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October 27, 2017 10:32 pm

Happy Tax Freedom Day

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 @ 8:42 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  Today is national  Tax Freedom Day in Canada.   Calculated annually,  the Fraser Institute says   if   the average family of 4 with an income of $105,000  had to pay all their taxes up front,   today is the day they start working for themselves.Print

Since governments impose a litany of taxes—some of which are visible but many are hidden—it’s nearly impossible for the average Canadian to get a clear sense of all the taxes they pay. That’s why every year the Fraser Institute calculates Tax Freedom Day, a handy measure of the total tax burden imposed on Canadian families by all levels of government.

Tax Freedom  day can differ  from  family to family,  and the Fraser Institute has produced a  calculator to help  you  determine  when  you  are finally  working for  you and  your family.

The calculator can be accessed here.


Who in the hell figures this crap out…most of the workers at my place of business have 3 more paydays before our ei and cap are paid up…

    This isn’t CPP and EI, this would be if we paid everything for the year up front without taking anything home. Income tax, GST, PST, etc.

That is cpp not cap (spell check sorry)

Aren’t we lucky.

For those you taxes anyway.

That is supposed to say “for those who pay taxes”

Que the anti-Fraser Institute crowd.

Almost depressing how much goes to taxes….

You never, ever.. stop working to pay for your fellow unemployable, welfare grabbing , non-productive members of society.

    So what’s your solution? Anybody who is mentally handicapped or disabled enough that they can’t be “productive” is terminated? Anybody who gets injured on the job and can no longer be “productive” gets dragged into a field and shot? Old people that can no longer be “productive” should be euthanized and turned into glue like Boxer from Animal Farm?

    Exactly what would be your solution to us having to pay for the people you listed?

      Solution: Soylent Green

There is only one way to freedom from taxation, most of us do not really want to go there.

Your Cpp and Ei are paid up once you hit about $54,000. I wish the gov would just split it evenly over the year..but of course they want our money ASAP. It’s a big hit in January when we get the joy of paying it again..

    I actually kind of like what feels like a mini-raise part way through the year. But you’re right, the January shock right after Christmas kinda sucks…

      Yeah you are right about the raise :). Nice to get that raise in April when it’s paid off though :)

Wikipedia , Fraser institute . Check out funding . Big oils big yap . The direct hand of the Kochs . The biggest BC , Alb , sask oil and gas lease holders .

    Who funds sierra, tides, suzuki and the rest of the econuts stockaloss?

Mean while fat actress in the house wants to double down on our tax bill by giving Lockheed Martin billions of our dollar so she can enjoy killing people in far away lands . What we really need isn’t bombers for killing . We need water bombers to save Canadians and Canada’s assets . No mention of that from anyone except The Green Party of Canada .

Yay!!! Time to spend money to party over this (and get taxed over it)

No mention about the difference from previous years.

2014 – June 9
2015 – June 10
2016 – June 7

That means we paid our taxes more quickly this year. I don’t know if that is because incomes rose or taxes declined, but it’s the right direction. Usually the Fraser Institute makes a big hullabaloo about the date increasing each year. This year it went down and silence.

If the government taxed all incomes, personal and corporate, at 100% could the government then pay for all the goods and services it already provides for us plus all those we now pay for and provide for ourselves? And do that WITHOUT GOING INTO DEBT? For if it was already taxing us at 100% and COULDN’T do that, HOW then could it ever re-pay the debt, and just WHO would it borrow from? It already has all our money, so no business or individual would have any to lend it.

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