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October 27, 2017 11:58 pm

Is Trump Electable as President?

Thursday, March 3, 2016 @ 3:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Donald Trump may be steamrolling his way to the Republican nomination but could he be elected as the next president of the United States?

We posed that question to University of Northern British Columbia political science professor Dr. Gary Wilson following Trump’s successful showing on Super Tuesday this week.

“Well I guess that’s the big question right and a lot of it depends on the ability of both the Republican and Democrats to mobilize people to get out to vote. One of the strengths of the Obama campaign of course was getting people out to vote who normally hadn’t,” he says.

“If Trump becomes the nominee he’ll need to do the same. But it’s also about making sure the people, the Republican voters that are unsure about Trump or don’t like him, come out and vote instead of just staying home.”

Even so, does he have enough widespread appeal to pull it off?

“He has appeal among certain groups of people. He says some things which are simply inflammatory and wrong but he certainly doesn’t pull any punches in terms of speaking his mind,” says Wilson.

“A lot of people are sort of sick of normal politics where politicians dance around the issues and here we have a politician that sort of comes up and says what he thinks which for some people is a positive.”

But he cautions a lot can happen between now and the election next November.

“Many different things can happen so we certainly can’t make any predictions but he’s certainly not a mainstream candidate. He doesn’t have the Republican establishment behind him and that’s important.”


I’m not sure which is worse, Trump or the people willing to vote for him. He makes g.w. Bush look like a normal guy.

I hope they enjoy their new name for the White House if he gets elected, because his first act as “Da Prez” will be renaming it the Trump House. His second act? Trump One.

    Donald, is that you? lol

      Oops. Sorry. Can’t be. Otherwise, you would have tried to give the original comment two thumbs up.

The Democrats don’t have much to offer as an alternative.

Other notable act if he wins. To celebrate he’ll have that ugly monument, otherwise known as the Washington monument razed and replace it with the Trump De Triumph because, you know, in his fevered mind, Triumph and Trump sound sorta the same. It will be modelled after its cousin in France, but will be much grander because…..well….Trump.

    It will go along well with his Great Wall Of Trump. You know, the one he is going to build to keep out all the illegal Mexicans, except for the ones he hires to build it in the first place.

I have a lot of friends that live in Georgia and almost to a person they love the Trump they think he is the savior that they have been waiting for but then again they said the same thing when GW Idiot got elected. mind you he is also pushing an isolationist agenda and the rest of the world knows how well that has worked for the Americans in the past except Americans themselves

Is Donald Trump electable as President? Why not according to David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the KKK, who has recently endorsed “The Donald”. When a potential POTUS refers to Mexican immigrants as murderers and rapists, and infers the Mexican government is sending them their worst, you can bet the KKK is on side with that.

    That is just the disgusting politics of the zionists using race baiting to try and smere Trump before he becomes unstoppable. They are obviously running scared to pull out a racism card like that.

      Why don’t you quit using “Zionist” as a code word and just call them Jews like you would like to. Also, I didn’t see any “Zionist” working Trump’s mouth when he was spouting all that anti-Mexican rhetoric. He managed to stick his foot in his mouth all on his own.

      Also, I think it is hilarious that you would claim the “Zionists” were out to smear him when he pledged loyalty to Israel with his own mouth. I haven’t heard any words out of him pledging loyalty to the United States though.

      Is rense still your go to site for your twisted view on the world? You know the one where David Duke has a permanent side bar link and a slot on site’s radio station that shouts out his hatred for non whites and Jews.

      Thought so.

      A couple of guys that still don’t know the difference between a political ideology and a religion.

      Its rich to see one defend zionism, which is the probably the most racist ideology allowed on the planet today, and yet in the twisted world of some anyone that opposes this racist ideology is in fact themselves the racist.

      Zionism, nazism, wahabiasm, and isis are all step children of the British imperialist Benjamin Disraeli and the original isis cult of the 19th century. From Alroy on it has nothing to do with saving Jews and everything to do with power politics through the use of death cults fomented for the creation of terrorism, environmentalists, anarchists, and other zombified enemies of progress that could be used to advance the power elite interests in global hegemony… pushed from the Psychic Research Bureau of the British government.

