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October 27, 2017 10:35 pm

Friday Free For All – June 3, 2016

Friday, June 3, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

A promise of  warm weather for the weekend,  and  a prediction  for heated discussion  here  on the Friday Free for All.

It is your opportunity to speak up on the issues that have struck a chord with you over the past week.

The rules are simple:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying



Stay Alive, don’t text and drive.

Be safe out there everyone.

Why aren’t the Police enforcing illegal headlight laws? Perhaps the local expert can tune us all in on this one. How about it Stompin Tom? I understand you are a self employed businessman?

    They rarely enforce other traffic and vehicle laws. Why should this one be any different?

      They only enforce four as far as I know. I call them the DDSS.

      Drunk, Distracted, Speeding and seat belts.

      Out of the hundreds of things they could enforce it would be very interesting just how many aside from the DDSS they enforce locally or even Provincially, I’ve looked around but there does not seem to be a data base anywhere online.

      The BCAA did a survey not too long ago and drivers overwhelmingly identified Tailgating as the most annoying poor driving habit on B.C.’s highways. Even when people go over the speed limit they will often end up apparently pulling a trailer.

      I have been pulled over for (a) headlight out; and (b) over-tinted windows (in a vehicle I bought used). They do look out for things like that.

    Why dont the know it all’s actually know anything? Your a great example of an open mouth and a closed mind.

    I challenge you to find one, and I truly mean one logging truck in this region who runs illegal headlights. I can assure you the enforcement level for commercial vehicles FAR out distances anything for civilian traffic. You might have an issue with the lumen’s put out by modern headlights, but they are DOT and SAE approved.

    Once again here are the numbers, 250-330-4463 Red Rock, 250-563-8251 PG North, 250-565-7290 main office Prince George. I will even supply you with some names, Ivor Marriot and Joe Cordeiro are the two men in charge. Take a trip to the Red Rock CVSE station some day, go inside for a tour, have a look a the modern tools they have for enforcement, they might even be able to impress you.

    Yes I am a small businessman who operates in this area and I have multiple vehicles which have to run under CVSE regulations therefor I have to know what the regulations are BY LAW. I also know the enforcement levels and I can assure you not one of my trucks can work for a single day without the scrutiny of the local CVSE.

    So I challenge you, instead of yapping and truly enforcing your “handle” why dont you take a few minutes to educate yourself? I guess in your case it much to easy to be a squeaky wheel rather than a bright bulb.

      Bravo, Tom…well said!

      Dude, you are a log truck driver, (self employed business man, lol!) and so full of it your eyes are brown. Why you need to use my 250 name to personally attack me? Perhaps go read the meaning of my handle before flapping you truck driver lips You’re a real class act. Supply part numbers for the lights you are trying to defend. We both know the truth. I know exactly how commercial inspections work. Done a few in my time. Have seen many passed that should’ve failed if you get the right mech with a ticket. Quoting names and numbers means squat. We both know how things are done at the scales. They definately aren’t checking the type of headlights you are running. They are looking for lights that aren’t working though.

      top drawer Stompin Tom, top drawer


      You have done CVSE inspections have you, you now a former officer? Then numbers and names I have stated do prove something, that you have the inability to actually act for yourself. Those are the numbers and the names of the men who do EXACTLY what you are asking for. They are very well respected men in the industry and do one hell of a job.

      And yes I am a small business operator who employees other people, pay way more than my fair share of tax’s and run a respected operation. And you? Who do you flip buggers for?

      Anything else you need schooling on?


      And yes, you can bet your life that they DO inspect headlights at local CVSE locations, it is a pet peeve of more than one officer there.

      Just for fun, check out the Quesnel trucks who are hauling through town out of some sort yards who are seldom in this area, they stand out like a sore thumb because their ILLEGAL DRIVING LIGHTS are covered with duct tape, gloves, flags, anything they can find. You know why? Because the local CVSE officers stop them as soon as they see them and wont allow them to proceed until covered or removed.

      What are you 12 years old? Whats with all the name calling 2 inch Tom?

      Although I’m a certified HD mechanic I currently drive a truck for a living you dickface. I’m very aware of what CVSE does at weigh scales and what they don’t do. You own and operate your own truck and you are biased beyond belief. Maybe you’d like some quotes posted here from your know it all rants on the Snow and Mud website? Get a life you tool.

      Do you know why Mechanics have inspection certificates dumdum?

