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October 27, 2017 10:12 pm

Be Prepared, Mail Service Disruption Likely

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 @ 10:41 AM

20160627_110921-1Prince George, B.C.- The Canadian Union of Postal Workers says Canada Post has rejected their request to extend the “cooling off period” by another two weeks.



That period ends July 1st,  meaning  the union  could be locked out  on July 2nd, shutting down postal service across the nation.

While contract negotiations have been underway since last fall, the National President of CUPW, Mike Palecek says the union only received the first ‘real’ offer from Canada Post last Saturday.

“They don’t really want to give us a chance to settle a deal” says Palacek “They want us out and they want the public to blame the postal workers for management’s decisions.”

Canada Post’s position is that delaying the deadline would only serve to provide more uncertainty for customers.


I get mostly junk mail which goes directly into recycling.. Trying to get anything if real importance via email. Snail mail is dying fast..time to realize that and be lucky to have such a great paying job rather then wanting more money for way less mail to deliver, sort etc.

    Well put P Val. That is the problem with unions, especially government unions, they fail to recognize the state of the economy and just want more and more and more. The postal workers have excellent pay and benefits not to mention a lucrative pension, if I were in their shoes I would just stay under the radar and plug along like everyone else. Who cares if the contract expired, most people in the country do not have a contract and manage. Palacek is sadly mistaken if he thinks the union has the support of the public.

I (vaguely) remember those days when Canada Post would routinely go on strike and how big of an inconvenience it was. Nowadays? I only use Canada Post for the occasional package and thanks to competition, I can take that business elsewhere.

This will just prompt business to adopt EFT if they already haven’t which will mean even less mail when the workers go back to work. Shooting themselves in the foot.

Anyone ever wonder why the Prince George Citizen is still treading above water, despite a huge drop in readership and subcriptions? The answer is in that “free” Citizen we get every Thursday, think about all that advertising dollars they get for all those sales fliers.

We may get mostly junk mail via Canada Post these days but from the business companies that send it via the mail, like the Thursday Citizen, its pure revenue generation for Canada Post. IMO.

Jgalt seems to indicate that Canada Post “delivers” the Thursday free Citizen door to door.

Is this something new???

Our free Citizen on Thursday is delivered by a Citizen carrier who only delivers the Thursday free paper.

    Show me where in my comment I specifically said that Canada Post delivers the Thursday Citizen. I cannot help it if you assume things that are not there, or jump to a conclusion that is erroneous.

      weird I read your post and all I got was ..there is a lot of money in junk mail whether delivered by the citizen or canada post .

Ok, my apology… I can see why you would think that. You did not interpret the commas correctly. When a protion of a sentence is between two commas; that section of the sentence can be taken out, and the sentence would still make sense.

But anyway, thanks for diverting my original message into a meaningless point; yes the Citizen gets a lot of revenue each Thursday with all the “junk mail” fliers it delivers VIA carriers, just like Canada Post generates a lot of revenue from the “junk mail” they deliver to our homes. Thats was my orignal point, hope its clearer now.

    Protion = Portion

This is what was said


We may get mostly junk mail via Canada Post these days but from the business companies that send it via the mail, like the Thursday Citizen, its pure revenue generation for Canada Post. IMO.


All I got today was a dominos food like substance flyer . I don’t know if they’re kidding or they’re trying to kill me . The flyer is completely useless even as fire starter .

    I’m surprised they don’t sell chewing gum which isn’t actually gum . It’s polymers impregnated with chemical scents and flavours . It makes grin when is see people buy it . I’d love to see the recipe for the cheese Taco Bell uses to make cheese as stretchy as polymers .

Strange but whatever.. I don’t get junk mail or flyers in my mailbox and haven’t for the last 3 years… and we should all be thankful that Prince George didn’t have to switch to community boxes and continues to have mail carriers. But most would still rather complain about junk mail. A simple solution is to recycle it.

Canada Post is now about parcel delivery to satisfy ecommerce shipping requirements. They still hold the ability to screw up things for people. It’s not about home delivery of letters and bills anymore. It’s about parcel delivery to all those people that like to purchase online.

    Canada Post owns Purolator now.

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