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October 27, 2017 10:18 pm

Friday Free For All – June 24, 2016

Friday, June 24, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

It’s time to share your thoughts on events and issues  which have arisen over the past week.

It’s time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick  the topic, but obey  the three simple rules:

Keep it Clean

Keep it Legal

No Bullying


Let’s spare a thought for all the unfortunate people out there who are unknowingly injecting or smoking fentanyl or worse, when they think they are using their same old poison, at the same old strength.

All of these people were normal like you or me once.
Most of them had a normal childhood, good parents, lots of friends, and a family network that would not quit them.
In most cases they made a bad decision one day, and became hooked on some kind of drug.

Some get away, get clean, stay clean. They have my utmost respect.
Some don’t get away, don’t get clean, they are trapped. Some of this latter category die as a result of the drugs.

This happened to a loved one of mine 2 weeks ago, we are picking up the pieces, finding a way to carry on without the presence of this family member, who made a big impact on the people in his life, a lot of people loved him, a lot of people tried to help him but it was not enough to save him.

The people who are trapped by their addictions have to make the choice to change all on their own, but we can support them all along the way by never giving up on them, never say quit, never say never again. Be there for them, and one day they might decide they want to change and you will be there waiting.
If we can each only save one person, we will be doing the world a lot of good.

So let me end this commentary and its message of love and respect by wishing the exact opposite to the purveyors of these street drugs;
Don’t you realize you are killing people with your greed and lust for more money?
Don’t you care?
Don’t you worry that one day some angry parents, siblings and friends are going to come calling?
Maybe you should be worried.


    Sorry for your loss metalman!

    Without wishing your family’s situation on anybody else, I fear that very little action will take place to deal with the scum of the earth that perpetuate the “drug trade” until such time as some of our judges, politicians and their ilk go through the pain and the struggles that you and your family are currently dealing with!

    Stay strong!

      Yes, me too, very sorry to hear of your loss. I don’t think we have the political will to rid the country of the drug trade because too many people in power are making a lot of money by financing it as well. Too many of them are using too.

    Sorry for your loss Metalman. Drug addictions are non-discriminant. They will have a horrible effect on the best people. My condolences..

    So sorry for your loss metalman. My spouse and I were just talking about this this morning; that anyone can become involved with drugs. Started down that path myself years ago and it was only luck and a few good friends that got me out of it. I came from a great middle-class family, am educated and have had great opportunities. I know I have to be diligent about my own children because nothing guarantees that they won’t go down that road.

    I hope time brings your family some peace.

Well, Britain has voted to leave the European Union, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that he will resign by the fall and the British Pound is at a 31 year low!

Only time will tell how far the fallout will spread!

Interesting times!

    Sterling, stocks in free fall as UK votes for EU exit

    ht tp://www.bnn.ca/News/2016/6/24/Global-stocks-sterling-skid-as-early-Brexit-results-put-Leave-ahead.aspx

      Without a deflated pound, the salaries will remain too high in the various Euro manufacturing plants so they will likely pull their orders back and expand factories on mainland EU.

      The people who voted to exit are those who have not been able to get jobs. Now they really will not be able to get any. London, Scotland and Ireland voted to stay. Looks like the UK will fall on self manufactures hard times.

      As someone posted on a mainland European digital newspaper, the Brits were never a real partner in the first place. They kept their currency. That is a good thing, otherwise they would have dragged the Euro down more than it may do as a result of this event.

      Tie that to Trump’s mantra in the USA, we may see the loss of other free trade agreements where nations can’t compete with other “free trade” partners.

    It may well spread to Northern Ireland and Scotland. The UK may end up a lot smaller. France and Germany will be the predominant powers on the continent.

