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October 27, 2017 11:29 pm

Fraser Institute Gives High Marks to Immaculate Conception

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 @ 3:10 PM

reportcardPrince George, B.C.- According to the Fraser Institute,   Immaculate Conception is the top  ranked elementary school in Prince George.

The annual report card on academic performance of schools throughout the Province  ranks schools out of a mark of ten, based on provincewide test results in reading, writing, and math written by students in grades 4 and 7.

The Fraser Institute  says  the average, among all schools in the province is 6,  so  the marks above or below that  average  indicate  how well the school is performing  when compared with all other schools in the Province, which in this latest report is a total of 944 .   It notes that a mark of 10, doesn’t mean a school is perfect, only that it was performing  the best among  all  other schools.

In Prince George, Immaculate Conception  scored an 8.5   among all elementary schools in P.G.    St. Mary’s  was second with 8.1.

Among public elementary schools, Lac de Bois  scored 7.2 out of ten,  making it the top ranked  public school in the City.

The good news is, that with a few exceptions,  most of the public  elementary schools in Prince George saw  an improvement in their  mark  from  previous  reports.   Four public  elementary schools which  saw their mark  slip from previous  reports are:

  • Van Bien
  • Spruceland
  • Blackburn  and
  • Glenview

Cedars Christian  also slipped  from its previous mark, as did Highglen Montessori.

When it comes to Secondary Schools, the ratings are based on  provincewide test results in language arts, math and science in grades 10, 11 and 12.

Cedars Christian  received  a 6.5 out of 10,  unchanged from its previous mark, but  high enough to keep it in top spot among Secondary Schools in Prince George.

Although  all  public secondary schools in P.G. saw their marks slide, Duchess Park  was  the top public secondary school with a  mark of 5.3,   down from the 5.7 scored previously.

College Heights  scored a mark of 5, down from 5.3

D.P. Todd and PGSS each had a mark of 4.8,   but that  reflected a slide from 6 that had been scored by DP Todd in the past,  and a previous mark of 5.2 for PGSS.

Kelly Road  scored 4,  which  is down from the 4.6  recorded in the previous report card.

The Fraser Institute says parents  should not choose a school for their children based solely on these rankings.  It advises parents can get a better idea of what the school can offer by  visiting the school and by  talking with the principal, teachers and other parents.

The  rankings of all schools in B.C. can be found here.


The problem is that this does not register the quality of education received by students. It only registers how they did on a set of test.

Wonder what the results would be if taxpayer subsidized private schools had the same demographic as public schools.

Tell you what, granddaughter is special needs and the attention and education she gets at Immaculate is fantastic. School rates 82 out of 944 in BC.

Quinson rates a near bottom of 935/944 and Harwin 929/944. The taxpayer is getting ripped off big time. An easy way to measure quality is indeed how the kids do on tests unless you are an apologist for the sh.t performance by the school district and the BCTF.

    What are the resources available compared to a public school? How many special needs per school population, and again resources available?

    A larger majority of parents with children in private schools are more involved with their kids. Public school catchment is the neighbourhood they are placed in and as we all know some neighbourhoods are somewhat sketchy whereas private schools collect from all over town so throws a accuracy of the survey out the window.

      Seamutt hit the nail square on the head. For those that need further proof there is a reason Lac de Bois and Duchess Park are at the top of the rankings. The reason being French Immersion and it has nothing to do about the wonders of the brain learning a second language. It is entirely based on the fact they have engaged, motivated, parents with resources. If you can find a way to get your child half way across town for school everyday then you can find find time to read to them, afford the books to read to them, find the time to help them with their school etc. These parents are more likely to have higher education themselves and with that comes the belief that education is important.

      Parental involvement. Whether you are paying tuition, or simply as little as choosing a program for your child, that parent is more engaged and their child will do better.

Seamutt, don’t forget the private schools receive 50% funding compared to the public schools. What are you getting at? What is the spin?

    Private schools shouldn’t receive any public funding.

      Dumbfounded, the parents of “private school” students pay school taxes. If you don’t think that private schools should receive any public funding, do you think that their parents should be exempt from paying public school taxes?

    Read it again.

Then there is a school in the polygamist community of Bountiful, BC that ranked near the highest in BC by the Fraser Institute in 2011, and was closed down the next year by the Ministry of Child & Family Services over concerns about child abuse and safety. In other words, anyone that views the Fraser Institute’s ranking of schools as even remotely credible, should give their heads a shake!

www .theglobeandmail.com/news/national/education/school-in-polygamous-community-near-top-of-fraser-institutes-rankings/article570606/

www .cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/school-in-b-c-polygamous-community-closes-1.1195069

I find it rather odd that a person can comment on a story about a private school yet the story about public schools is closed for comment.

    Why would you find it odd?

    The public school article comments are closed due to the topic being about First Nations wanting input into what happens at SD57. I am sure that resulted in racial based comments, thus it gets closed down.

    It has nothing to do with the topic or any discrimination of public versus private schools. It has everything to do with the nature of the comments so frequently made by commentators on this site which go against the rules for posting.

    Perhaps they know that the comments will be closed and that is what they want to achieve. Who knows?

More worthless data from the Fossil Institute.

    Go ahead and keep your head in the sand.

      I’d have to have my head in the sand to take anything the Fossil Institute publishes seriously. Fixed that for you.

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