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October 27, 2017 10:29 pm

e-Cigarettes to be Under Same Rules as Tobacco

Friday, June 10, 2016 @ 1:40 PM



Prince George, B.C.- The Province has announced that as of September 1st of this year,  the rules and regulations  on tobacco products, will also cover e-cigarettes.

Stats show that  one in five youth in Canada have  tried an e-cigarette, the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act  is aimed at  stopping the  growing use of e-cigarettes by  young people in BC.

As of September 1st,   e-cigarettes are not to be sold to anyone under the  age of 19  and there can be no  advertising  displays for the product  aimed at youth and no  advertising visible to youth.

The amended act  means  e-cigarettes cannot be sold in public buildings, their use is banned on public and private school grounds,  indoor public spaces and workplaces.  There are exceptions, in that  local health authorities may  establish designated smoking and vaping areas at their discretion , and   customers in adult only stores  may “vape”   to learn how to  use vapour products or to test  products they might  buy.



And like tobacco, the provincial government will tax the chite out of e-cigarettes and use it as a new revenue stream?

    I sure hope so. Such duchebaggery should be taxed like mad.

      Agreed, tax the hell out of em.

      I saw a dude with a man-bun vaping..I just wanted to kick him in the vagina..

    …and that would be a bad thing because??

What bloody bull shit, kids are trying e smokes to get off Cigs and its just vapor, what bull shit,

Thats fine….but Note to Northman, your sexist comment is why we have a sexism problem. Just saying.

    Found the social justice warrior..!

You guys are so naïve . Do you really think that the only thing being vaped in public is nicotine . No matter what they are vaping I don’t want to share second hand . Keep your crap down wind and prefably out of sight of children and other normal people .

Most people I know are using them as quit smoking aid and they do help.

What is the best quit smoking aid which will prevent further damage to one’s own health and the health of others? Quit cold turkey and do not give it another thought! Find another hobby, this time a healthy one!

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