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October 27, 2017 11:10 pm

Park Strategy App Available

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 @ 5:53 AM

Prince George B.C.- The City of Prince George has  124  parks,  some  considered major destination  sites, such as Lheidli T’enneh or Carrie Jane Grey Park, others  are neighbourhood or tot lot parks.  One thing is clear, there are  a lot of parks,  and that means  a lot of money is required to  keep those parks in tip top shape.

That’s why the City is embarking on a  Park strategy and is looking for input from residents so it can  set priorities.

Staff have assessed 109 of the 124 parks in the City,  examining their  facilities, and the barriers to accessing the parks and an app has been developed which  will allow you to click on a park, and get information on that site’s  amenities.  (click here to access the app) .

When the  draft  is ready  later this year,  it will include a  financial analysis  for upgrades  of  each  park and on going   operational costs

“I really urge citizens to get involved”, said Councillor Terri McConnachie.





Carrie Jane Park is a major destination site?

I’ve gone through several of their assessments and I have to wonder if they actually left their offices and went to the parks? There are some crazy ass parks that are getting 5/6 for safety and security.

Maybe they should put that Rob guy on a mower and drop him off at the Parks, instead of hiding him somewhere at City Hall… Might as well get some use out of him

Are you sure this isn’t a ‘Parks to Avoid after 5pm’ App?

Parks also contribute to openness. A park does not have to be full of amenities. One of the things I like about PG is the openness, green spaces compared to most other cities.

This statement makes me wonder,
“One thing is clear, there are a lot of parks, and that means a lot of money is required to keep those parks in tip top shape.”
Shut down parks, beat chest about saving money, PAC magically appears.

    Or a 60 million dollar police station. Or a 3 million dollar city office in the works yard, or 15 million for an arena and on and on and on…

      you forgot about the refrigeration of the speed oval, the building of kin 4 the rebuilding of kin 2 and 3
      the posting on all streets with first nations translations of teh names…

      all very important stuff… meanwhile the infrastructure is falling apart…but hey no water or sewer that is not important.

so those of us who don’t have a cell phone to download this app have no say?

    There is no app to download, you can do it all on the website.

      thanks for the info Axeman

    nice response….

Total BS, raise property taxes for what? So the staff can just have coffee inside city hall all day? They demand extra taxes and I demand they do their jobs. Cut the lawns or hire someone to do it at a quarter the price. I bet if they put park care out to tender we could both save money and keep our parks instead of selling them to investors.

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