to police,  the  suspect  entered  the man’s ground floor apartment in the 1800 block of 3rd Avenue around  4 in the morning.  The victim  fought off the  much younger attacker who  left the scene empty handed but leaving behind  a distinctive  ‘Coors Light’  back pack cooler.  ( cooler  shown at right, image courtesy Prince George RCMP)backpack

The suspect is described as:

  • 25 to 30 year old male
  • Tall
  • Thin build

Although the motive for this Home Invasion is not clear, it appears it was a random act and that the suspect tried to take advantage of an open window.

The Prince George RCMP are hoping the public can help them identify the suspect and believe members of the public  will recognize the back pack cooler and its owner.

Anyone  with any information about this violent attack,  who might be responsible or who has been seen with this back pack cooler recently, is asked to contact the Prince George RCMP at (250)561-3300 or anonymously contact Crime Stoppers at 1(800)222-8477


BANG….need I say more….

Public caning on the courthouse steps, might deter some of the crime.

Incredible ! Advocating sharia law in canada . Lots of thumbs up for it as well . Da’esh would be so proud of you guys . Unbelievable .

Scum of the earth.

ataloss, what would you suggest as punishment?

Public caning? Might as well just hug them as cane them. These scumbags will keep victimizing the citizens of this country until our govt grows a spine and deals with it or the citizens of this country does it for themselves.

Dateline Detroit: Jan. 29/2015

A man who police say broke into an elderly couple’s home was fatally shot Thursday morning.
Southgate Police Director Thomas Coombs said the situation unfolded shortly before 5 a.m. Thursday in the 15000-block of Flanders, in the area of Eureka and Allen roads.
“It appears they came in through a window,the homeowner heard a noise…startled awake, discovered that the home had been broken into. The husband grabbed the gun.”
Coombs said, when confronted by the homeowner, the alleged intruder pointed a gun before he was shot dead.
“The homeowner was in possession of their legal firearm and shot and killed the intruder who had broken into their home,” Coombs said.

Nuff said huh!
I think it involved pistols, but I think a 12 gauge with the #2 goose shot would be most effective and quite legal around here…Those art students at crown council could never take you to court for defending your home and family.

Hey contractor . Which part of PG do you think is like Sterling Heights Detroit ? Too bad the guy couldn’t have found an open door and a warm meal . And perhaps some mental help . But hey , you want to emulate Detroit . So fire away .

Ataloss. You need to go to the circal and talk about this. In Latin terms go to a round room and stand in the corner.

Someone should setup a gofundme page, or an account at the bank that we can contribute to. I would love to see this guy get some money to help fix his place up with better security, buy a few nice things in his old age. Turn this brutal story into something a tiny bit positive.

Maybe the 250news editors can inquire a local bank setting up an account we can contribute to? I mean, if you aren’t too busy deleting our anti-Trudeau posts?

Ataloss I’m guessing at a sub text in your message;
Perhaps you are suggesting a different approach in the treatment of the common criminal? A change from the revolving door of “justice” ?

Many people are advocating for a change to the routine, after all, it is obvious that appearing in court or even repeated incarceration is not the answer.
The U S of A is proving every day that harsh punishments such as the death penalty do not seem to discourage the taking of another’s life, their three strikes rule does not seem to reduce repeat felony crimes.

But where do we start?

The mutt in this story was probably hoping to make an easy score, we can all guess why, but how do we address the root of the problem?

The threat of punishment in our western society does not seem to be a deterrent, indeed, so much of the time petty criminals are punished with an admonishment and released, thats obviously not working for some repeat offenders, although there must be some who take their second chance and try to improve themselves.
Would it help the situation if all citizens were guaranteed an income regardless if they work for it?

Believe me, I do not sympathize with any sort of thief, much less anyone who makes illegal drugs available, but I do think we need another approach to the problem.

Heres my opinion; good strong families grow good strong young citizens.

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