    What do you call an illegal headlight? What kind of truck/car are you looking at? If it’s a big class 8 truck with small rectangular headlights, those new style headlights are LED and they are put on the truck at the factory. They are OEM and by extension, DOT approved for use on the highways.
    If it’s something else, enlighten me.

    Why don’t the police enforce tailight laws? Not so bad now but in the winter I see dummies driving with just their daytime running lights on in the dark.

So for the garbage pickup for business… Are they required to have garbage pickup as part of their business license? Is that why we had city service as well as private? If one doesn’t pay their tax bill it is easy for the city to seize their land and sell it, but what if one doesn’t pay their garbage pickup from a private company? Can the city force a business to enter a contract with a private for profit business? If so how does that work? Is it similar to how the EU is trying to get us to privatize municipal services in. The free trade negotiations… I mean is this kind of how they will proceed with privatizing the water and sewer services and forcing people and companies to enter into contracts with private companies? What if someone does’t pay their garbage pickup plan under the new system are they now insulated from a tax repo? Willmthisvfurther embolden property owners that have no intention of cleaning their own garbage dumps… Thereby leaving it for the city crews to clean up later at a much higher expense? Since when do we allow the civil service to cut some services because they are to hard for them and it’s easier to say lets privatize that’s?

Lots of unanswered questions relating to this change in garbage pickup. Are some business owners going to be let off the hook from garbage pickup responsibilities? It appears that way to me… Slum lords could really love this change of status….

When is the city going to paint the lines on Foothills Blvd?

    Why would they ? The city didn’t paint all the other lines.
    Half the drivers out there can’t keep their mini station wagons in between the lines anyway.

      Exactly, lines don’t mean a damn thing to some. Just like some think stop signs are a suggestion.

    I believe foothills is maintained by YRB not the city


      VERY WRONG!! That is NOT a highway–although lots of driver’s think it is by the speed they go. Lived just off foothills for many yrs.

    Hey oldman 1

    Have you looked outside.

    Kind of hard to paint the road.

    When it is pouring rain outside.

    Paint doesn’t like a wet service.

      That should be wet surface.

Complainer central. You’ll probably get an answer faster by making a phone call instead of whining and complaining on here.

I Think you quite nicely put that one to bed Stompin Tom

With the return of the residents of Fort McMurray, Alberta happening this week, I think the response, conduct and professionalism of the Rachel Notley government should be applauded.

I know of no one in Alberta complaining about the Alberta Government’s performance and response to this massive crisis… Good job Rachel Notley and government.

ht tp://albertapolitics.ca/2016/05/notley-government-navigates-profound-crisis-grace-empathy-even-conservatives-begin-recognize/

    The credit, not so much as to the Rachel Notley and party.

    But to the Alberta civil service.

    Governments have all sorts of protocols in place.

    It is a good thing that they listened to the people.

    That know what has to be done and how to do it.

    A well done job by everyone involved.

    Even the worst governments all down through history have done some things right. So what’s your point? That they’re not totally incompetent? Just because they’ve handled this situation well, so far, doesn’t mean they’ve done other things very well, or are delivering the results from government most Albertans want. They still may, or they may not, depending on how closely they listen to the electorate overall versus how determined they are to implement their own peculiar ideology.

      and the price of oil tanking had nothing to do with it??????

    JGalt, clearly you don’t bother to get out much! Lot’s and lots and lots of Albertan’s are concerned about the actions of the Nutley government! Her government slashed the wildfire budget this year, prior to the Fort Mac fire, and she did this is spite of the dry conditions and the dozens of fires that were already burning across Alberta!

    ht tp://edmontonjournal.com/news/politics/alberta-premier-rachel-notley-defends-cut-in-wildfire-budget

    ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-wildfire-suppression-budget-cuts-1.3543978

    ht tp://www.nationalpost.com/m/wp/news/blog.html?b=news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/don-braid-ndp-cuts-fire-fighting-budget-while-predicting-catastrophic-conditions&pubdate=2016-04-21

    ht tp://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/the-alberta-ndp-vs-budget-reality/

    From my peanut gallery viewpoint I have no complaints about the response.

    Where I might have a complaint, however, is why was it allowed to happen? I am hoping that there will be a report or two on the circumstances which led to the fire and what could have been done, if anything, to prevent or mitigate the damage.

    In other words, we need to learn from these kind of abnormal incidents so that we know which other communities might be at risk, such as PG.