      Alroy novels being the coded form of communication to fellow cultists around the world defining the ‘universal reign’ under what would come to be known as zionism… authored by the British Prime Minister of the time and one of the biggest racists of all time. Disraeli being against the equality of mankind as he claimed it would deteriorate the great races of the world and destroy the genius of world. The spiritual ancestor of both zionism and nazism… both of which believe their race to be the master race.

      The ‘vril society’, the ‘theosophy society’, and the ‘isis cult of Britain’ led to the creation of the ‘tule society’ forerunner of nazism. The ‘isis-urania temple of the hermatic students of the golden dawn’ specialized in spreading the message of early isis cult and cabala under the aegis of Aleister Crowley were the dark side of British imperial strategy in shaping the Middle East for British control. It is with this as his ideology that Theodore Herzl personified in his advocacy for the state of Israel.

      Herzl being an Austrian agent of British intelligence bred in the same anti semetic swamp Adolf Hitler came from. Most Jews thought of him as a mad man at the time being his motivation to rid Europe of the Jews by relocating them to Palestine. His early writing brought petitions by hundreds of Jewish communities as a ‘godless movement’ designed to serve the nefarious interests of British imperialism.

      True Jews believed that gods intent was to have Jews serve as the ‘chosen people’ for all of humanity designed to spread the worship of god everywhere. Zionism was seen as a dangerous distraction and a threat to the Jewish nature by the Frankfurt Rabbinical Conference of 1845. Jews at that time seen themselves as non territorial humanists.

      Zionism under Herzl inflamed anti-semitism as a self fulfilling cost free way of supporting the zionist cause. Zionism insisted on separating the Jewish people as a race, rather than as a religion, and before zionism could become possible it required the defeat of Judaism.

      The creation of nazism was the attempted unification of the English stock with the Germanic Anglo-Saxon stock for the purpose of defeating the Russians in taking control of the Far East and Middle East.

      The creation of zionism was for the establishment of a land obsessed cult of Jews who where not real Jews for the purpose of having loyal subjects in the heart of the Middle East acting as a power base for the power elite of Europe under the British. The Rothschilds, Warburgs and the so called Cliveden Set in Britain were backers of Hitler right up until 1939.

      For the British zionism would secure the Middle East and Suez Canal for them; and their other Jewish cult Bolshevism would secure them Russia. Both zionsim and Bolshivism competed with each other for the soul of the Jewish people, with zionism proving more ruthless in the end in capturing the Jewish people for a political agenda. Bolshivism murdered 60 million Christians in taking control of Russia, but zionism was more efficient at eliminating Jewish resistance to zionism within the wider world and thus won the cold war between these competing claims for the center of Jewish power.

      For the British nazism was seen a Frankenstein that got out of control by 1939… no different than isis in Syria in 2015. I would add zionism to that list of British Frankenstein monster cults as well.

      The cult of isis dating back as far a Babylon and ancient Eygpt and revived by the British is a form of mother worship themes of mother-son incest at its heart… thus the reunion of the sons of zion idea with the land of Israel is seen as akin to incest in that it was forbidden by god, but has given rebirth of a people that replaces historical faith with zionism. Thus the zionist slogan “We came to the land to build and be rebuilt”.

      If one doubts the dubious history of zionism and its relation to nazism and global hegemony of power elites then one needs look no further than the activities of Rudolf Kastner head of the Hungarian branch of the Jewish Rescue Committee during WW2 and Minister of Trade and Industry in the new Israeli state and part of the elite zionist circle of Israeli PM David Ben Gurion from 1943-1953.

      Kastner was the main zionist agent of the nazi exterminators of Hungary’s Jews. Kastner convinced the Jews of Hungary that they were merely being relocated. He led 800,000 to the gas chambers, while having the right to select the chosen few that would be spared the gas chambers, all of which were zionist affiliated, and the elimination of all those Jews that opposed zionism.

      The only possible way to eliminate the Jews of Hungary was to keep them ignorant of their fate. The problem for the nazi’s was how do they capture and deport 800,000 Jews for killing in Auschwitz with only 130 S.S. as forman? and only 5000 Hungarian gendarmes….

      Kastner’s co-exterminator Eichmann once claimed “Our system is to exterminate the Jews through the Jews (zionists). We concentrate the Jews in the gettos – through the Jews (zionists); we deport the Jews – by the Jews (zionists); and we gas the Jews – by the Jews(zionistst)”.

