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October 27, 2017 10:24 pm

Two Vehicle Crash at Foothills & 15th – Update

Thursday, June 16, 2016 @ 10:12 AM


Prince George, B.C. – Emergency crews responded to a two vehicle collision at 15th Avenue and Foothills Boulevard this morning.

It happened just before 9:30 a.m. and involved a van and a pick-up truck.

Prince George RCMP Corporal Craig Douglass says the SUV ran a red light and was struck.

He says one person suffered a minor injury as a result of the collision.


More bad drivers… new crash every other day.

    More like one every day because some go unreported, like the small car that tried to climb the divider on the Hart hill Tuesday night and the rather severe looking crash on Rainbow and Ospika last week that I never saw anything about.

      Saw that on the hart hill, wondered –what the heck was with that!

      @ntkr 14 It was the Hart Hwy

      Say no more Say no more

hope the driver was OK, the airbag went off.

Upgrade the intersection!!

    It is an extremely bad intersection. There are traffic signals there with 3 different lamp colours. I often have problems figuring out what they mean. ;-)

    Upgrading the intersection won’t help when someone blows thru a red light

      That is my point (I was being sarcastic) I don’t believe any intersection or highway is dangerous, it is the drivers on it. I drove truck on Hwy #43 between Edmonton and GP before it was twinned for 10 years, yes I saw some stupid things and witnessed a lot of close calls but none of it was due to the highway, it was due mostly to impatient drivers.

It’s definitely the SUV’s fault. You can see the lights are red. :)
Hopefully everyone is okay.

They should put a round about at this intersection. Then we will see if someone runs the round about. Why do you think Europe has very few stop signs and traffic light?

    Another roundabout to confuse people with–I sure hope not. Had a young girl turn left right in front of me as I was coming off the bridge going north one day. Um, that’s not how you do it!!

In the Bellingham, WA area they would actually put in a roundabout at an intersection like that. It is a perfect location for one.

Until people learn how to signal out of them don’t bother making anymore. Crossing the Cameron street bridge to go up the Hart ,I say maybe one out of ten cars signals to exit right onto the bridge out of the circle. I even watched one guy to busy talking on the phone to signal.

    People still signal?

I love round-a-bouts. They keep the traffic moving in a most efficient way. However, people need to be taught & trained to know how to use it properly.

    Yes and that doesn’t mean everyone coming off the bridge automatically has the right of way like most of the dicks do.

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