    For instance, in Prince George, the subdivision on top of Cranbrook Hill accessible from Catherine Dr. off Otway road are in the Regional District and do not have access to a City nor RDFFG volunteer fire department. If a house should have a major fire during weather conditions similar to Fort McMurray, the westerly prevailing winds could spread the fire right along the unbroken forested lands along the northern edge of the hill following the river valley onto the escarpment to the west of the residential bowl bordered by Foothills.

    I understand that there is no mutual aid agreement between the City and the Regional District in such a single house fire case unless there are lives at stake in the house.

      When I was a VFF – we were allowed to leave our area to fight a fire that threatened our area. So, if a house in Cranbrook hill caught fire, I would assume same rules apply for PGFD and they could respond in order to protect the city. But if the winds were blowing away from the city, then it would become a provincial government responsibility just like any other wildfire.

      I agree gopg2015; Great response to the crisis but what about the prevention and mitigation factors? Interesting how the willfully blind will ignore the over 40 consecutive years the Cons were in power in Alberta but did NOTHING to mitigate the potential damage forest fires would do to their municipalities surrounded by forest.

      NDP get in and within months the crisis is upon Fort McMurray, and what happens??? The uninformed and willfully ignorant blame it on the NDP, now that is laughable!!! Forest Fire mitigation planning and measures on a province wide basis, take years to implement, but the simple minded don’t realize this.

    Then you don’t know many people in Alberta JGalt. Notley telling Brian Jean to quit “Fear Mongering” when he questions the governments response (or lack of) to the fire then he loses his house the next day?? Then the delay in declaring a state of emergency?? In my opinion the NDP was hoping the fire would wipe out Ft McMurray and the Oil sands instead of the NDP having to do it over the next 3 years.

Time for a change on 250, have people post a name instead of a “handle”.

    You first.. PMack stand for pissed Mack ??? Go ALL the way with your name, if it is that

      Absolutely, I would never print something that I would be ashamed to put my name to. Peter McGaffin
      ( and I do live in Mackenzie ) I think it would make some of the ” me no like anything ” group think about what they put on here.

      Does not seem to both that Trump fellow down south. Everyone knows who he is. As John Stewart calls him, a “man baby”. Or as many call him a narcissist/sociopath.

      I am a believer in the internet comment sections on news and other blogs being a major factor in giving rise to someone of his ilk.

      Amazingly Facebook seems to have avoided much of that. BTW, anyone who believes that a significant number of people on Facebook do not use aliases is bordering on being quite naive.

      That should be “bother” in the first line.

    Why include names? Do you also want our phone numbers?

      Maybe he’s just lonely in McKenzie

Should tell Trump to move to Canada if he loses down there

I think some of you people fuel hate on this site. I was coming home from a friends yesterday on my bike. Some woman on in a van started yelling at me. Get off the road she says. I wasn’t doing anything at all that would of caused this persons out burst. I had a helmet on and was moving with traffic. Something is wrong with some of you people and you should get help from Northern Health before you go out and hurt someone because you are mad for some reason or another!

    Hear , hear . Has anyone ever referred to PG as being welcoming or friendly ? Three of the latest families to move to our neighbourhood , have come from PG . Very industrious people and they are a most welcome asset for us . The laughter of their children is wonderful to hear .

    zipperheads in every walk of life

15th Ave is in dire need of painted lines and crosswalk markings.
Four of us stopped in outside lane to wait for a mom and her stroller
to cross by the highrise apartments and four vehicles in the inside lane
just SPED by. It was pretty terrifying. We were honking and waving our
hands out the windows to warn people. I hope they realized what
they had done and will learn from that. Crosswalk there really needs paint badly

    when I stop for someone on a crosswalk I put my hazard lights on – at least drivers behind me will wonder why they are on and take a look around. I have seen that also where there are two lanes and someone is crossing – and yes, it’s come pretty close sometimes. It happened to me in New Westminster – I was crossing the street and vehicle in outside lane stopped but vehicle in inside lane came racing by – damn near hit me – be careful out there

      I do not need lines on the road to see where there is a crosswalk. There are signs on the side of the road. That way it can be seen in the winter as well and also when there are vehicles in front of you that one cannot see through.

      I believe the MVA regulations state that every intersection in BC is a crosswalk.