Sorry metalman. I immigrated to Canada back in 1978 and where I’m from when u are caught doing a crime they strip you naked first then throw water on you and then they beat you with sticks and the officers take there own belts off and beat you for awhile and they ask questions. The criminal says please let me go this time I will never do it again and he probably won’t because he said he won’t. If he’s cought again then he know he history. The laws are to soft here. They give you a slap on the wrist and don’t do it again. Instead of a slap on the wrist him it with stick just one on each wrist break both wrists because he or she committed crime with those 2 hands. Next time he or she will think twice about committing crime with his or her hands because he or she knows the wrists will broken again. Sorry buy I believe in old school punishment. Metalman sorry for your lost. I just little pissed off criminals getting off easy. I got to go to bed.

    Pgboy, just wondering if the system works. What’s the crime rate, compared to Canada, in your homeland?

Sorry to hear that you were dealt such a blow, metalman!

I for one am so tired of all these reminders for common sense things, I don’t need a conservation officer to remind me to make sure I don’t leave food in my vehicle in bear country, or to make sure my campfire is out or to make sure the exhaust on my atv is clean, I don’t need a radio host or tv weatherman to remind me to clear snow off my vehicle or to make sure my windows are clear or to bundle up or take an umbrella, I don’t need the police to remind me to drive careful on the long weekend or not to drink and drive, I don’t need reminders telling me not to leave my kids or pets in the vehicle when it is hot out, I don’t need to hear people being reminded to not throw smokes out there windows or to dispose of cigarettes in planter filled with peat moss. These are all common sense things!!!!!

    You may not need someone to remind you but you are in the minority. There are way too many self-entitled bozos out there who do need to be told.

    I agree with Peter. The fact that the Government and others have this need to constantly tell us what we already know suggests that they think we are stupid.

    The majority of people in BC and Canada understand the basics of living. It is the minority that either don’t know or don’t care.

    If we had less people on cushy Government jobs, doing nothing, we would have less of this useless information. Seems a lot of this info is the result of people on the Government payroll trying to find something to do, to fill out their day, and make a weak attempt to show that they are in fact earning their big salaries.

      I certainly agree with the last paragraph! One wonders for how long we can afford this bloat until we experience the reality of what the Greeks are still going through.

      How about the people that sit in board offices and never lift a finger to provide us with information how much they are racking off government projects and the tax benefits that they get.

      In Vancouver the off shore investments in housing they don’t pay taxes on. Government employees proved a service to the less informed so be it.

    Peter make sure your shoelaces are tied up before you go outside

      Damn, I wish you would have told me that sooner.. I already tripped on them, LOL

      and be sure to put on clean underwear before you go out, just in case you trip and end up in the hospital!

Now that Britain has voted to leave the EU, we can sit back and see what will happen.

Of course all the people who voted stay, had a vested monetary interest in staying, and will continue to cry doom, and gloom for a little while longer.

Those who voted to leave had the gonads to stand up and be counted. If you are being exploited by the EU, then it makes little difference if you are being exploited by your own Government. At least once you know who is screwing you around you can do something about it.

I predict that nothing very serious will come out of this issue, because the whole EU concept was based and greed, and exploitation, and fear.

We have had enough of big Governments and big Corporations, trying to convince us we cannot survive unless we follow their patronizing road maps.

    I completely agree, Palopu. Bravo for the good people of Britain who had the courage to vote “leave” and refused to be hornswoggled further with the nonsense that doing that means they’re going to lose ‘jobs’, when it should be abundantly clear those ‘jobs’ are (a.) disappearing anyways, as technology continues to displace them en masse, and (b.) are failing to provide incomes adequate for an ever larger number of people to live on without falling ever more hopelessly into debt.

    Now we just might see the true colours of the group that runs Germany, and through that unfortunate nation dominates Europe, as they try to punish Britain for refusing once again to cave in economically to essentially the same means of control they once backed Hitler to try to get militarily. Nice to see the Brits being true to the words of their national anthem and still “…never will be slaves” to the foreigners who would Rule Britannia!

