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October 27, 2017 10:12 pm

PG Air Quality Improving

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 @ 3:10 PM

Prince George, B.C. – When it comes to air quality in Prince George,  things are getting better,  but there is still work to be done according to a report from the Ministry of the Environment.

The report examined  air quality  issues   over  the  past 15 years, and  concluded “There has been a consistent improvement in air pollution in the Prince George area over the last 15 years.”

A review of  data  for 24hour rolling averages and  annual averages  show there have been reductions  of PM10, PM2.5 and SO2 concentrations.  The report says  there have been fewer days when  levels of those pollutants have exceeded the provincial objective “which is most likely  due to the airshed planning process, improved pollution controls and other changes implemented by local industry.”

A new monitoring system and an active  wildfire season in 2013 and 2014  were cited as  key reasons  air quality objectives  were exceeded   during the summer of those  two years.

The report notes the majority of PM10 exceedances “occurred at the BC Rail Station monitoring site due to industrial activity” .

The report  says there has been a “significant downward trend over time” in SO2 emissions, but notes a slight increase in TRS concentrations  which have led to  complaints about odour,  “While not linked to any identified health impacts at the concentrations that are being monitored,  it is a source of significant annoyance in the Prince George community”  states the report.

The report  credits the air quality improvements to “airshed management process and improvements by all the stakeholders in the Prince George Airshed”  That’s not  to say there isn’t more work to do, as the report says “There are still improvements that could be made with further stakeholder engagement and effort.”


Dust coming from the CN bimodal and Lakeland Mills yards is significant. These yards are unpaved and the heavy vehicles create a lot of dust. This dust stays in the downtown bowl.

It would be great if these yards were paved. Unfortunately, the City is encouraging them not to pave because there is a special City tax on any industry that paves its yard. The tax rate is fairly high–almost equal to the cost of paving. (See Bylaw 7825 Development Cost Charge)

Does this make sense to anyone? Or am I just crazy?

    no. yes.

no, no

PG air quality is terrible, so I’m not sure who the MOE is trying to convince! The TRS has increased and so have complaints of nausea, headaches, burning eyes and throats. In the last few months, have noticed the “pulp mill smell” more frequently and people recently visiting town have mentioned the smell.
We had thunderstorms and rain this morning, yet the dirty haze over the City was astounding. Same with a haze hanging over the Nechako.

Most of the heavy industry in P.G. is in the bowl, no wonder.
That, plus dust, as mentioned and you’ve got poor air quality right there.

    I’m not in the bowl, metalman! Once again, wind and heavy rain last night, and our air is terrible. Headache and burning eyes and throat. Look at the haze in the sky! Ever notice the hazy mushroom cap over our City-the entire City? If you look to the horizon,in most directions, it’s clear – why is that? Ever look at the satellite image? You can see the clouds, the radar showing precipitation, but you’ll also notice an irregular grey shadow. Hmmm.

It’s getting better.

Number of mills shut down in the past 15 years, Netherlands Overseas Mills, Rustads, North Central Plywood, all in the BCR Industrial Park, plus the Pas Lumber Mill on River Road. There are a few others. So of course we are going to have a decrease in pollution.

The pulp mills have made some significant improvements to air quality in the past few years. Also with CN purchasing the BC rail their has been a big reduction in the number of trains and switching going on in Prince George.

So any number of factors that would account for better air quality.

    So what should PG use as a symbal for their air quality. Well anyway cow dung only smells

    Well cow dung only smells it will not kill you Pal.

I propose a “clean air” tax, that will eliminate the smell just like carbon taxes solved climate change!!

Meanwhile in bc Squamish was awarded the fifth solarcitiescanada.com award . A city a fifth the size of Prince George .

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