    I used to ride my bike in the summertime to work…not anymore.You cant rely on someone elses judgement whether they recognize whats happening and will stop in time. the pedestrian has got to be aware also its just the way it is. Yes you may be crossing in a crosswalk and be in the right but you could wind up…DEAD RIGHT.

I think northern health should start advertising the use of helmets for bike riders. If your riding a bike, eventually you will loose your balance, or a distracted driver, or whatever, and you will go for a road rash.

They should get posters and stories of how head injuries have changed their lives, and what the difference a melon cushion would have made!

Put the money into public awareness, it will be cheaper in the long run.

Most parents who care, has their children wearing helmets. Its no different than wearing a seat belt when your in a moving vehicle.

    If you want information about proper helmet use and the correct fit and indeed, the dangers of not wearing a helmet, contact BIG, the Brain Injured Group. They have had information every day this week about those issues at the Bike to Work Week stations. They will be at the Farmers’ market down by the KEG on Saturday and at Canadian Tire early Sunday morning. From the chart they had, I checked my helmet and was concerned to see that I didn’t have the straps done up correctly.

Did everyone see the article about the Northern Lights Wildlife Society requesting donations to support the care of the little bear cubs without a mother? Donating is easy, they accept many types of payment online, including debit. Small donations are great too! I donated this morning and I hope the people of Prince George will join me!

Wearing a helmet might help to cut down on a road rash, however statistics have shown that when it comes to concussions helmets do not make a difference.

While we are on the subject we should keep in mind that a lot of European and other Countries do not wear helmets. France is a good example.

Helmet enforcement is also lacking.

    Helmet use may not stop all concussions but I am an example of why helmet use is very beneficial. I was in an accident on my bike where I had a collision with a car. My helmet was shattered and my face cut but at least according to the emergency doctor, I had no brain injury. A properly fitted helmet that comes down partway over the front of your skull and has the straps around your ears will go a long way to keeping you safe in the event of an accident. Besides that, it keeps my hair in place and dry on a rainy day :).

    I think most people would gladly take a couple concussion in place of a skull fracture.

as for the issue about illegal lights on commercial vehicles as well as private vehicles. Dont let your chest swell up to much saying cvse would have them off the road immediatly. it is a fact the lights are on trucks as well as private vehicles. If you think otherwise then while you have your head up there look around and see what else you see!

    Why would anyone running them not argue they aren’t running them and they aren’t illegal? Kind of like hiring the fox to guard the hen house. Completely biased.

I would like to donate the Black Bear running around my Place, any takers ?

    Eagleone will look after that for you.

Good morning to all my friends in George. It’s a bright sunny day in Abby and the air is sweet and warm. Are you people out of the rain yet?

I see your all geared up on driving habits this morning. When are you people going to learn the rules of the road and good habits? I cant imagine why driving habits are such a big deal in PG. As I have said before it only takes 10 min to get across town so why the big hurry.

My experience about the people in Prince George are that they are rather laid back and easy going so why all the rush to get across town. I go by our schools here in Abby at the end of school day when there are 30 cars lined up to pick up their children and there never appears to be a problem.

South Fraser Way here a has bumper to bumper traffic and I have never seen an accident in the four years we have lived here. Had one at
Langley the other day on #1 Highway but thats been it for awhile.

Well now lets hear from the smart a***s that seem to despise my posts on 250. Hope my grammar is OK for the picky’s this morning.
Have a great day.

Concussion is caused by the brain hitting the inside of the skull. The force on the brain hitting the skull from a fall from a bike, or any other reason is not reduced by wearing a helmet because the force that causes the damage takes place inside the skull, and is not reduced by wearing a helmet.

Helmets do help to reduce lacerations, bruise’s etc;

    Just watched a brain surgeon on tv about helmuts. His advice from dealing with head trauma, wear a Helmut, it may not prevent trauma but will reduce it including concussion.

      So slap a German on my head and everything’s OK? Good to know. :)

      Helmut? What is wrong with helmet?

    I guess you would fail the test of how to drop a whole, raw egg in a container just a bit larger than the egg from a 10 storey building onto a paved street without breaking the egg.

    If you can understand how to do that, you will understand how a helmet worn properly will mitigate a concussion.

    Agree completely. A helmet doesn’t stop your brain from crashing into the inside of your skull when your skull stops moving.