      Of course you do know the history of vindictive Versailles, the theft of German lands and ancestral German people inhabiting them and how Hitler was NOT elected but undemocratically appointed by the President and the Cabinet to lead the country as a strongman, a dictator. I have no sympathy for Hitler and the Nazis but I am in favour of history being correct and not falsified by some political expedience and failure to assume responsibility for fatally flawed strategic policy decisions and their aftermath.

      I am curious to know who “…the group that runs Germany, and through that unfortunate nation dominates Europe…” is in your perception. What are you insinuating?

      Don’t worry Prince George, Palopu is showing his British Monarchist sentiments. He would have the same views of France.

      He fights the Première Bataille de Québec, or in his mother tongue Battle of the Plains of Abraham, frequently in his dreams. ;-)

      Happy Canada Day!

      Prince George, one of the things the financial backers of Hitler desired was a unified Europe, which Germany with its considerable industrial prowess, (untouched and virtually intact after World War One, unlike the case after World War Two, where a lot of it had been completely destroyed), could dominate as being a captive market for German goods.

      World War One had been caused in large part because Germany did not have the same captive markets for its exports that Britain had. This is why, of all the resource rich German colonies and overseas possessions, such as today’s Tanzania and Namibia, the Kaiser considered his most valuable possession the German sphere of influence and trading concession in China.

      The Chinese there provided the markets Germany needed to get rid of its surplus manufactures that COULDN’T all be sold at home, and if production were scaled back to what could be sold at home, the distribution of incomes through employment wouldn’t be adequate to buy it all. It needed a dumping ground, just as Britain did, and India was its crown jewel for simply that reason.

      The group that would not, and still will not, ever allow this ‘financial’ anomaly to be examined and rectified still controls Germany. They cared not a whit about Hitler’s nutty ‘Master Race’ ideas; nor about his more sensible ‘pure food’ and agricultural ‘lebensraum’ ones. They wanted a Europe that Germany could dominate economically, and do their bidding.
      Hitler kicked the ladder he’d climbed to power on away and though he could go it alone. The rest is history, but look at Europe today, and who has been dominating it. The German people are mere pawns in what goes on, and will be, as will others, until they wake up to how international finance actually works.

    “the whole EU concept was based and greed, and exploitation, and fear”

    Sounds to me like the creation of Canada, whether it was the first conquering of the land mass by foreigners who overpowered the native inhabitants of the day, right across the country, the fighting between the two dominant power brokers, England and France, the agreement to divide the land mass into separate states with many of their own limited sovereign powers, right on to today’s infighting over what we share and what we do not share with those in different parts of the so-called country.

    In the end, we can see once more that people all over the world tolerate each other at best, but that we really are a very parochial species, caring only about our own livelihood and patch of earth we inhabit and very much less about others.

    At least today’s wars are mostly fought at the negotiation tables and in the financial marketplace. There might come a time once more when that will not be the case in the few regions of the world were some thought we had learned our lessons through armed conflict in the past.

    I am waiting for the impact of this unsettling event on the USA election process. How Trump will use this in his rhetoric to fight to become king of the USA along with his royal family will be interesting to watch on this side of the Atlantic and the rest of the industrial world.

      Canada has it’s very own Royal Family now, so I guess that Trump wants to USA to have one as well! ;-)

Maybe Canada should split up.

With all those “Mickey Mouse” interprovincial trade barriers.

We are worse then the EU.

Common sense?
Not that common at all. Someone once told me that you must design things for the smartest idiot; example would be signage. I believe this. People simply play stupid. Why?? In my opinion… it is laziness, lack of respect and yes some sense of personal entitlement. So Peter North, when you say why do we have to be reminded of these things that are simple logic to most, it is due diligence. So those dumbasses cant say well I didn’t know, or there was no signs, or whatever the excuse they may have.
I call them F-tards.

Happy Friday All!!
Be safe out there :)

    One of the basic’s of our laws is that ignorance is no excuse. So saying that I did not know, is useless in a court of law.

    If you did not know that food in your car could attract bears, then you could learn this lesson the hard way.

      That’s right, I call it “paying the stupid tax”.

