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October 27, 2017 11:59 pm

Main Water Licenses for Site C Issued

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 @ 2:02 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The – The Deputy Comptroller of Water Rights in B.C. has  issued the  main water licences  for  the Site C dam.

Under  the licences,  BC Hydro will be allowed to store up to 165 million cubic metres of water,  and divert  between 390 cubic metres of water per second to 2,700 cubic metres of water per second from the Peace River  through the  turbines to  create power.

One permit  allows  BC  Hydro to create a reservoir that will flood approximately 9,580 hectares of Crown land along the Peace River.

The licenses   are for a 40 year period  and require that the dam  construction be  completed before  the end of 2025.



Excellent news. Reliable green power for my kids’ kids’ kids.

    I wouldn’t call hydro green power. It takes a lot of carbon to build the dam, but then it only really last one hundred years before the silt build up renders the dam useless. Hence the decommissioning of the dam after its useful period and all the environmental damage from the silt run off.

    It’s a sort term solution to long term energy IMO. Make no mistake though that the kids kids kids will have to pay for this power today long after the dam is able to continue producing power.

It will be green alright. You and your kids’kids’kids’ are going to need a lot of greenbacks to pay-pay-pay for this project.

So oldman how come provinces and countries with abundant hydro electric power have the lowest energy rates. What do you think of the 65 billion in contracts to IPP’s?

So seamutt why did this government give out all these IPP contracts in the first place and then try to shut them down at a later date because it was costing them to much.

    Friends of the fiberals.

Seamutt. It was the same Government and the same BC Hydro that contracted for and paid for the IPP’s. If you expect anything different with Site C or LNG then you are living in a dream world.

Some of the comments on here are so funny, like the current government and Hydro are some right wing bunch making big companies ‘rich’. Well, I think she’s as left as they come, like she could be onside with Brad Wall for example and scream at the art student in Ottawa to get some cajones and demand that Enbridge and Trans Canada start laying pipe to spark the economy. Oh, and tell the mayor of Montreal and the premier of Quebec to go by by.
At least BC Hydro has a sale division that exports juice for the benefit of we consumers. Got my Fortis bill yesterday. $112 for $18 bucks of gas. Wheres the complaints about that on here?

    “Got my Fortis bill yesterday. $112 for $18 bucks of gas. Wheres the complaints about that on here?”
    Oh they will be coming, just watch for a story on gas one day. Heres a hint: It will be the exact same posters that complain about everything ;)

Palopu IPP contracts where forced onto Hydro by the government. Hydro is forced to buy IPP power at a higher price than what Hydro can generate it for. The difference comes out of your pocket.

Dream world, no actually the facts. A little research will go a long way for you.

Seamutt. Considering that the President and CEO of Hydro. is usually a political appointment. (The present Pres&CEO was a Deputy Minister to the Premier) and the present Chairman of the Board is the son of Bill Bennett, and his Grandfather was WAC, just how much forcing do you think actually took place.

The BC Government and Hydro work hand in hand as they both benefit from the relationship. ie; Hydro gets the Governments blessing and the Government reaps cash from Hydro.

Contractor. Not sure that the juice that is sold by Powerex is as much a benefit to consumers as one would think. It all depends where the dollars go.

The two top traders working for Powerex get approx. $900,000.00 per year for starters. Then of course there are others traders who don’t get paid that much, but still in the area of $500,000.00 per annum. Then you have to factor in the Enron fiasco that cost us hundreds of millions, the Smart Meters, and all the other generous salaries.

No much left for the consumers when all is said and done. Look at the proposed increases in the coming years, somewhere around 28% with 4% probably this year.

Palopu I think you are starting to catch on to how Hydro is controlled, and used as a bank.

Um Hydro is run by the government of the day, not a separate entity, no blessing required.

So you are saying no benefit in selling power, so along the same line there is no benefit to selling any natural resources?

How come those with predominantly hydro electric power pay the lowest rates?
Increases are from the 65 billion to IPP’s and aging infrastructure. Aging infrastructure was not addressed by previous governments and has now come home to roost.

Yes traders generally make good coin, based on their selling.

Powerex does not only sell our power, but also buys power from one utility and resells it to another for a better rate using our cheap power as a guarantee.

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