Palapu…perhaps you should do some research before you spew uneducated nonsense.
The helmet if fitted properly is designed to dissipate the force of impact between itself and any hard object thus reducing the force exerted on the skull, and thus reducing the force of the brain hitting the skull. kind of like the crush zone in the front end of modern vehicles. Helmets most definitely reduce the number and the severity of concussions when sized and worn properly!

Bikes and helmets are an interesting issue. From University of Bath – Drivers pass closer when overtaking cyclists wearing helmets than when overtaking bare-headed cyclists, increasing the risk of a collision, the research has found.

Cycling has definite health benefits that result in longer life, and better health.

From Holland “The researchers used data from the World Health Organisation to investigate the benefits..
They estimated 6,500 deaths every single year are prevented in Netherlands because of the country’s love affair with cycling.
Throughout the country, known as a paradise for cyclists, there are 37,000 kilometres of segregated cycle lanes.”

But, when helmet laws are introduced into a jurisdiction, cycling participation drops by 30% or more because it’s a hassle to pack a helmet around, and some people don’t want helmet hair. Also there’s the perception if you have to wear a helmet, it must be really dangerous.

So on one hand, helmets may help in a fall, but reduce cycling rates, and cycling definitely improves life expectancy and health.

Most of what I read, said they’re a good idea for children and new riders and a no brainer for mountain biking – because we hit branches with our heads all the time. But overall, bike helmet laws have reduced a population’s overall health.

The fact of the matter is that it is legislated that a cyclist wear a properly fitted helmet when operating a bicycle on a highway. It become a municipal bylaw responsibility if it is not a highway.

Bicycle safety helmets

184 (1) A person commits an offence if that person operates or rides as a passenger on a cycle on a highway and is not properly wearing a bicycle safety helmet that

(a) is designated as an approved bicycle safety helmet under subsection (4) (a), or

(b) meets the standards and specifications prescribed under subsection (4) (b).

(2) A parent or guardian of a person under the age of 16 years commits an offence if the parent or guardian authorizes or knowingly permits the person to operate or ride as a passenger on a cycle on a highway if that person is not properly wearing a bicycle safety helmet that

(a) is designated as an approved bicycle safety helmet under subsection (4) (a), or

(b) meets the standards and specifications prescribed under subsection (4) (b).

Of course a helmet is not really for the user. It is for those that would be responsible for their care after a head trauma with lasting effects has occurred.

Please don’t make your spouse, your children or your mommy have to look after you for the rest of your life.

    Once again we have someone who does not read the MVA. Highway means something very specific under the MVA and is defined in it. The everyday meaning of the word is quite different.

    Once again we have someone who does not read the full MVA, especially the defintions. Highway means something very specific under the MVA and is defined in it as:

    “highway” includes

    (a) every highway within the meaning of the Transportation Act ,

    (b) every road, street, lane or right of way designed or intended for or used by the general public for the passage of vehicles, and

    (c) every private place or passageway to which the public, for the purpose of the parking or servicing of vehicles, has access or is invited,

    but does not include an industrial road;

    The everyday meaning of the word is quite different.

Poll Results:

Justin Trudeau is now the Prime Minister of Canada. Do you think he will do a good job?
18% (343 votes)
76% (1441 votes)
5% (100 votes)

Netbistro home page poll.

    How long did you have to search to find a poll against Trudeau…lol

    His rating is higher than during the election. Also when was that poll taken, etc..1800 votes from a country of 30 plus million…yeah a true representation. Of the masses… 8)

    You are truly a loyal conservative…even so much as to even give half the information to try make your point.

      Pval settle down, your blood pressure will blow.

      I made no comment just pointing out this poll. I know any criticism of our dear leader gets the trudeaumaniacs upset. Such a violent lot along with dear leader.

      Go to netbistro home page as I mentioned for the source. As for the size of the poll that depends how many respond. A lot of polls are about this size. Oh I didn’t look for the poll, I use netbistro as my homepage.

      Oh his rating poll being higher, can that poll be trusted or do you cherry pick your polls?

      What is a Netbistro? How the heck can one get a bistro meal and drink on the Net?

      All that poll tells me is that 76% of those who have Netbistro as their home page are either Cons or NDPers or Greens.

      Given that we voted two Conservatives as representatives of this region, why should that be a surprise to anyone?

      Sometimes the obvious simply does not get through.

    Netbistro, indeed! A very scientific poll! One may rely on it when one keeps wearing a Helmut instead of a helmet. A Helmut can easily weigh a couple of hundred pounds.

