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October 27, 2017 11:59 pm

UNBC Students Study Healthier Drinking Culture

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 @ 3:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The culture of healthy drinking is under the microscope at UNBC.

It’s all thanks to a $2,400 provincial grant and is a collaboration between Wellness Services, student athletes, residence assistants, and peer support leaders.

“It’s really a fairly casual dinner conversation that’s hosted and led by student leaders around what does substance use look like, do they feel like you can have healthy substance use and what might they need in the way of supports,” says Wellness and Health Services manager Sarah Hanson.

“We just finished our fourth dinner conversation and almost unanimously people have said they’d like more of these conversations. It’s been very helpful for them to hear from other students.”

And what have they learned so far?

“They’ve found it really helpful to find ways to keep each other safe. Like what strategies do you have if you’re maybe out on the town and a friend is over-indulging, how do you help them?”

Prince George-Mackenzie Liberal MLA Mike Morris says the study is encouraging.

“Collaborating with the wider campus community will help promote a change in culture surrounding substance use,” he says. “Projects like this one will help encourage moderation and healthy choices for students.”

Hanson says UNBC’s grant is just a fraction of the $400,000 being shared by post-secondary institutions around the province and aligns with the provincial government’s 10 year mental-health plan, ‘Healthy Minds, Healthy People.’

Hanson says they’ll be sharing their findings at a summit in Vancouver next week.


What the heck is ‘substance use’?

I assume it is drinking too much alcohol. Is that no longer politically correct? Then again, it could be too many soft drinks, or maybe too much canned tomato juice that has a high salt content.

There are many liquid ‘substances’ which can be unhealthy, especially in excessive quantities.

    I suspect by “substance” use they’re talking about drugs in addition to alcohol. Pretending university students don’t use drugs is plain silly.

Maybe you should go apply for a Grant so that you could sit around dinner with your friends to discuss what is considered a healthy drink :)

    I know they are students and dont have much money , but why are we paying for a bunch of people (not politicians) to go out to dinner and discuss how to be smart when you go out drinking?

    You want to know how to drink smart ?

    Dont do what your parents did. That one is free the next one is less than $2400.00.

      maybe they have to pay for the “dinner” at UNBC, but the wine is paid for. Testing to see which ones are least intoxicating.

      “can we try a French wine tonight please?”

Wow I have to figure out some scam to get my supper paid for.

Anyone remember what drunk collage girls do when Intoxicated?? Make Girls gone wild look like a Disney movie…and the Stoopid things Guys will/and do…Feet up have a Toke and no problems..PPP! My Quarter….cause a nickel ain’t worth …….

    Trying to picture “collage girls”. Is that the latest in selfie technology?

I have to chuckle when those going to uni are supposed to be the brightest but seem partake in so much semi-intelligent stuff. Oh wait I take that back at least smart enough to scam supper. Now the question, how many had wine with that meal?

I for one think this is taxpayer money well spent, and here is why: Funding for this study is going directly to young college / university students, a demographic known to abuse alcohol to the point of death. Too many times doctors, nurses, and parents have witnessed alcohol poisoning deaths from this very demographic participating in alcohol drinking games, such as beer pong, switched with hard liquor.

While some may argue this may not be about the study of extreme alcohol consumption, this study never-the-less explores the boundaries of alcohol abuse, and raises that awareness in a population prone to alcohol abuse. Money well spend when you consider what can happened as a consequence of alcohol abuse:

www. cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/alcohol-death-beer-pong-brady-gratton-1.3461316

Mike Morris: “Collaborating with the wider campus community will help promote a change in culture surrounding substance use,” he says. “Projects like this one will help encourage moderation and healthy choices for students.”
$2,400.00 is nothing in the great scheme of things, quit whining!
You know the old saw “if it saves just one…….”

Well, wouldn’t it be worth a few bucks invested?

It’s takes a person 15 min on you tube to see the stupidity that comes with drinking to much. Nothing has changed..just with the internet more people know about, try it, challenge others etc.

All the information you need about over indulgence on anything is all over the net.. Having supper will not solve anything.

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