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October 28, 2017 12:19 am

‘Nesting’ Comments – New Feature

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 @ 1:45 PM

250News has  added   a new feature that should make it easier for commenters  to reply to specific comments without having to scroll through  all comments to  find  a response.If you would like  to respond to a particular comment,  simply hit the ‘reply’ link,  and  make your comment.   Your reply will be attached to the original comment,  as will  any other  replies to that specific  comment.

We just thought it would be a nice  addition to  make it easier  for folks to comment on specific  themes that develop from a story.

If there are any  concerns  with this new feature,  please, feel free to  contact me,  elaine@250News.com, and we will  iron out any wrinkles.





    Here’s how the new feature will look on the site.

      can we get rid of the up and down thumbs now?

      good answer racer…did have to buy a vowel…

      I like this “reply” set up.

Very good!

This is a great addition.
It would be nice, however, if, rather than the percentage up/down vote calculation, 2502 had a simple up/down vote number count.
My experience with the percentage system is that I can’t always see any result if I upvote someone.
I have given upvotes and not observed any difference to the percentage value or the score.
A simple system that immediately records and upvote as a +1 in total or a downvote as a -1 in total would be preferable.

    The new score does not show until the next page refresh.

    If there are lots of people voting, such as the early posts, for instance, when most have seen the posts never to return again after reading the report and any comments they wish to read, then it seems that it is easy to get 100 or so votes and one additional post is not going to move the percentage counter. The other thing is that a trend has been set and the next 100 people or 1000 people are not going to move it. Sort of like taking a poll of a significant number of people at random.

    Of course, if people get together and block vote, that is another story. :-)

Great stuff! Thanks for being my go-to source for local news and opinions. :-)

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