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October 28, 2017 12:08 am

Save The Dome Skate Party Goes Tonight

Saturday, February 20, 2016 @ 2:45 PM

Wood beam structure in place for future Roll A Dome, 1955 photo courtesy The Exploration Place 'Milltown to Downtown' Exhibit

Wood beam structure in place for future Roll A Dome, 1955      

photo courtesy The Exploration Place ‘Milltown to Downtown’ Exhibit

Prince George, BC – A group hoping to save the Roll A Dome from potential demolition is hosting a family-friendly rollerskating party at the facility tonight…

The newly-formed non-profit ‘PG Dome Society’ is hoping to rally community support behind its effort to purchase and reinvigorate the aging structure, fearful that developers would be looking to tear it down.

Society spokesperson, Andrea Erwin, says the current shareholder group is looking to sell.  “There has been an offer – it didn’t go through – so, we just know that it’s only a matter of time before another offer comes in,” says Erwin.  “It was apparent that we have to do something now.”

Erwin says the society needs to raise between $1.0- to $1.5-million dollars to purchase the Roll A Dome.  “Al Work is the main shareholder and runs the facility.  He’s definitely working with us – he’d like to see us successful.”

“We’re in the process of applying for grant money and raising the funds ourselves through fundraisers.”  The society is also in the process of applying to become a charitable organization, so that it can issue tax receipts.

Erwin says, so far, public response has been mainly positive with people sharing fond memories of the numerous events they attended at the Roll A Dome while growing up, and, now, they’re children are attending similar events.  She says the negative comments centre on the building’s decrepit appearance.  “People say, ‘Oh, tear it down, it’s time has come.'”

“Our defense being, it’s structurally sound and if we’re successful in taking it over as a society…the goal is to fix the place up inside and out.”

Erwin notes the wood beam structure is unique and rare, pointing out it would cost millions to replace.  “We’d never build another building like it.”

Society memberships will be available at tonight’s skate party for $10.  Admission is free with the purchase of a membership or donation of a non-perishable food item.  There will also be a concession, silent auction, DJ, and fun competitions.  The party runs from 6:30 until 8:30pm at the Roll A Dome at 2588 Recplace Drive.  For more information, click here.


Everyone knows this is the future site of a car lot right?

I think you will see a hotel on this site in a few years or less.

Maybe the PAC people could raise the million and buy it…

Nice old building but an eyesore on a high visibility major intersection. Times change, change the view make it look more appealing whether it be a new hotel or even a car dealer. My first choice would beg a nice hotel.

I wish I were the salvager . The jewelry itself is worth going after . Three post and truss sections would cover a pretty nice pool but it will probably end up a hay barn .

This high visibility building, on a major intersection, has been seen by all the people who live here a thousand times over. The few people that pass this way as tourists and believe me it is very few only go through here once or twice in their lifetime, so I doubt if they give a s..t, about how one building looks in Prince George.

Fact of the matter is, the whole area from Cache Creek, to Prince Rupert, Kitimat, Chetwynd, Tete Jaune, etc; looks terrible. North Central BC needs a facelift,.

This building could be fixed up and serve the purpose that the society is looking for, its present use is just as good or better than some other uses that could go in their.

The last thing we need is another ugly car lot.

They are in the process of building a hotel between the Playhouse theatre and the golf course, (Pomeroy) so its highly unlikely that they would build another one.

If you want to look at ugly buildings take a close look at the Golf and Curling Club building. This huge blue building, is the biggest bird house in North America. Nesting birds are flying in and out of this building all summer long.

Have a nice day.

    Just a thought . In the last two auto cycles both my vehicles have come from PG , the auto shopping plaza of the northern half of the province . PGs auto dealers have made enough out of us all that they could step up to the plate . If dolled up it could be a great venue for auto shows and other events . I don’t think she’s ugly , she’s just unloved by too many . She’s got Great bones .

    “Fact of the matter is, the whole area from Cache Creek, to Prince Rupert, Kitimat, Chetwynd, Tete Jaune, etc; looks terrible. North Central BC needs a facelift,.”

    Can’t do much of a facelift in the north when most of the dollars generated in the north go to plastic surgery in the lower mainland.

This could be a once in a lifetime event. I agree with Ataloss. Hmmmmm.

It would be very sad to see another heritage building in this town being demolished. These old buildings have lasted a long time. I think its time we started saving some of them for posterity and Prince George’s heritage.
Have a look at Nelson. They have done a wonderful job of maintaining old buildings and they really speak volumes. They really give that town character. Seems that we’ve lost this aspect of our town and its really sad. It speaks nothing of our history.
New fancy buildings have some appeal for awhile but then they get surpassed by something else new, while these old buildings seem to get more attractive as time goes on.
Sounds like this one is solid. A little cosmetic work is all it would take and save all the cost of demolishing it and then building something else.
And its true, it would never be replaced.

    Has the Heritage Commission got this building on their list? Is the building on the City Heritage Registry?

    If you want this building this building to get recognition as a heritage building, you need to take some action to do that. Meet with the Commission and see if they will help.

