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October 27, 2017 10:42 pm

Truck Slams Into House

Thursday, May 26, 2016 @ 8:24 PM


Prince George, B.C. – One person  has been injured and taken to hospital  after the  vehicle they were driving  slammed into a home  in Prince George.

The crash  occurred  early this evening,  when a Dodge  pick up crashed into a home on Davie Place. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

The truck hit  the concrete foundation, leaving a  distinct  crash mark  on the cement.   No one in the home was injured.

It is not yet clear  if the impact resulted in any serious damage to the structural integrity of  the  home’s foundation.


Well look at that , just think if there was a concrete meridian dividing the lanes this would have never happened

    and if we never left our homes we would never have accidents

    You mean median. Roads do not use meridians.

      They call it that in the states

It’s a Dodge… nuff said.

(mic drop)

    A Ford would have known better.

Nice looking lawn. Darn shame it has an ugly Dakota parked on it.

I really don’t think the truck slammed into the house. I think somebody driving it slammed it into the house.

Looks like he had some loose projectiles in the box that went through his back window as well…..

    Looks more like the frame bent up crumpling the cab . Junk trucks made of tinfoil .

He couldn’t dodge it , so he rammed it with his guts and glory .

I watched this truck drive by me on Davie Ave shortly before the accident. It wasn’t moving very fast, but the truck was revving up high then low again repeatedly down the street. I thought at first it was the driver just screwing around. I think now I would suspect it was a medical or mechanical issue.

Fact….. this guy did have a medical issue. A seizure to be exact and is clinging to life on life support.

Hope the person makes a full recovery! The only crap thing about a blurb like this is the stupid comments that follow since the story has no credible info to begin with just a blurb. Most accidents are heard on the BC Ambulance/PG Fire Rescue scanner frequency and then posted as such.

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