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October 27, 2017 10:18 pm

Emergency Exercise Based on ‘Bomb’ Scenario

Thursday, June 23, 2016 @ 1:08 PM


Flames at the  Airport Training Centre  for “Operation Pressure Cooker” -photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Fire, Police, Ambulance, airlines and Northern Health   were  all on hand  for a special emergency  exercise at the Prince George Airport  this  morning.

airport“I’m  very pleased with the way things went today” says Cuyler Green,  Director of Operations  for YXS and  in charge of the  Emergency Operations Centre set up  for today’s exercise.

(at right, Cuyler Green inside the Emergency Operations Centre )

“We’ve had great participation from the  agencies we have on board  here in the community. I am certain   we will find things that we need to improve upon, but the fact that we’ve had these  agencies come together and tested their own plans together and individually  is a good thing.”

The exercise,  labelled “Operation Pressure Cooker”  was based on a scenario that a bomb had gone off  on a plane.   The scenario then  rolled out  to everything from  dousing flames,  moving passengers  from the plane,  dealing with family and friends  of those passengers,  and  addressing security issues.

airport8Airports in Canada are required by law to go through this kind of exercise  every four years  says Green ” Yes, we do put together a report for Transport Canada on the lessons learned, and what worked and  what didn’t.  It’s primarily for  our own purposes, but it is notification to Transport Canada that we are  following the rules.”

( at right,  Airport Fire Truck sprays foam on the  last of the flames)

Green says this is the largest exercise they’ve done in a while “This one was particularly complicated because it had not only an emergency rescue and fire, but also a significant security component  with the ‘bomb’ that was  part of the scenario.”

Green says  the Airport is mandated not only to test emergency response from a fire and medical standpoint, “but also  from a security standpoint,  and which scenario we choose is entirely up to us.  Improvised explosive devices are a threat throughout the world so that’s the one we tested.”


What a joke, and a wast of time. We have all seen how the rescue teams respond to fires at the mills, lets hope they never have to arrive to a bomb scenario.

    What an ignorant statement. Your statement just proves how ignorant you are about fires and fire fighting.

    You go and show them how its done then in the mean time put yourself on a non resuscitation list.

    You obviously know nothing about being an emergency responder, I can tell you first hand being an emergency responder myself that practice is invaluable.

Wow quite the statement there ‘isthisrealife’
Im honoured to live in the city we have with such emergency response we have.
You yourself should be thankful. And hopefully never have to use the dedicated people that put others in front of themselves.

    Ditto! Hope we never need to them.

Pressure cooker . Isn’t there a case before the courts using the same devise ? Regardless , practice makes perfect . Hope you don’t get the real thing but with all those cargo scows going to land and take off heavy . You never know .

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