      While ignorance is not an excuse, this matter has nothing to do with law unless you can direct me to the law or regulation which specifically states that one is not allowed to keep food in the car.

      I “keep” food in the car almost every time we shop and do not go home right away.

      That is common practice. Common practice is a defense, if there were a law in this case.

      Or, you could keep the food in your camping tent and see how that goes.

There’s an old joke.

**How many people work for the EU in Brussels??**

Answer. **About half of them**

    That is a VERY old joke that can be applied to ANY government town whether and organization in that town.

    Let us start right at home.

    Q = How many people work for the City in Prince George??

    A = About half of them.

    Fill in for any city in BC, Canada, the world.

    Fill in for any provincial, state, country capital in the world.

    There is no point of any significance to be made, Palopu, other than the reflection it makes of you.

I seriously can not see how leaving the EU is going to help the UK!
Immediately upon exit the UK has no favored access to European markets, they have no trade agreements with anyone. Their only guaranteed market is their own population, however self interest will once again lead to people buying the cheaper imported product rather than the more expensive British made product. Automobile production will most certainly suffer at some point, as there are really only a few minor British owned manufacturers left. The big ones are German, or Indian owned, and will certainly move to retain their preferred tariff position within Europe and countries that have trade agreements with the EU by moving all but minor production back into Europe.
In the end fear mongering, and perhaps even a bit of racism due to the African / Syrian migrant situation won out over pragmatism.
The UK always has been and Island geographically, and now they are once again an Island economically!

    Those in Scotland and Ireland who voted to stay in the EU agree with you. But they are stuck with the more local economic union of the United Kingdom.

    This vote will likely put more pressure on that economic union.

    In fact, London should consider becoming a City State. The population of London also voted to stay in the EU.

    The vote to leave came from the industrial and agricultural regions of England as well as Wales.

    The capital of England could then be someplace like Liverpool.

    Michael Campbell explains the case for leaving.

    ht ps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owLSFdDty1Q

    Here’s the full movie he took an excerpt from:

    ht ps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYqzcqDtL3k

On a positive note ! There’s a fire sale in the markets today . I’m filled . It’s almost like spring of 09 . Next one ? When Scotland leaves the UK .

    Go all in stockaloss. This takes us back to last weeks levels. Big opportunity. you buy every pullback guys are gonna get creamed. Can’t wait.

Isn’t socialism wonderful?

Venezuela’s socialist utopia is an inspiration for us all!


“The country is falling apart, rapidly and completely. By many measures, it is one of the most blessed nations in the Americas. It has the largest proven oil reserves in the world, almost twice Canada’s. It has rich agricultural land, incredible biodiversity and huge amounts of mineral wealth. And yet its people are now starving; its infrastructure is in tatters; law and order have broken down. And strangely, Canada doesn’t appear to care.

In the late 1990s, after a string of corruption scandals, a disillusioned populace turned away from the two main traditional political parties and elected the populist demagogue Hugo Chávez. The ensuing “Bolivarian Revolution” completely rewired the Venezuelan constitution and economy.

Industries were nationalized. Price controls were implemented. Farmland was expropriated. The currency was devalued. As a result, not surprisingly, the economy completely collapsed.”

ht tp://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/venezuela-collapses-and-nobody-cares/ar-AAhipg7?li=AAggNb9&ocid=AARDHP

The EU expanded from a trading partnership to an unelected governance covering all facets of life. It is destroying itself.

The biggest threat to industry in Europe and else where is the fast rise in energy costs brought on by the CAGW scam not based on any science but only power, politics and money. Industry shutting down and moving to Asia who are taking advantage and laughing all the way to the bank.