      Kastner walked among the Jews that were condemned as a trusted leader, cooling down the trouble makers with the help of his zionist cohorts. He would ride of to life with his cohorts and his listeners would ride off to death. When finally outt’ed for his treason in the 1950’s he was assassinated by Mossad before he could ever go to trial and expose his zionist cohorts for their complicity in the holocaust.

Maybe there will be a footpath along the top of the great wall of Mexico…WOW what a view!!

    The Donald sez that no wall built by him is going to have the word Mexico or Mexican in it. The Donald sez the only fitting name for a monument like that is The Great Wall Of Trump.

The united states has been languishing for a real leader for many years. Someone who is not a lawyer or a professional politician. Do I like Trump to be the president. Absolutely not. Will it harm the united state, I think it will change America, it will get them to look at themselves and it will be the JFK type of synergy.

“It is not, what this country can do for you, It is what you can do for this country “

    Invoking any comparison between a xenophobic narcissist like Donald Trump and JFK is a travesty. “The Donald” hasn’t said one thing that even comes close to those words that you posted from JFK.

    The only thing the “The Donald” has proven is how lowest common denominator the average American conservative really is

    They will still be waiting if they elect Trump.

“It is not, what this country can do for you, It is what you can do for this country “

In other words what you can do for the ruling Elite !!!………you know King and country and all that Victorian propaganda.

150,000,000 people getting some form of Government assistance ! I’m not a fan of the Donald, but I think Americans want something different from their bureaucratic nightmare.

    Pay all 360,000,000 of them ONE form of government assistance, in a manner that gives everyone enough to live on. And not through the farce that this can be done by re-distributive taxation. What’s short of is ‘money’, not goods and services that can be bought with it. So create some ‘money’ ~ it’s just figures, after all. Those that want more will work for it. Those that don’t, won’t. Like it or not, the world has been working at putting itself out of work for a very long time, and the pace it’s doing that is accelerating. Any modern country that needs to have 100% of its workforce employed to provide itself with 100% of all the goods and services it consumes is a hopelessly inefficient country. The purpose of any modern economy is to first produce and deliver goods and services for people to consume. America, and most other modern industrial states are more than physically capable of doing that, and in far greater abundance than anyone ever COULD consume, even if we all had the money Trump’s supposed to have. Our problem today isn’t one of physical scarcity, it’s in getting a price that’ll cover the costs of an ever burgeoning glut. Yet still being able to distribute what’s needed and wanted. We’ll never do this on employment incomes alone. We need to find a better way, or we truly will endlessly suffer a poverty in the midst of plenty that’ll grow ever larger.

Wonder if “the Donald” will have to file any kind of audited financial statement showing just what his net worth actually is? And where the money to fund his campaign is actually coming from? Perception is that he’s paying for it out of his own pocket. But perceptions can sometimes be grossly deceiving. Just like the real purpose of his Presidential bid, which may well be to keep enough heat off Hilary Clinton and her background to make her the next US President. Wonder who she’ll be beholden to for such a favour? Maybe the ‘real’ money behind Trump’s media circus?

    He has been audited 11 of the last 12 years.

Donald is the only candidate that is getting free advertising as every news outlets including Europe is focusing on him. He must be laughing all the way to the bank.
But he certainly is not presidential material, but many Americans see this differently. Hitler was able to draw the crowds and people. Was he chancellor material?

I think he will do a fine job, can’t be worse than the last 3…. you know you are on the right track when the Libs and Liberal Media are pulling their hair out and taking shots at you every chance.

    Yes, because reporting the asinine rantings of a megalomaniac constitutes “pulling their hair out”. You would fit right in as a Republican delegate.

      put a sock in it haha, is today spam day for you?

Trump will get ousted by the establishment on a second ballot to the rnc convention if he doesn’t have a clear majority. They will then install Romney or Kasich to be the nominee IMO.

It looks like the percentage vote for Trump on this and probably many other such sites on the internet is higher than in the primaries have shown so far.

Let’s have an opinion poll.

Question – Who do you want for Republican presidential candidate – Trump or whoever is left over at the end from the others still running.

BTW, this is not unlike the way Hitler came to power. He was saying all the right things. He was saying what the people were thinking, that they were the superior country and that they were the superior people.

