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October 27, 2017 10:39 pm

Bike to Work Week Starts Today

Monday, May 30, 2016 @ 8:38 AM
Kyrke Gaudreau, director of urban cycling for the Prince George Cycling Club and sustainability manager at UNBC, with daughter Jamie

Kyrke Gaudreau, director of urban cycling for the Prince George Cycling Club and sustainability manager at UNBC, with daughter Jamie

Prince George, B.C. – Hundreds of Prince George residents are participating in Bike to Work Week starting today.

The official launch was this morning out front of City Hall where participants are being treated to free breakfast snacks until 9:00 a.m.

Prince George Lyn Hall at this morning''s launch

Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall at this morning’s launch

“The goal is to encourage and celebrate cycling in Prince George,” noted coordinator Jessy Rajan. “And to really show the community that it’s a viable option.”

She said there are other benefits too.

“I think most people view it as a low carbon option, but it’s also for healthy living.”

“I think every week should be Bike to Work Week,” added Kyrke Gaudreau, director of urban cycling for the Prince George Cycling Club and sustainability manager at UNBC. ” Whether you’re in Vancouver or up in Prince George or the Yukon, people ride year round. And I encourage you to be on your bike as often as you can.”

Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall was also on hand and remarked that Prince George is becoming a more ‘bike friendly’ community.

“I think what really kick started that was a couple of years ago where we had the bike lanes on North Nechako added in and it was a partnership between the City and the Province, and we’re seeing more of that,” he said.

“When you look at the City we have a tremendous amount of bike lanes, I think 70 some kilometres, and sometimes you drive around and don’t realize, wow, there’s bike lanes all over our city.”

Bike to Work Week runs through June 5th. You can register by hitting the following link:https://www.biketowork.ca/prince-george.


Can’t wait to see all the bikes on heading upto the Uni, oh wait the electric car can barely make it!

Look at the hordes of bikes on Peden, Ospika, Foothills, Hart hill, oh wait.

Huffing and puffing on your bike, how much “carbon” is being expelled?

How about bike week in January?

Now riding a bike for exercise is commendable and for some a reasonable alternative for getting to work but stop the low carbon option BS.

    Always a negative spin on a positive story. You do not fight this fight alone as you can look at any story on this site and see the same people spewing their cancer.

      I agree! This site is being manipulated by a person who attempts to make even the most unrelated topic into a soap box for his ad infinitum arguments against those who do not share his mantra but are in favour of scientific progress and a cleaner environment = the majority of our educated society.

Why do cyclist get to use the roads for free? Cyclists should have to carry insurance and be registered with a license plate. I have to register my atv and I am not even allowed to operate it on the roads.

    Why do electric vehicles get to use the road for free?

      Because they don’t stink up the place , bchydro collects money for charging , licensing , insurance , parking fees are not free . Another huge plus . You are allowed to use HOV lanes with only the driver in the vehicle . Just ignore them Ezra and they will go away . Why be afraid of something you haven’t even seen ?

    Well, if you’re talking city roads, many cyclists own homes, many cyclists pay property taxes, so what makes you think they didn’t pay? City roads are paid for from city taxes.

    How come people who don’t pay property taxes can use the roads for free?

    I can tell you from personal experience my bicycle does zero damage to the road, but many of your ATV friends who come out of the ditch onto the road destroy the edge of the shoulder and cover it with gravel- not saying you do that, but some do.

    As for insurance, I do carry insurance. I have a homeowner’s policy, which insures me and my whole family for up to 2 million dollars of liability if I injure someone riding a bike, walking, or practically anything. That’s why bikes don’t need insurance, every homeowner/renter policy in the province already provides coverage. They don’t provide coverage for motorized vehicles.

      I also pay city taxes so by your reasoning there should be no fuel taxes, that I agree with.

      Haven’t seen any HOV lanes in PG, Oh you must mean bike lanes.

    i agree

To see pics of cyclists arriving at UNBC this morning #unbc .

Why did the Quebec gov. subsidize a Montreal taxi company to go electric ? Because they sell electricity and they want the money to stay in La Belle Province . Hydro Quebecs market is shrinking just like BCs is . It’s about money ,pure and simple . It’s always about the money .

    You got that right, its about the money, taxpayers money. If it made sense no subsidy would be required.

    Hydro Quebec market shrinking, say what! Where did that come from it is actually increasing to supply the markets that mistakenly pushed into wind generation for when the wind don’t blow. Quebec loves wind generation.

    How does the money stay in Quebec? Does Quebec build those cars?

      Just a small example is the Teo taxi company of Montreal . They are well on their way to having 500 electric cabs on the road . It’s about a 10mn dollar a year savings on fuel that will be in the companies pockets . Quebec also have a new customer . They plan to have 2000 on the rod in 2017 . Which means not spending 40 million dollars on fuel alone . It comes down to efficient use of dollars . Any cabby or cab company not looking really hard at the hard cost isn’t worth their salt . Teo even have teslas in their fleet . Why ? Because of the infinite mileage warranty and they are dirt cheap to operate .

      Btw it gets cold and snowy in Montreal .

saw 5 bikes today, all on the sidewalk, none with helmets

    Me too. PG is the only city before I step out of a building onto a sidewalk I look both ways for bikes. Last one I saw riding on the sidewalk right in front of the police station. I suspect it’s legal to ride on a sidewalk based on enforcement practices.

    But I doubt those people we saw were biking to “work” – as we traditionally define work.

Stockaloss you got one of them there electric cars you are so excited about? No I guess the subsidy is not big enough for ya yet, heh.

    Where do you keep your coal fired power plant Ezra ?

      Actually, over a good part of the world one could call electric cars coal powered considering most of the world gets it electricity from coal.

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