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October 27, 2017 11:46 pm

IMSS in P.G. Receives Refugee Response Funding

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 @ 4:29 PM

Prince George, B.C.- The  Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society of Prince George has been chosen to lead a Refugee Response Team in Prince George and Smithers to help refugees settle and integrate into the community. Premier Christy Clark  and MLA Shirley Bond delivered the first of two funding installments today.IMSS

The  IMSS  has received $14,143.41, dollars  that  will  help identify  short term needs to support a co-ordinated approach in helping  the newly arrived Syrian families.

The first family  ( privately funded)  arrived in Prince George in early January.  Since then a couple of other privately funded  families have arrived  and ten  government funded  families  arrived earlier this month.

The balance of the funding will be  delivered in the summer when final settlement  numbers are known.

The IMSS  team  will be made up of  reps from a cross section of the community including  private sponsors, churches, educators, health-care providers and employers.



So 13 Syrian families are funded privately and by the feds, so why is BC throwing in any funding? I would be most interested to know what skills the family head brings. Just the start of a another nightmare for the taxpayer methinks after the Minister says another 300,000 are coming.

Contractor. Canada brings in 250,000 immigrants and refugee’s every year.

So adding 25,000 to the mix gets us to 275,000 for 2016. Perhaps they mean that they are bringing in an additional 25,000, which would get us to 300,000.

On the other hand, who knows??

Yet another praise ALLAH was heard shouted out above the double slashings of our fellow CANADIANS back east!!

Wow, did not think the immigration rate was that high. 2.5 million every decade.

    Except for the Aboriginal population, we are all immigrants. We just don’t have as many children anymore, so depend on immigration for population growth. And, yes, this does mean that at some point in the distant future, we will all be brown. Maybe then we can stop this foolishness of “us and them”.

      Looks like your comment has pissed off the “Make Canada White Again” KKK crowd.

      Science supports your opinion Krusty, and they are really going to hate this study which confirms your opinion:

      ht tp://mic.com/articles/87359/national-geographic-determined-what-americans-will-look-like-in-2050-and-it-s-beautiful

      They were immigrants too, we are all immigrants

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