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October 27, 2017 10:15 pm

MacLean Back at Helm of Hockey Night in Canada

Monday, June 27, 2016 @ 11:15 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The rumour has been confirmed, Ron MacLean will  return to  hosting Hockey Night in Canada.Sportsnet  has announced  MacLean will host Game 1 on Saturday nights,  while David Amber will  host Game 2.

Sportsnet says in addition to his hosting duties,  he will continue to  host Coach’s Corner with Don Cherry in the  first intermission of Game 1 and will  head out to  two dozen communities across the country to host Rogers Hometown Hockey on Sundays during the season.

“The impact (MacLean) has had on the game and in communities across the country is immeasurable. Hockey fans, young and old, have a deep connection with him,” said Scott Moore, President of Sportsnet & NHL Properties, Rogers.

Amber has been a reporter with Hockey Night in Canada for the past five years. He has nearly 20 years of sports broadcast experience, including eight years as anchor and reporter with ESPN, as well as covering four Olympic Games and a two-year stint hosting NHL On The Fly. He will also contribute to Saturday’s pre-game show.

“(Amber) is one of the top sports broadcasters in North America, with a long and impressive resume from both sides of the border.” said Moore. “He’s earned this coveted role. With Ron and David at the helm, it’s the perfect mix for hockey’s biggest night.”

As for  George Stroumboulopoulos,  Sportsnet says he ” will depart the company to explore new creative opportunities”.



Lame, enough of Ron and his cringeworthy little musings. Glad to see the working stiff was so up in arms about Ron losing his job, and his 400k a year salary… oh the things people care about these days.

Who in their right mind would thing that adding some young goof ball as host would equal additional young people watching? You’re either a fan of hockey or you are not. I don’t care if the queen of England hosted the show. It’s the useless stuff you sit through at the beginning in order to see the game played later.

Good move… That Stromboli guy was horrible.

MacLean in recent years has shown considerable bias as a Canuck hater; he doesn’t have a lot of fans in BC. He, along with Cherry, covers off the 50-plus demographic; I believe Cherry is 82.

Strombo still has a really good music show on CBC radio; he won’t be on the bread line. And now he can go back to cheering for the Habs.


Good, skinny jeans and earrings have no place in hockey…

If you want more spectators then you need the Canadian hockey teams to be competitive.

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