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October 27, 2017 10:37 pm

No Change to Williston Reservoir

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 @ 11:48 AM

Comptroller Meeting April

Water Comptroller Glen Davidson ( second from left) meet with  industry and District reps , Deputy Water Comptroller Pieter Bekker Beside Mayor Pat Crook in grey shirt on right) – image courtesy District of Mackenzie

Mackenzie, B.C.- Having just  celebrated  its 50th birthday, there is  now more cause for  celebration  in Mackenzie.

B.C.’s Water Comptroller has made a final decision on  BC Hydro’s request to have more flexibility  in the level of the water  in the reservoir and to be able to  reduce the level to 2140 feet above sea level if needed.

The Water Comptroller  has decided the Williston Lake reservoir  will  continue to  operate under the Peace Order Water  Act   of 2007,  and there will be no change to the minimum operating level.

The Peace Order Water Act states the minimum  level  of the reservoir  will  remain 2147 feet above sea level.

That level  is  necessary   for   appropriate discharge of the District of Mackenzie’s  treated effluent,  and  industry’s need to access log dumps and use barging systems. Even under that  regulation, the  reservoir can only be dropped below that level in the case of a major  event  such  as dam  failure,   or, after giving  six months notice to, and  gaining approval  from, the Comptroller of Water Rights.




Well that was a good decision. Hydro should have never made the request in the first place.

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