Hitler ran on that – national pride, give the country back to the people.

Trump is running on that – national pride, give the county back to the people.

When some one like Trump can race to the head of the pack it shows just what is wrong with politics and government. It is interesting to watch how the liberal left media is coming out like a pack of rabid dogs against Trump, that is very worrisome for democracy.

About the wall, it is meant as a deterrent and control against the thousands that cross illegally every month. Besides the undocumented illegals and just who is in that mix there is the violence related to that migration. Trump is not against immigration, just to make it legal and immigrants documented.

So those of you against the wall are comfortable with the situation now. Well then go down to those areas and go for a hike, no worries hey. Better yet go live there, no worries hey.

Now for the Syrian refugees now if the believe the media BS one would think Trump wants to cut them off altogether, that is not correct. That is what the media in around about way wants you to believe. What Trump really said is he wants to temporarily stop it so that those coming in are properly vetted. He did say no to any immigration at all, that is what the media and liberal left want you to believe.

The media and the power it wealds is the real threat against democracy, our own election was a prime example of that.

    Funny how the “liberal media” wasn’t running the world and threatening democracy when the Conservatives got elected, but are now a serious threat to our way of life because people voted for the Liberals. The arguments of Right wing fanatics are just ludicrous.

So gopg2015 you are against democracy and for a media run world. Oh by the way Hitler was a socialist.

    Get your facts straight before you post nonsense. Hitler was not a Socialist.

    http:// europeanhistory.about.com/od/germanyandprussia/fl/Was-Adolf-Hitler-a-Socialist-Debunking-a-Historical-Myth.htm

    Remove the space between // and europeanhistory to learn how ridiculous your assertion is.

Lynton Crosbys dead cat strategy at its best . It didn’t work for Stevie . Let’s hope it doesn’t work for Donald . i don’t think he’s ready . Nice hair though .

I hope Donald is more insulated against the crooks than Ross Perot was, or he will meet his demise too.

Is Hillary electable as President? Here is a person that lied about and screwed up the Bengasi affair. Broke the law by using her own private server for emails to circumvent FOI laws of which she just may be charged if the power brokers cannot contain it. Then there is the alleged indiscretions by her nefarious husband and she stays married to him. Same guy who showed total disrespect to the office of the President. Fine example of the power couple.

hahaha I’ll call you


    I read some of it, but I’m not going to waste my time reading tripe that trys to lay the blame for the Holocaust on Marx’s shoulders. The thought that a paper that claims to be liberal left of centre would publish such garbage makes a lie out of such claims.

    Reading Marx doesn’t make one a socialist, assuming that it is even true that Hitler read the man’s works. All it means is that Hitler wanted to know the mind of his enemy. The admission that Hitler did not want to destroy the propertied class, but bend them to the will of the State, is proof enough that Hitler wasn’t a Socialist and did not lean left.

    That’s as far as I’m going with this as this thread is about Trump not Hitler. I will say this. That lonk is so much garbage.

Whoop typing too fast, a correction, He did NOT say no to any immigration. I left the not out.

Whoops Now for the Syrian refugees now if the believe the media BS one would think Trump wants to cut them off altogether, that is not correct. That is what the media in around about way wants you to believe. What Trump really said is he wants to temporarily stop it so that those coming in are properly vetted. He did say no to any immigration at all, that is what the media and liberal left want you to believe.

Donald trump is an asshole

    As compared to who?

We need a wall. A big, big wall.

I am surprised at how many still think they actually count the votes?!

Hitler never got a majority of German voters to vote for his party in any democratic election. When the country was staggering from one emergency to the next he was appointed chancellor by the president and the cabinet. He asked for extraordinary powers was given those as a condition of his acceptance. As soon as he did he suspended certain aspects of the constitution and appointed himself as a dictatorial leader. He banned all other parties and called an election. The Nazi party was the only one on the ballot and voting was mandatory. He finally got the majority he needed to set out on his agenda of revenge.

Hitler and Trump have nothing in common. The USA is conducting a democratic voting process with actual choice. If the majority votes for Trump nobody should tamper with the democratic result. What is democracy good for if those who don’t like the outcome manipulate around it?



No. I think I’ll comment as much or as little as I like about a subject, mr. moderator. lol

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