Good to see the Coug’s hiring a coach with a championship background. I remember watching the Dallas Stars in the late 90’s stifle the opposing teams defensively game after game. No shots were getting through to Belfour with 3 huge cedar trees named Hatcher, Ludwig and MAtvichuk on D. Hopefully it’s gonna be a good upcoming year for the cats.

As long as the Trudeau government legalizes the weed. He’ll end up being Canada’s greatest Prime Minister. As for Elbow Gate. Well he was right. Get your butts off the floor of the House of Commons and do your jobs. Man should be given a metal not have to give an apology. Oh and by the way Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau is a glamorous woman. She was long before becoming Trudeau’s wife. Lastly Todd Doherty should of kept seated and not wasted over fifteen minutes telling his view on Elbow Gate in the House Of Commons the next day. It showed how much of a petty man he is. Doesn’t say much for the people that voted for this pathetic little man either. Good day to you all.

    Trudeau’s adolescent tantrum, can’t get his way well will use force, yep a great leader.

    By the way he wasted his tantrum as he did not need that whip to sit before voting. As long as one whip was sitting the vote can go through. Eight years on the job and still ignorant of the rules.

      Could you just take your eye off Justin for a minute . I know it’s tough . Great hair , great job , oodles of perks , and well , then there is the First Lady . Geez , how lucky can a guy get . I’m still waiting for your Hot Coal Play . The George soros tip was Boggus . But you must have known that , right ? I mean really , who could be that stupid ? Come on coal guy . Give this neophyte a break . You’re the only one that thinks one can make money on coal . So where’s the beef ? Give us the ticker , please !!!!!

    Right on! It was the responsibility of the Speaker of the House to keep those members from milling about the floor, out of their seats, forming a discussion group and thereby delaying the business of the Parliament. He did not enforce law and order. He failed to do so.

    I applaud Trudeau for going into the bunch of debaters and extricating the Whip who was being engaged by some NDP members.

    I do not think he even had to apologize for doing what he did.

    The other day I bumped into a lady in the grocery store who had come up behind me trying to get to the same shelf! I was unaware of her presence when I backed up. We both said sorry. She did not clutch her body in agony, she did not call the cops or an ambulance. She did NOT fake injury. It’s over, people! Live with it! No harm was done to anybody. From now on the Speaker will be enforcing the rules as things are happening.

    Todd Doherty MP. Mister Potatohead.

Could the housing bubble in Vancouver be caused by money laundering ?

    Our govt likes money laundering. They could care less.

Should illegal to buy a house unless you live in Canada. I mean live here. Not oh I have five homes in two countries. No damn way a freaking house is worth four million bucks in Vancouver. I don’t care what anyone says.

Say notice how retarded the Harper governments tough on crime bill is though eh. Like it was a bunch of idiots drew up the laws.

Lets hope this Trudeau Government brings back some sense into living in this freezing land mass eh folks. First they gotta undo what that fool did to this country. Let us Pray to the lord. Amen to that

Keep Right Except To Pass.

Why are there so many self entitled, stupid people in this town? Get out of the way, it’s not a difficult concept except to the mouth breathing neanderthals in PG.

I was on my bike with a helmet on. Not because it’s the law. Quite frankly screw the law. The helmet saves lives. Anyways this dude gets out of his truck. Has a fit and then kicks the car behind him telling the driver off. If that was me I’d be still up our jail in seg okay!

After reading the letter to the editor in today’s Citizen regarding the trimming of the trees bordering Lakeland sawmill I took a drive down River Road to see the butchery myself. Good god, what were they thinking? I was sick looking at the once beautiful specimens shorn of their finery. There’s absolutely no reason why this should have been done. Who in their right mind would think to do this? Take a drive. See for yourselves. Some idiot should be fired.

Listen dude. Take a blink of an eye to wait for me to cross the street at Carney man. You don’t need to honk at me cause you had to lift your fat foot off the pedal. You got issues get help man. I can get numbers for ya if you want them.

I can’t believe Americans can’t pick better people than these two crooks. I mean really Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump! Whatever doesn’t affect me what so ever! I think it’s a pretty good joke to watch though.

    It’s the best election money can buy . The corps want idiotocracy and they are willing to pay to make it happen . Did you just fall of the turnip truck ?

This is a fun listen, says it all.

ht tp://www.therebel.media/rebutting_buzzfeed_s_what_canadians_want_to_say_about_trump

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