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October 28, 2017 12:24 am

DiCaprio’s Version of Canadian Environmental Efforts

Thursday, February 4, 2016 @ 3:45 AM



This is supposed to be funny.

doneright, you actually believe the chinook is caused by actions of man.

doneright, please enlighten us as to why you don’t think that this is funny?

He’ll have the last laugh . I like most his investment strategy . The diamond foundry is the right way to get diamonds . Additive manufacturing rather than digging up and destroying habitat .

Ataloss, you state that Leo will have the last laugh? Incorrect! Leo is a laugh, the man’s a joke!

I’m amazed that you forgot to mention this man’s massive, I repeat, this man’s MASSIVE carbon footprint!

Who does he think he is, David Suzuki?

Ataloss, you of all people on this site should be the first and most vocal about his MASSIVE carbon footprint! Why the silence????

Why the silence ? Because he does more good than bad .

Suuuuuuure he does! I do more good than bad, so do I get to use all the fossil fuels that I want, without you criticizing or condemning me?

It’s ok, Ataloss, you can go back to smoking whatever it is you are smoking this morning, haha!

Lets see this idiot has multiple mansions, jets, yacht. Hey he even rented a 500 million dollar dingy for a party in Rio and he has the gall to lecture us.

Hey Ataloss tell us more about your imaginary solar system and stocks.

You are confusing me with yourself hart g . I could not care less about what you do or how much fossil fuel you burn . My only problem is with the fossils being subsidized to the detriment of the rest of our narrow economy . Last year ( 2015 ) the IMF calculates the number at 46 billion dollars . And world wide the fossils are taking 6+ percent out of the world economy . But it’s all coming to an end . Coal is already toast . The latest two brand new coal fire power plants in Germany will likely never fire even once . Like was said lately coal was never cheap . It only looked that way because of the subsities .

Seamutt tell us why you have such distain for others successes . Are you really that jealous or is it you have no successes of your own . If you can’t win at the game of life , then it’s impossible for others to succeed , right ? If so you have my sympathy . Ever time you swipe your cards there is a fifty percent chance that you are putting money in my pockets .

Ataloss you have never come clean on your imaginary investments and solar, something to do with unicorns.

Hey I have no distain for others success but when those self entitled telling the rest of us how to lead our lives while those self centered individual live a lifestyle of copious consumption that the rest of us cannot even imagine.

Hey let them lead by example, never happen.

If I told you kid , you wouldn’t believe me . I can hardly believe it myself some times .

Hurry up and get Site C up and running! Those Northern Lights are using up a lot of power, haha!

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