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October 27, 2017 11:35 pm

BC Hydro to Replace Hundreds of Power Poles in P.G.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 @ 3:52 AM

Pole replacementPrince George, B.C.- BC Hydro crews will be busy in  Prince George this year, as they  replace  aging hydro poles.

(image at right courtesy BCHydro)

As part  of the  ongoing maintenance program,  230 hydro poles will be replaced in P.G.

In total, BC Hydro will be replacing  12 thousand  hydro poles  across the Province  over the  coming months.

Hydro poles  normally last  between 40 and 50 years,  and can become weak over time because of  adverse weather conditions,  insects and wildlife.

In some cases,   power will need to be disconnected to complete  a  pole replacement,  customers will be advised of a pending power interruption either in person, by mail or  by phone.



Please tell me when they replace the poles on sidewalks, they’ll re-locate them, so they are NOT on the sidewalk.

So many times I’ve had to step onto 5th Ave, or Ospika where it comes up to 1st Ave., etc., etc., (while cars are racing by) just to get around a pole. And I see people with buggies and scooters completely unable to use a lot of our sidewalks due to this poor planning.

Who approves these things?

    You have to remember that at the time the power poles were installed the roads were narrower and designed for less traffic flow as the city grew and traffic increased the roads were widened to accommodate traffic flow however due to residential buildup and the time period hydro poles were never moved as many of the streets didn’t have sidewalks they were after thoughts on many of the roads that were widened.

    There are many pictures to back this up taken throughout various points of PG’s history

other problem is where the gas, and shaw is buried as well. So it becomes a bit more than punching a hole in the ground.

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