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October 27, 2017 11:54 pm

Connaught Youth Centre Gets Answers

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 @ 3:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. The Connaught Youth Centre  won’t have to wait for answers to its requests of  Prince George City Council.

With the  Council Chamber gallery  filled with Cadets  and  members of the various  user groups,  Katherine Kendall  of the CYC  presented  the Centre’s case.

While the facility provides a number of programs and a home  for  several organizations, and  serves  one  of the most troubled neighbourhoods in the City, the Centre is  challenged.  It needs  upgrades to the facilities, and  funds are  difficult to find.

The CYC  Society has received  grants through  Gaming funds for its programs, but upgrades and repairs to the building  aren’t covered

The Centre called for four  things:

  • a long term lease from the City of Prince George,
  • that the CYC facility  improvements be  added to the City’s funded five year capital plan,
  • that the City  pave and maintain the CYC/Ron Brent  parking lot,  and
  • that the Connaught Youth Society  be involved in  all planning to develop and improve Ron Brent park.

It wasn’t a tough sell,  as  those Councillors present all offered praise for the Centre and its work “So many kids in our community have benefited greatly from the variety of  services you provide” said Councillor Frank Everitt.

City Staff  were  prepared with answers  to the requests.

Finance Manager Kris Dalio  advised  the Connaught Youth Centre is one of the 7 facilities to be assessed this year to  determine its needs.  That information will be used  to  make a decision on whether or not it will make it to the  City’s Capital plan.

Regarding the paving of the parking lot,  that is part of the  facility  assessment, and  the costs of  that kind of project will be rolled iinto the overall assessment.  “There is a considerable amount of work that will l need to be done  before we can say how it might fit into the Capital Plan” said   Dave Dyer, General Manager of Engineering and Public Works. Issues  could include drainage.

Planning Department’s Ian Wells  says if the sale of the  portion of  Ron Brent Park  is finalized the CYC will be consulted  on the development of  that park  improvement plan.  A portion of the park  is  under a rezoning  application to allow for the development  of a  seniors   housing project and the dollars from that sale will be used to improve  the  remaining portion of the park.

The City will  negotiate  with the Royal Canadian Legion  on a  new lease, once the condition of the building is fully clear.




The CYC gets a lot more use than a PAC ever would.

    I agree…CYC gets used daily, sometimes by more than one function at a time, the locations for performing arts that we now have are so far underused it makes me wonder how they can even begin to think a new PAC is justified.

    CYC users aren’t greasing the correct palms. That and how many of them vote?

Please; Do not paint the whole area with the same brush, there is lots of good people living in the area and its no different than any other area of the City, except the City keeps sending its problems to it.

CYC supports so many great programs for kids and youth. Im glad to see council understands this. The programs it supports not only keeps kids and youth out of trouble it develops kids and youth into great community oriented adults.

The parking lot certainly could be improved.

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