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October 27, 2017 10:43 pm

Province Provides Funding for Huckleberry Mine Workers

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 @ 9:29 AM

Prince George, B.C.  The Province has announced  it will provide $150 thousand dollars to   help   Huckleberry Mine workers  upgrade their skills.

The Houston area mine   laid off  100 workers in  January following the suspension of  its open pit operations.  A month later,   announced  a further 160 jobs  would be lost once the  stockpiles of ore had been processed.   The stockpiles were expected to be depleted by  the end of August.

The shutdown has been  blamed on low copper prices.

The funding announced today  will be given to Northwest Community College  to assist  Huckleberry Mine   workers and those impacted  by the closure of the Canfisco cannery  in Prince Rupert.

The college will offer its Working in Natural Gas program in Houston for the former Huckleberry Mine workers and its Essential Office Skills and Intro to Trades programs in Prince Rupert for the former Canfisco  workers.


160 employees and the Libs give $150,000.00. Not exactly going to break the bank. Less than a thousand per employee.

Upgrade their skills through a Working in Natural Gas Program. Got to hand it to these Lib-Cons, if you have a losing hand, may as well double down on the Natural Gas bet.

Sure would be nice if we had someone in government that had some notion of reality and sanity!!! Does anyone else see whats happening here, diverse industries such as fisheries and mining get no help from our government as it goes all in on LNG, which has no long term future.

Train for the jobs that are here to day helps, training for jobs that may come in 3/ 6 years a waste

These people need jobs to day and want to work so put the resources in to areas that help now. What the hell LNG shit is getting really thin, great to have but in the end its the investment of billions and NO one has come forward. Lets look at what in front of us and the skills that can be transferable to any number of industry projects including SITE C .

What the hell is wrong with you people? The provincial government is using a modest amount of our collective (taxpayer) funds to improve the skill set of workers trapped in old-economy jobs. One of you idiots even laments that it’s only $1,000 per employee, suggesting that the taxpayer should be on the hook for more of a program that you don’t approve of.
I can guarantee that none of you have the skills to write the basic html code to run this website and you’re slamming the provincial government for trying to drag the knuckle draggers up by their own knuckles.
And you think the energy industry (oil, natural gas, thermal coal) is going to magically disappear over the next 50 years? Well then you’re just plain stupid, and you can’t fix stupid.

I wish this ‘news’ website would call itself what it really is, and register itself accordingly as a political lobbyist. It’s a thinly-veiled shill for the NDP political agenda.
The ‘current government’ (Jim Iker-speak for any government that isn’t the NDP) doesn’t spend enough money – boo hoo hoo. The ‘current government’ spends too much money’ – boo hoo hoo.
Get off your fat asses and affect real political change, if that’s what you really believe in – if you just want a ‘current government’ that treats you better personally then just STFU.

There are real human beings going to work every day in the provincial legislature to make sure we don’t become another Greece, or Quebec, or Venezuela economically. And guess what – it requires people to take ownership of their lives and work for a living, however modest.

VOR I was with you all the way till you killed it with that last paragraph

Thanks for your insightful comment VOR. You state; “There are real human beings going to work every day in the provincial legislature to make sure we don’t become another Greece, or Quebec, or Venezuela economically.”

Going to work every day at the legislature??? Really? That’s odd you would say that about a Christy Clark goverment that showed up only 36 days out of 579 days. Are sure we are both talking about the same government VOR?

www .theglobeandmail.com/opinion/bc-legislature-sits-36-of-579-days-is-this-responsible-government/article14245947/

    That’s rich – the University of Cut-and-Paste from someone that doesn’t have a clue how current information technology works, and is stuck in a Luddite-like ideological battle with a modern world that he or she doesn’t understand.

    This just in – Johnny Lunchbucket union jobs for under-performers don’t exist anymore, and nor should they. The current (and future) workforce needs to get educated and get smart (two entirely different concepts). Nobody owes you, or Comrade Ewart, or any other of the NDP bottom-feeders on this site a job or a lifestyle.

    Figure things out for yourself, work hard, save your money (and don’t piss it away on all the toys like jet boats and quads that the union flunkies on this site own) and make a contribution to our provincial economy and collective well-being. Anything else is self-serving and a sign of perceived self-entitlement.

Vor—You got that right you can’t fix stupid. We still have people backing a corrupt government. It appears that the BC liberals have got it drilled in some peoples heads that if you don’t vote for them there will be no jobs. Well we are loosing jobs every day now with the BC liberals.

    ‘…loosing jobs every day…’ That says it all.

VOR, Hip, Hip, Hooray!

“You can’t fix stupid.” Oh yeah VOR, you are right about that, because you are living proof of that adage with the nonsense you spouted in this thread.

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