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October 27, 2017 11:22 pm

Thieves Cash Stolen Lottery Tickets

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 @ 12:52 PM

Prince George, B.C.- RCMP in Prince George, are  hoping the public can help them identify two suspects wanted in  connection with  the theft of some lottery tickets.

Last week,  a vehicle on St. Frances Crescent in Prince George had been broken into and  made off with more than $6500 worth of winning lottery tickets.

The tickets were cashed in various locations in Prince George, Quesnel, Williams Lake and Chilliwack, BC.

Video surveillance images have been obtained and investigators are now releasing the images to the public in the hopes of identifying the two suspects and the distinctive vehicle they were believed to have been driving.

(images courtesy PG RCMP)Surveillance image of the male suspect

The male suspect is described as:

  • Caucasian;
  • Approximately 30 to 40 years old;
  • Approximately 170 cm (5’7)
  • Short brown hair;
  • Wearing a grey Under Armour hoody with bright orange on the inside of the hood, dark pants and a brown ball cap.

Surveillance image of the female suspect

The female suspect is described as:
  • Possibly Caucasian;
  • Approximately 20 to 30 years old;
  • Approximately 165 cm (5’5)
  • Long brown hair;
  • Wearing a dark hoody and grey pants.
The vehicle they were driving is described as:
  • Surveillance image of the rear of the suspects’ vehicleChevrolet or GMC pick-up;
  • Tan or grey expended cab;
  • Illegible BC licence plate
  • With a homemade white tarped canopy with the West Fraser Timber Company logo on the side.

Although the canopy looks similar to those used by tree planters, it is believed to be home made.

The image on the side of the canopy is of the West Fraser Timber Company logo.  This vehicle is not believed to be associated to the company.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the RCMP



Who has 6500 bucks in lottery tickets sitting in their truck? I imagine these yahoo crooks squealed with delight when they figured that out.

The idiot with the uncashed lottery tickets deserved to have them stolen if he’s just gonna sit on them and let them rot.

    No one deserves to have their stuff stolen.

Giving Hoodies a bad name.

Looks like a classic lumber wrap canopy. The scum will be able to afford a proper canopy with the proceeds of their crime, if they have not already spent the cash on “consumables” (if you know what I mean)

    I think I know what you mean MM . The lumber angle is a dead give away . They probably spent it on furry suits and chain oil .

Not only is it Stupid for someone to have this much uncashed Lotto Tickets in their Vehicle IT IS Stupider for anyone to believe they HAD that in their Vehicle. I think it was just made up.

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