    It is one thing for a few individuals to think of a building as a heritage structure, it is another to get it recognized and assessed against all the other buildings which should get a similar recognition.

I just came from the Roll A Dome fund raiser, it was a huge success. I wish you nay sayers could have seen the people of every walk of life just having a good time especially the CHILDREN. Who really cares about a face lift or a car lot or a hotel? We need the Roll A Dome its a place people can afford to go. The City needs to get behind this cause its not always about money , never seen any Council Members or news media there , but people were taking photos with their cell phones so maybe some will surface. We need to keep the Dome. If someone was stabbed or robbed it would be in the news media, but if something positive and happy is going on you never hear about it.

Your out of money and need help why?
Cause no one used it but select few right?
And those select few need a place to do their rec activities right?
So pg has the cheapest of many cities to use their rec facilities compared to ANYWHERE in bc.
But lets raise money to keep this eyesore that only select few use instead of raising money for these select few groups to use a different facility?? Make sense? Hmm?
Times change, things change, ugly old buildings never used but by those ‘select few’ go….
This city more then most need and have to grow and become what most cities have changed too.
Let it go people.

There is nothing special about the structure, the engineering, the architecture and especially the maintenance of this building.

The picture of the structure tells it all. A low cost laminated bow arch with steel ties instead of buttressed columns. Just another warehouse/farm structure. If the structure had been expressed on the exterior as was done with the laminated arches which gave Safeway stores of that era their signature look (there is still one in Quesnel) and it had been maintained properly there might be some architectural merit. As it is, a picture taken of the building these days tells a different story.

This town is not much for saving “historic” buildings. This is certainly not one I would put much effort into saving.

Put “laminated timber arches” into a search engine and ask for images to be displayed. This does not rank with any of the ones displayed. BTW, the Olympic Ice Oval in Richmond is a modern day version of a bow arch span much larger than this, properly done, and well worth saving for future generations.

This highly visible corner deserves a better built landmark which speaks of a new Prince George image.

Continue with fundraisers and seek help from the City to relocate the use near the Y building, or at exhibition park both of which have compatible users.

BTW, in 1974/75, there was a proposal from a private company to build a roller skating rink next to the Y. That part of Massey was planned to have such recreation/sports facilities. There is likely still room to build such a facility there.

I am not sure about the commercial viability of such a venture so it may have to be subsidized by the City in a similar fashion to most other indoor recreation facilities.

    The only problem with that area is the fact that it’s the old landfill site and is quite unstable.

      Nothing could be more unstable than College Heights expansive clay.

      A building like that is a larger building and it would not be all that much more expensive to drive piles and build grade beams such as is done in Fort St. John and other locations which have unstable surface soil.

      I am not aware of any foundation problems with the Y, are you or is anyone else posting on here? There are other smaller structures in the park as well associated with the softball diamonds.

Palopu:”Fact of the matter is, the whole area from Cache Creek, to Prince Rupert, Kitimat, Chetwynd, Tete Jaune, etc; looks terrible. North Central BC needs a facelift,.”

Couldn’t agree more! Unsightly buildings needed and still need to have a facelift, abandoned ones needed and still need to be removed, highways and bridges straightened and 4 laned. Better bypasses for heavy traffic around town centers…and so forth! Little was done in the past decades!

If the Dome would have been turned year after year into a fresh looking, well maintained and cared for facility instead of allowing it to become the obvious eyesore it is now few people would recommend consigning it to history.

The area around it also looks like a dump. Falling down unpainted fencing with all kinds of random machinery stored outside year round – a home owner in the city would get a notice to clean up or else! Perhaps the users and supporters of the Save-The-Dome should have talked to the neighbours and asked them for co-operation in an effort to keep this highly visible site clean and up-to-date-instead of looking so terrible.

Nobody gave a hoot so just get rid of it!

Another fund raiser is planed , so people need to get out and see the different groups of people using the Dome it is not a select few. If we have to lose the Dome build something else to take its place ,before its gone . A select few want a PAC so what is the difference?? its is all walks of life use the Dome. You should have seen the young girls selling baking, the Mom running the silent auction, the older couple holding hands and skating with little children ever where , little girls all dressed up and a middle aged First Nations land struggling to skate and by the end of the night she was doing all right. Who really cares if its a eye sore if serves a good purpose , its not all about good looks and money.

    I think everyone understands that it get used, and that it is a good, low cost recreation activity for many, and a valuable venue for several user groups. I bet every person in PG has some good memories there over the years.
    HOWEVER, they should have raised prices a bit over the years, and used the money for maintenance. It is an eyesore, both inside and out. Unfortunately, at this point, it is probably going to cost so much to “fix” that it just isn’t worth it. The blame for this sits squarely on the shoulders of the long time owner. Things must be maintained, if they are not maintained, they must go, to keep our town looking nice.
    I am not trying to be a “nay sayer”, just realistic. It will be a shame to see it go, however our memories will live on.

I meant to say the First Nations Lady will be a great skater some day, I should add on there was lots of First Nations families supporting the Dome last night.

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