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October 28, 2017 12:01 am

Vehicles Collide, Snarl Traffic at Highway 16 and Ferry

Saturday, February 27, 2016 @ 1:34 PM
Front of pick-up heavily damaged in impact at Highway 16 and Ferry.  Photos 250News

Front of pick-up heavily damaged in impact at Highway 16 and Ferry. Photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – A two-vehicle collision at one of the most accident-prone intersections in Prince George tied up traffic into the early afternoon.

The collision between a pick-up and a flat deck at Highway 16 and Ferry Avenue occurred just before 11:40 am.  The impact resulted in substantial damage to the front end of the pick-up however it is not known in any serious injuries were suffered.

Traffic was backed up on Ferry Ave and the highway following the morning collision

Traffic was backed up on Ferry Ave and the highway following the morning collision

Traffic at 16 and Ferry was blocked in all four directions as emergency personnel responded to the crash and waited for the wreckage to be hauled away by towers.

Cause of the collision is under investigation.


So I wonder who it was who ran the red light this time?

    I’m guessing the pickup did.

That stretch of road up to Yuppie Heights is the worst….never seen so many idiots behind the wheel all hours of the day. The Hart is a breeze compared to that route!

    Maybe that is because most of the Hartbillies are racing up to “Yuppie Heights” to shop at Walmart.

All left lane turn signal lights should switch from green flashing arrow to a solid red signal well before (!) the through traffic lights switch to green! That would prevent drivers from parking themselves in the middle of an intersection hoping for an opportunity to turn left, causing avoidable crashes! ICBC, how about it?

    People who regularly run the red now probably would soon figure out they just gained an extra 3 seconds of red to run and would take full advantage. Sadly some of the worst culprits are the so called professionals who rumble through on full reds with fully loaded rigs. I encountered one back in the fall while waiting for the green light so I could turn left from 22nd onto the bypass. Light turned green and before I could hit the gas it disappeared behind a loaded logging truck barreling south.

      Hammer, perhaps you should ride with a trucker and see what it’s all about before commenting on what you think is the reason heavy trucks seem to be running red lights. Because if you did, you would understand how misguided your comments truly are.

      Ok Dumbfounded, enlighten us. I’m certain Hammer & I are not the only ones to witness fully loaded rigs barrel through an intersection well after the light turns red, why, other than a life or death reason, do truckers run red lights? Not “seem” to run them, but truly run a red light.

      Some trucks will not be physically capable of stopping for every light. The “bypass” lacks the be prepared to stop lights that most city’s have an bypasses. That said, there’s also just moronic truck drivers. But this story isn’t about truck drivers, this was just another public driver accident. Let me get you a stool for your high horse, and put the wide brush away.

      ka2014, what you seem to be saying is that drivers are driving too fast to be able to come to a controlled complete stop at an intersection that is not only known to not have warning lights, but is also clearly visible from quite some distance away. I’m not a professional (paid) driver but even I know if I am approaching a traffic light that has been green for some time, that light could go amber soon & adjust my speed. Untie your knotted stool, a statement was made & a question asked, both related to the story above.

    I absolutely agree PG, not only there but Cowart as well. I’m beyond understanding why ICBC and Highways can’t get that through their engineers heads. They probably say the vehicle incidents don’t support the change, but, duh. Way too many people already run the amber. I’m turning left from ferry on to 16 and have to hesitate because another idiot runs it.
    Having said that, I don’t have a clue as to the cause of this incident, but I bet someones insurance rates will increase, if they even have a license.

      Turning left off Ferry onto 16 your green left turn signal does go to red as they are dual turn lanes from both sides of Ferry Ave. The only time one can park in the intersection is turning from 16 to Ferry

    Seems like accidents are down at Domano and Highway 16 since they did that.

      Domano and 16 west are exactly the same. The dual turn lanes go from green to red and the single turn lanes go from arrow green to just green.

Or people could just stop at a yellow light like they’re supposed to.

    Sometimes it’s the only way you get to make the turn with heavy traffic … need left turn only lights

Off to the salvage yard.

I wonder what make and model that is . Great crumple zone ! I want one . It’s got to be a Toyota .

    Ford, “Ranger” tag on the front quarter panel.

Ford made by Mazda

Can’t find the Page in the Book where it says larger Rigs can run Red Light and it is Ok to do so! Driving to fast for Road Conditions, includes Roads with many Controlled Intersections!

In a large vehicle ,trying to anticipate lights in is like playing roulette. If you are going too slow and the light changes to amber you may be too close to safely stop. You won’t clear the intersection with the back end of the 80′ feet you are dragging either if you keep going. The only safe answer would be to stop at every light, whether it is green or not. Except for all the rear end accidents . Who would be responsible then?
Driving down the bypass with poorly timed lights and people cutting you off with a couple of feet to spare is not much fun.

Man I love reading all the pooper peeved truckers trying desperately to justify their bad driving. “I get paid to drive the biggest thing on the road, and I’ll be fine if I cause an accident, so why should I obey traffic lights?”

    I never said that I think it OK to run red lights. I just stated that it’s not as easy as you would think to get safely down the bypass. And I don’t drive truck anymore. There are far easier ways to make a living without dealing with all the a holes on the road whether they drive big rigs or or four wheelers.

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