    The world’s highest solar tower is rising in the Negev desert of Israel. It wil1 supply 20,000 households which will get their energy from it. It will be surrounded with mirrors installed on 300 hectars of the surrounding area. With a height of 240 meters it will be four times as high as the test facility in Julich, Germany which has been evaluating the technology for the last seven years. The tower will be visible from Egypt, more than 30 km away. It is more expensive than conventional energy but Israel is striving for more energy independence. It is planned to bring the cost down by building additional similar facilities on a regular basis. The 55,000 mirrors direct the heat to a steam generating plant which also has heat storage capacity. It is a 121 Megawatt facility which will eliminate the emission of 110,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases annually. This type of solar energy collection makes sense only in parts of the world where there is sufficient sunlight and when it is constructed on a very large scale.

      Why are you worried about GHG? Name me one CAGW prophecy that has come true, just one and back it with facts. Also You are happy with the rising cost of energy and the corresponding migration of industry to Asia because of the high costs?

      SM:”Why are you worried about GHG?”

      The story is not about me! Read it again. It is about Israel’s latest solar energy plants. Perhaps you should ask the government of Israel if it is worries about GHG?

      SM:”Also You are happy with the rising cost of energy and the corresponding migration of industry to Asia because of the high costs?”

      Again, the story about Israel’s energy industry has ZERO to do with my happiness. Read it again.

      BTW, other factors like lower wages and manufacturing costs, more favourable taxation rules and so forth have been causing a migration of our manufacturing industry to Asia way before the term GHG had been coined! They do not allow strikes in many of these countries and working conditions are often abominable to say the least, thereby saving some Asian industry a lot of money, making it more profitable. You pick energy because that is your mantra, neglecting all the other factors.

    That’s another bald faced lie ! The price of electricity has been steadily falling since 2011 in Germany . Easy to fact check . # energiewende. They also buy oil on the world spot market . Those prices have practically collapsed. Try to keep up Ezra .

      You are kidding right?

      You wish . BMW has begun selling home stationary batteries out of new or used batteries from their cars . Twenty four hours of storage . They have a waiting list for product just like tesla . The model 3 reserve list is just under a half a million .

      Green Electricity in Denmark, Germany, costs three times as much as US

      It’s a bit costly trying to control the weather:

      “Germany has been paying over $26 billion per year for electricity that has a wholesale market value of just $5 billion (see here).”

      That’s $21 billion that could have been spent on health or education that was used instead to feed the Green Machine.

      A few handy facts to memorize. The cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour:

      Denmark, 42c; Germany 40c, and the USA, 12.5c. ( — Forbes)

      Wind and solar power supplies 28% of electricity in Germany (is it really that high?)

      ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2015/12/green-electricity-in-denmark-germany-costs-three-times-as-much-as-us/#more-47127

      From Speigel:

      “Over the past three years it all totals to be a whopping 1.025 million households.”

      “Spiegel writes that the price of electricity in Germany has doubled since 2002 in large part because of the renewable energy feed-in surcharge. Private households are the hardest hit; they have to pay some 45% more than the EU average (while German power producers get 30% less than the EU average)! The government-interfered market is grotesquely distorted.”

      It is not only Germany’s power companies who are bleeding to death financially, but so are many private citizens, who are unable to pay for their power. A shocking situation in one of the world’s most technically advanced nations.

      ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2015/11/1-million-german-households-had-power-shut-off-in-last-three-years-due-to-green-energy-cost/

“As if leaving the economic basket-case that is the EU would be bad for an economy which gave more money than it took. The UK is the world’s fifth biggest economy and survived, prospered and thrived for 400 years without an EU agreement. Instead of being economically bad, this will help the UK grow as it will be freer to trade and to rebuild the Anglosphere partnerships. ABC commentators are saying this will not be good for Australia. But why? Closer ties to the UK again are a natural fit for Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. An EU loss is a Commonwealth win. Falling stocks in the EU reflect the sclerotic nature of the EU economy — this is a bad day for companies dependent on big-gov subsidies and rulings that prevent open competition.”

I like this summary and ABC is Australia’s money sucking version of CBC.

Anyone else having a issue with the 250 website switching to Mobile website ?

