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October 27, 2017 10:25 pm

Two Pride Crosswalks for Prince George

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 @ 11:55 AM

Crews busy painting the Pride Walk this morning – photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Work has begun on Prince George’s very first pride crosswalk.

Originally the plan was to have it outside City Hall, but after consulting with the Prince George Pride Society the City is installing it at 7th Avenue and Canada Games Way.

“Yes. The mayor and I had a discussion and we had looked at the ones in front of City Hall and they were cobblestone and so we didn’t know what that was going to look like,” says president Stacey Hewlett.

“Plus we like that this is a high traffic area and a lot of people that come here for conferences and so on get to see this. I think it’s a higher exposure area so that’s kind of the decision.”


Prince George Pride Society president Stacey Hewlett

It won’t be the only pride crosswalk in town either. Pine Centre Mall confirmed today they will finance their own outside the mall’s north entrance.

“We’ve actually been looking at this opportunity for quite some time. Prince George is a place of acceptance, it’s a place of tolerance, it’s a place where everybody can feel safe,” says general manager Sonya Hunt.

“We just feel it’s the right thing to do in terms of the timing of what’s taken place in Orlando. It’s even more important that people and corporations and companies and the community at large is showing a level of acceptance and tolerance for everybody.”

Weather permitting she’s hoping it will be installed today, if not once the wet weather has passed.

The news of another crosswalk was music to Hewlett’s ears.

“I’m thrilled. I can’t decide if I should cry or smile. This is just amazing.”

Prince George City Council approved spending $3,000 to have its crosswalk installed at a meeting back in April.


Pretty funny looking sidewalks. Aren’t these actually called crosswalks ?

As Pine Center is funding it themselves the Pg Pride Society should be doing the same. Not taxpayers!!!!!

    Pine Centre is a “for profit” entity and can afford the expense write off and the Society depends on donations, I’m guessing

    hahhah I’m assuming the members of that Society LIVE in PG and are members of our community and DO pay taxes in all forms, so… wouldn’t they be taxpayers too???? They own houses and all that too

    @ nowiser; Half a days labour to paint two crosswalks = $300; cost of paint and supplies $200 = Total cost to taxpayers would be $500. Cost to each taxpayer would be approximately ONE CENT each!!! Number of readers who upvoted your comment as a big deal = priceless!!!

      You are priceless, cost is $3,000 not %500

ah they are downtown and with all the other ugly stuff.

It’s good to see Prince George making progress in equality for all. Great news! Way to go Pine Centre Mall to contribute as well!

So does every special interest group get a sidewalk? Just asking.

    Yup. Yours can be depicted with whine and cheezze.

    come on its paint on a road , not really a big deal. it’s not a sidewalk it’s a crosswalk.

    a park was renamed after how many years and there was less complaining … a whole park … amd some paint sets people off. wow


Did these use lead oil base paint so they would last longer then the road stripes

Excellent, will be nice to see how it looks when finished.

I hope every special interest group gets to paint a crosswalk, our fine city could do with more color :)

We shouldn’t be painting our roads anyway from a safety point of view

    Got to agree with you on this one. I was driving down town and all of a sudden some dim wit stopped right at the new painted crossing. Thought the poor guy behind him was going to have a heart attack! No pedestrians and no other traffic.What was up with that? Good thing I was in the other lane!

    How slippery is this going to be in the rain? Any concern for anyone on a motorcycle stopping or cornering? I’m fine with the colors but the paint looks to be very high gloss.

@jgalt its $3000 not $500
My opinion is that I don’t agree with the city wasting money on silly crosswalks for special groups. There’s several other societys in town and if they want their own crosswalks too should city tax dollars pay for them as well? Raise your own funds than approach the city and ask if it is allowed. And of course the haters will somehow try to vandalize the crosswalk and city tax dollars will once again be paying to fix it. Sad but true

    I agree

      I agree to your agree and add a concur.

‘Cause the Painters gonna paint,paint,paint,paint,paint. And the Haters gonna hate,hate,hate,hate,hate. Baby, this PROUD P.G.’s is just gonna shake,shake,shake,shake,shake. Shake it off, shake it off.

    Ummmmmmm, what the heck?

      I guess you don’t listen to Taylor Swift.

That is the problem with our country, it only cost a few cents attitude has to change. Needs should be the only thing coming out of the tax payers pockets, wants should be paid for by that person or group.

    What’s the matter with this country ? Hockey , baseball , basketball venues good . Cultural venues Bad . Sports events good , cultural events Bad . Churches/religions/politics no taxes . Everything else , taxed to the max .

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