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October 27, 2017 10:28 pm

Mounties Investigate Targeted Shooting

Saturday, June 11, 2016 @ 7:55 AM
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Prince George, B.C. – Police are asking for the public’s help with their investigation into a targeted shooting in Prince George last night.

RCMP Corporal Craig Douglass says police responded to a report of shots fired at around 5:40 p.m. at a residence on the 700 block of Freeman Street.

Once police arrived, he says three people left the home without incident and were detained as part of the investigation. No other people were found and it appears no one was injured though one bullet broke a neighbour’s window and narrowly missed the people inside.

As a result of the shooting, the RCMP’s Major Crime Section, Forensic Identification Section and Police Dog Service were called in to assist with the investigation.

Douglass says it appears it was a targeted shooting and those responsible fled prior to police arrival.

He says at this time police have no reason to believe that the public is at any further risk.

If you have any information about this incident you are aske to call police at 250-561-3300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


Right. The shooter can’t even hit a target the size of a house, but, no worries.

    Trying to make some sense out of the report.

    “three people left the home without incident and were detained as part of the investigation”
    To me that looks like those individuals feel they were the people targeted and would have given the RCMP information to back up that belief.

    “police responded to a report of shots fired” and “those responsible fled prior to police arrival.”
    That sounds like the individual(s) who fired more than one shot were no longer around. One possibility is that it was a drive-by shooting.

    “one bullet broke a neighbour’s window”
    Again, it says one bullet not “the bullet”. So multiple shots. Where are the others? Likely not able to find them. May have missed houses altogether.

    So, they may have made a mistake of which address they were after, or they may not have been good at carrying out a targeted shooting from a moving vehicle …. Or it may not have been a targeted shooting.

    “police have no reason to believe that the public is at any further risk.”

    So, was this a real need to know for us?

      Glad you’re not an investigator, LOL!

      And you are one so that you can judge, right….LOL

Sorry but you sound like a very desperate defense lawyer.

    I am obviously not a professional investigator.

    Just someone who is trying to figure out whether to avoid this part of town or avoid doing something which might piss people off so that they come to my neighbourhood and start shooting practice instead of going to a gun range.

    As far as a defense lawyer, in this case I am actually questioning stuff the crown attorney would ask the police to determine what kind of a case the crown might have against the shooter(s) in case he/she/they are located and arrested.

    We do not have the faintest clue from the above why the police say this was a targeted shooting. Perhaps the people in the house which was not hit (that we know of since the police may not have found the bullet hole(s) yet) are part of a witness protection plan. Then again, the hit men sent out would likely have been more professional, unless they just wanted to frighten them.

    I mean the fun in this whole thing is to actually present some scenarios since the info is so wide open and lends itself to exactly that.

    But then again, some people just like to attack individuals on here. :-) Much more fun.

      Most targeted shootings always end up like this story so why are you asking this question? To me it’s a no brainer.. The police released the report as such to inform the public that there is no danger to them despite the fact one bullet struck a different home other than what was targeted. Since the release was handed out at 12 AM to the media, police had 6 hours to investigate and determine what happened and did just that. There is more to this story obviously and you’ll have to wait. The true intent was to inform YOU that there is little risk to the general public and unfortunately criminals rarely reach their intended target shooting up a house while driving by. Walking by the intended target makes no sense so it had to be a drive by.

      I mean ‘fortunately’ not unfortunately!!! Stupid phone!

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