I’ve tried clearing cache and cookies but it keeps switching.I’m not on wifi or blue tooth , both are turned off .

    yup, my laptop keeps going to that mode. I have to reset it several times a week.

EU Membership or not, nothing will stop the many 1000th of none Europeans at Calais to get to England, same at Spanish Marocco the Gateway for Africa to get to Europe any way they can, all it would take is Political Will to stop this Insanity or Europe will change not for the Better . I think the Brits voted with Emotions on this Issue only.

Gordon Campbell is still the High Commissioner to the UK. Perhaps David Cameron should have talked to Campbell about having a referendum, and the consequences when you haven’t got a clue what people are thinking or what they might do.

Campbell and Cameron will be called the Zig guys. They zigged when they should have zagged. Tough luck.

    Isn’t that an interesting coincidence.
    Two senior Canadian politicos that relocated to Great Briton, and now this significant economic event.

    makes on wonder about correlation and causation, hmmm.

      And both of them are harperettes .

      And Britain is better for it stockaloss. Would you prefer Elizabeth May in these positions?

      If you mean mark carney as the other (?) . Technically his not a politico as I don’t thinks he’s been elected . He’s the Goldman Sachs guy . Globalist like Harper . I’m pretty sure he’s got his bags packed . Boris will have to give him the boot .

What I want to see is a “Freexit”; where we exit all of these corporate-driven, .001% led “Free Trade” deals like NAFTA, the TPP, the Chinese giveaway and CETA. These “good deals” are nothing but economic disasters for average working people in this country as we race to the bottom to compete with child and near slave labour facilitating countries such as China.

Thanks to “free trade” and “Capitalism” we have seen the slow and continuing destruction of Corporate responsibility for employee pensions, stagnating wages, hollowing out of domestic manufacturing, massive growth in income inequality and a continuing movement back toward a fuedal system with a “gilded aristocracy” and heavily indebted serfs.

    Unfortunately, under the present financial system, (which socialists and Liberals are the most reluctant to ever even look at changing, let alone changing it as needed), even if we had a socialist state and protective trade barriers we really wouldn’t be any better off. Long term, we may even be a lot worse off than we are now. The problem really doesn’t lie with either “capitalism” nor with “free trade”. Any country that uses tools ~ plant and equipment in its productive processes is a ‘capitalist’ country. And ‘free trade’ would make perfect sense if that’s what it actually was. TRADE. But it isn’t. The primary purpose isn’t to exchange our stuff for their stuff, but for us to sell them more of our stuff than we buy of their stuff, and receive international credit for the difference. This credit ~ THEIR ‘money’, which is effective demand for THEIR goods, services and securities, not OURS ~ won’t be used for that. It’ll be used instead to try to close the ever growing gap that exists in our economy between the rate the prices are generated and incomes to consumers are distributed. It would be nice if it could always be made to work, but it can’t.

    Go up a few posts and read how wonderful socialism is for an economy.

      Just as well as a free-for-all Capitalist system where corporations can exploit children, ignore the environment, pay starvation wages and move their operations to other starvation level countries when workers start demanding livable wages and benefits, in addition to soaking up resources, using infrastructure and then doing everything in their power to avoid paying to support what they are consuming.

      But I’m sure you probably think that workers jumping out of the windows at Foxconn was a sign that they were happy in the service.

    Sounds like Venezuela being described.

So, what with Brexit and all that, I thought that it might be time to look at what’s going on in our own country!

In case anybody missed this last week, it looks like Justin and Co. have broken another election promise, this time to the very Veterans that they were making election promises too!

From the CBC:

Government’s handpicked lawyers will argue that Canada does not have a social contract with veterans

Ottawa revives Harper-era legal arguments to block pensions for injured vets

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/ottawa-pensions-injured-vets-equitas-lawsuit-1.3637155

In addition to breaking his election promise to Canadian Veterans, Justin also last week rammed through his controversial Bill C-6 through the House of Commons on the last day before summer recess.

