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October 27, 2017 11:01 pm

BC Mobilizing Social Assistance for Displaced Albertans

Thursday, May 5, 2016 @ 1:42 PM

Prince George, B.C. – “We want to be there to  support Alberta in this  nightmare time they are experiencing” says Premier Christy Clark.

With that  in mind,  Clark says  the call is going  out to social workers, and health care professionals throughout B.C. to see who might be  available to head to Alberta to assist those who need  emotional  support  or  medical attention.

That is the first item on the agenda for the Western Premiers as they meet  in Vancouver.   “We will be  talking about what we can do to support Ft. McMurray,  it’s the number one thing on the minds of all Canadians right now.”

Clark says  restoring disaster mitigation funding  from the Federal Government’s Disaster  funding will  be  one of the issues  to be discussed.  “Here’s the thing, you look around Alberta and British Columbia where climate change   has created some of the driest  climates we’ve ever seen, provinces burning out of control,  not every once in a while, but more and more regularly. The problem  is getting worse,   flooding on one end of it, and   fires on the other end, both we can look to  climate change as a major culprit.  The problem is getting worse, The federal Government support  for it over the years has diminished, it needs to go in the other direction. We need to come together as a country to recognize these problems are becoming more and more common, it’s not going to get  to get any easier and we’re all going to  need to commit more financial resources.  That’s what the provinces are doing and the Federal government (will need to do) as well.”





Not part of this story, but any further word on the accident at Husky Refinery// Place got shut down and everyone sent home

Just how out of touch is Christy Clark and her government? “Clark says the call is going out to social workers, and health care professionals throughout B.C. to see who might be available to head to Alberta to assist those who need emotional support or medical attention.”

Sorry Christy, staffing levels for social workers in BC are already at a critically low level, after all those years of social worker lay-offs. Just six (6) months ago Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond; Representative for Children and Youth, submitted a report called “The Thin Front Line: MCFD staffing crunch leaves social workers over-burdened, B.C. children under-protected” to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. In that report it states:

“The Representative continues to hear concerns from front-line social workers and team leaders around the province about the quality of service delivered to children and families due to on-going staffing issues. In addition, serious worker shortages, recruitment lags, and a lack of adequate supervision and mentorship in the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) have been brought to light in numerous reports by the Representative…”

www .rcybc.ca/sites/default/files/documents/pdf/reports_publications/rcy-thethinfrontline-oct2015-final_revised.pdf

Typical Christy Clark, and government, calling out for “extra” or “surplus” Social and Health Care Workers that don’t exist!!!

    JGalt, one of my biggest pet peeves is the ignorance around the profession of social workers. Although it is admiral that you are pointing out governments perpetual neglect of Child Protection services, social workers are like lawyers. Lawyers can work for corporations, legal aid, insurance companies not just defend criminals. Similarly, social workers are counselors, teachers, outreach workers, and other lines of work. I agree, it is unlikely child protection social worker will be able to step away from their demanding roles to help Albertans but other social workers might.

    As for the folks in Alberta facing this trauma – my heart is with you!

    And for those stepping up to help in whatever way you can; be it a gas can, housing or a donation to Red Cross- you make me proud to be a Canadian. So thank you.

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