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October 27, 2017 10:56 pm

Public Safety Not at Risk Following Report of Machete

Monday, May 9, 2016 @ 10:11 AM

Prince George, B.C. – After a concerning start to the morning in the Hart it turns out the public was never at risk.policecarnew

Prince George RCMP Corporal Craig Douglass says just before 9:00 a.m. police received a report of a person with a machete near Heather Park.

He says several officers attended the scene while local schools were advised.

“Officers located a 19-year-old in a wooded area a fair distance from any school,” says Douglass. “He was in possession of a machete and in the process of using it for what it was intended, cutting down brush.”

He adds “at no time were children or any other persons at risk.” Douglass says police spoke to the man, advised local schools and left the area.

Sharon Cairns, interim superintendent with the Prince George School District, says the police report prompted both Heather Park and Kelly Road Secondary schools to declare a ‘code yellow.’

She says it means the outside doors to the schools were locked and monitored while students carried on with their daily activities.


The dreaded Machete. What is this world coming to? I saw someone driving a car near a school, better lock it down.

When it comes to the safety and well-being of our children “better safe than sorry” is always the best approach. Nice to know, this time, our children were not in any real danger.

The 19 yr old(student?) was probably hired by the city to clear brush & debris. Probably wondered what all the fuss was about! Poor kid.

    ” So, how was your first day a work, Son?”

    It is highly unlikely that he was working for the City! I have never seen a city employee wielding a machete! Shovels and brooms, yes! Perhaps the union can throw some light on this thing? Once I was tempted to get a couple of bags of asphalt from HDepot and fill in a huge pothole which caused vehicles to emit crunching suspension noises for many weeks! But I did nothing as others are already getting paid to look after it.

Now if a parson was seen running through the neighborhood nekked with a machete and an erection then there might be some cause for concern.

Otherwise, just another alarmist wasting public resources.

    excuse me, not all pedohiles and sicko’s have penises,

      Where the hell does this come from? I have read and re read the story and the comments and the word pedophile isn’t anywhere to be seen?

    Isn’t a parson some kind of a religious character?

      No just an ancient newscaster

I long the days, when children actually policed themselves. When they were allowed to play by themselves in the back yard. Now, if your children play in the back yard unattended, you get called into the ministry as bad parents.

When are we going to stop all this nonsense.

There are bad adults out there. We just need to change the laws so these pedophiles are punished severely. Have them thrown in jail, with a giant P tattooed to their forehead. The general population in the system will deal with that person.

Give us back our freedom, Give us back respect for the fellow person next to you. Punish the criminals, they lost their rights when they committed the crime.

If your caught dealing drugs to minors, you get 30 days in hard labor camp. If your caught stealing, you get 30 days in hard labor camp.

If your a second time offender, its 60 days, Third time 60 days and followed by 500 days in the koosta. Fourth time, in the big house for 5 years. if you still have not learned your lesson, than you get a free trip to Frobisher bay.

Why are the honest people loosing their freedom and lifestyle, because of the sicko’s committing petty crimes.

    Harper got chastised by the liberal left for toughing up the penalties that our dear leader has now rescinded.

      seamutt, I gave you a thumbs up, haha! After all, you deserve it for simply stating nothing less than the facts!

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