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October 27, 2017 10:31 pm

P.G. Moves Up in List of Best Places to Live

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 @ 12:03 PM

Prince George, B.C. – When it comes to the best  place to live in Canada,  Money Sense Magazine  has given that distinction to Ottawa. 

The Nation’s capital  was given the number one overall ranking  of the 219 communities  evaluated  in 35 categories including taxes, high incomes,  weather,  affordable housing, population health,  low unemployment and low crime rates.

Prince George  ranked 127, which is an improvement from 2015, when the city was ranked 163rd.   Prince George scored high for  having low priced housing,  high incomes ( with the median  being $83,926.00), low taxes (average property tax is $2,352.)  and a  13.4% drop in the crime rate over five years.

The B.C.  cities that ranked highest on the overall ranking were West Vancouver (7th) and North Vancouver (8th).

The   ranking also  looked at cities for specific  life styles, and  Nelson B.C. was ranked the best community in all of Canada to retire.   That community  received  high ranking  because of  its access to health care,  low taxes,  and it’s easy to walk, bike or take transit.

When it comes to the best place in Canada to raise a family,  Terrebonne Quebec  tops the list.   It has    more than 57% of the population  being families with children and an average monthly daycare cost of $166.

The richest city in the country?  That would be Aurora Ontario, where the average household net worth  is just shy of a million dollars ($965,813.00).

Here is how  some communities in  Central and Northern  B.C.  placed in the overall ranking last year and  this year:

Community 2015 Rank 2016 Rank
Ft. St. John 47 61
Terrace 122 116
Kelowna 84 117
Kamloops 121 117
Prince George 163 127
Williams Lake 189 195
Prince Rupert 197 196
Quesnel 193 200



Have to question that median income figure of $83,926.00.

National Housing Survey using stats from 2011 census shows the median income in Prince George being $40,482.00 before income taxes, and $36,737.00 after income taxes.

Those number reflect all aspects of income in the City. Not sure how they could come with such a high number, but in any event its wrong.

    maybe they are basing it on a 2 income family?

I wonder if one is household median and the other is individual median. Either way, I find it hard to believe Fort St. John is better to live than here. They don’t even have a ski hill.

    As long as you don’t consider Powder King to be a skihill for PG then you would be correct.

NMG…. are you reading this ? We’re gaining on ya. ;-)

    I’m reserving comment so as not to be accused of having ulterior motives with my posts, LOL ;)

    I will agree with ski51 though. There’s no way that Fort St. John should be ranked ahead of PG.

      Remember, the rankings are done by Money Sense magazine. FS John had one of the highest increases in family income in the country.

The stat is for FAMILY income in PG for 2011. PG is a smaller community and is included under CA (census agglomeration). It is also separated as the City of PG.

CMAs (Census Metropolitan Agglomerations) are tracked more frequently. The latest info is fro 2013.

Calgary had the highest median total family income (before tax) of all CMAs in 2013 at $101,260, according to data derived from personal income tax returns.

Calgary was followed by Edmonton ($98,480) and Ottawa–Gatineau ($96,710). These three have composed the top three CMAs since 2009.

So, oil and federal government/research generates the highest incomes.

Among census agglomerations (CAs), Wood Buffalo, Alberta ($181,240), had the highest median total family income, followed by Yellowknife, the Northwest Territories ($137,860).

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