From the Vancouver Province newspaper today:

“A convicted Islamist terrorist is one step closer to being granted Canadian citizenship thanks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government.

Trudeau successfully rammed his controversial Bill C-6 through the House of Commons on the last day before summer recess.

Now all that’s left is a rubber stamp from the Senate. The bill repeals a Stephen Harper-era law that enabled the government to strip Canadian citizenship from foreign-born citizens convicted of terrorism.

This isn’t exactly controversial. Most Western countries have similar laws. Most Canadians agree citizenship is a privilege, not a right, and not something to be handed out to convicted jihadists.

Jordanian-born Zakaria Amara was the only person to have his Canadian citizenship revoked through the law. And he deserved it.

Amara moved to Canada as a teen, and by age 20 was already in prison facing a slew of terrorism charges.

He was a ringleader of a sophisticated terrorist group known as the Toronto 18.

He recruited, trained and groomed fellow Islamist extremists and actively worked on a plot to murder scores of Canadians, including the prime minister.

Amara’s attack would have seen bombs detonated in downtown Toronto, shooting sprees at the CBC and the Toronto Stock Exchange, and the beheading of politicians in Ottawa.

He wanted to mass-murder Canadians and shatter our sense of safety and security. It would have forever changed our country.

Amara’s crimes are unforgivable and yet the Trudeau government is in a rush not only to forgive him, but also to apologize for revoking his citizenship and reward him with the honour of being a Canadian.

It’s reprehensible. And it’s not the only damage done by this bill.

C-6 also reduces the amount of time newcomers must live in Canada before they qualify for citizenship, down to just three years of part-time residency.

Worse, it eliminates the language requirement for many new Canadians.

Under the current law, every newcomer between the age of 14 and 64 must pass a basic English or French test before qualifying for citizenship.

The Trudeau Liberals, for political reasons, decided to change the rules so only those aged 18 to 54 are required to pass the language test.

Special-interest groups want to make it as easy as possible for foreigners to come to Canada and obtain a Canadian passport.

And the Liberals, beholden to the immigration lobby, are putting their political interests ahead of the national interest.

This was clear when Conservative MP Michelle Rempel asked Immigration Minister John McCallum if his government had done any research or consultations to explain why they were eliminating the language requirement for many newcomers.

McCallum admitted there was no research and no evidence to back the policy. The Liberals gave no further explanation and made no additional appeal to Canadians. They simply forced their bill through Parliament. The only opportunity left to stop this reckless bill is for the Senate to intervene.

Canadians should contact Senators Claude Carignan, Yonah Martin and Linda Frum to encourage them to amend this bill. These Conservative senators are in a position to stop Trudeau.

The radical, politically motivated Bill C-6 will make Canada more vulnerable and less united.

Canadians should demand that newcomers learn our languages and truly join the Canadian family.

And those who seek to undermine our national security — those who plot ISIL-style massacres in Canada — should never be given the privilege of citizenship.”

Thanks Justin, for NOTHING!!

    Liberals, its all about votes, buying votes and no care for the population of Canada. Oh wait Sophie needs help the poor entitled dear hire Amare.

    You know what is really hilarious? When a guy who is only here due to immigration starts whining about the “immigration lobby”.

    Also, if Citizenship is a “privilege” and not a “right”, I guess that means the citizenship of a natural born Canadian can be revoked by the government at their whim. Is that the kind of “Citizenship” we want in this country? One where the gov can declare you persona non grata if you become an inconvenience for them.

Now here is a statement that pretty much sums up the world today

“I think that many astute observers realise that younger people who have been educated since the 1970s have been brain washed into group think relating to many socialist agendas”.

    Here is one for you. People educated in the 1950s were brainwashed into group think relating to many laissez faire Capitalist agendas.

    It makes just about as much sense as the ridiculous nonsense you posted.

      Especially, since the present state of most Western political and economic doctrine in today’s world is anything but socialist.

      In fact, what I posted more accurately describes the state of the world than your nonsense about Socialism.

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