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October 28, 2017 12:08 am

Brushing Up On The ‘Bear’ Necessities

Sunday, February 21, 2016 @ 4:00 AM

Time to tuck those attractants away photo courtesy Northern Bear Awareness

Time to tuck those attractants away                  photo courtesy Northern Bear Awareness

Prince George, BC – While there are a number of variables that factor into when bears will emerge from hibernation, the Northern Bear Awareness Society says now is a good time to start removing yard attractants.

Society President Dave Bakker says the weather is comparable, if not warmer, than last year when bear activity began in early March.

“Pre-planning and a proactive approach to taking attractants away before they’re found is probably the best measure that you can do to eliminate bears entering neighbourhoods,” says Bakker. “I know there’s still lots of birds flitting around, but feeders are one of the prime targets in the spring and, of course, your residential waste is always the constant.”

Residents living in the area between Ospika and Tyner Boulevards are being asked to be particularly vigilant.  Bakker points out the area was seeing a lot of bear activity in late fall and, he says, it may have been a ‘one-off’, but it’s better to take precautions now to prevent trouble later.




You may look at this : We have to many Bears and the City is just another Place to look for Food ! A strong build Box to keep your Bags and Cans and in the warmer Month drive the Stuff to the Dump before it starts to stink! So far works for me, 37 Years and counting.

And remember—No Chickens!

Yuh made me laugh! Good one.

I wonder if we will have any door knobs that will try to hand feed the Bears this year supposedly there was some people up in the Hart that were feeding the Bears for photo opportunities

Ya I know I heard they like chickens.

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