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October 27, 2017 11:41 pm

Train Derailment in Prince George

Monday, March 21, 2016 @ 2:05 PM
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Prince George, B.C. – There was a train derailment this morning near the east end of the CN railway bridge.

CN public affairs manager Kate Fenske says it happened at approximately 2:30 a.m. during a movement in the yard.

She says 11 flat cars were involved and that there were no injuries. Crews are working this afternoon to re-rail the remaining empty flat cars.

Fenske says operations at the yard continue and the cause is under investigation.



How do you get it to fall off the tracks. The wheels has the guide so it stays on the tracks.

I’m sure it was not moving too fast, since it looks like they were just jockeying the cars around.

    Too much tensile force along a curved track.

    String lined it.

    That’s actually a very sharp curve in the track, if too much acceleration is applied the cars will try to straighten themselves out. This is especially compounded with empty cars.

    To see what I mean take a piece of string and lay it in a curve, yank one end and it will straighten itself out.

    He Spoke might want to go back to school and learn about physics

    Tight corner plus high centre of gravity on cars equals tipping hazard

I think its called ‘straight lining’. Pull two ends of a rope and see what happens

Sun kink, broken joint or rail, but maybe even a sinkhole.

This is what happens when you don’t keep right except to pass. :)

O O O but it is safe to ship oil by train did you not know ..
BAD BAD pipeline folks you are so wrong Not.

    People opposing pipeline projects have never stated that shipping oil by rail is safe. You appear to be implying that they have; although, the incoherency of your comment makes it hard to figure out exactly what you are saying.

No surprise there! Music we listen to all night long with rail cars crashing into each other trying to slow them down. I hear they train the rookies at 2-3 am. We are blessed to live in areas like Van Bien, Fraser View, College Heights, Millar addition and likely a lot of others on a clear evening.

    You are so wrong it isn’t even funny. I don’t know who you heard this from but maybe you could mention it to them as well. Spend some time living in any of those subdivisions you mention and you won’t even notice it anymore.

    Rookies get trained at all hours, on all shifts. No idea where you would get that info from… And crashing into each other trying to slow them down?? You have no idea how yard switching works at all and whoever you get your information from is just as clueless.

      No they don’t. I have a very good knowledge of how yard switching works. Maybe consult your CROR before you reply. You do have one right? I do and it’s updated.

    Trains were here before those areas. It’s like moving next door to an airport then complaining.

Well ya…, obviously you have to pass your rules before they let you get out there and tell your hogger….10 cars….5 cars..BooooooM…..oooops.

They don’t what? Get trained at all hours? When there are trainees they work around the clock to learn every assignment.
And when kicking cars coupling speed is not to exceed 4 per, so in a sense they do slow the cars down by ‘crashing them into each other’ but they’re not supposed to have any major speed to them.

Lot of fond memories of kicking those cars around at night, no one seemed to care about the noise. Dad used to boast about putting in 10 ties a day, beat him by two.

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