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October 27, 2017 10:05 pm

B and E Leads to Guilty Plea

Thursday, July 7, 2016 @ 8:44 AM

policeidPrince George, B.C.- A local man has been sentenced to jail and probation after being arrested during a Break & Enter investigation.

Prince George RCMP  were called to a report of a commercial Break and Enter  in the 200 block of 1st Avenue in Prince George  just before  3:30  Tuesday morning.

Officers arrived on site to find a 36 year old male inside the locked compound.  The man was taken into custody without incident.  He was found to have an extensive criminal record and was Breaching his Probation.  He appeared in court later that day facing one charge of Break & Enter to Commit an Indictable Offence.  The 36 year old Prince George resident plead guilty and was sentenced to 28 days in custody followed by one year probation.

The Prince George RCMP continue to respond to a high number of property crime reports in Prince George and surrounding areas.   Break & Enters, Thefts from Vehicles and Thefts of Vehicles always spike in the warmer months of the year and this year is no different.  Police would like to remind the public to take steps to help ensure that you won’t be a victim of one of these crimes:

  • Ensure you close and lock all windows & doors when you leave your home, even on hot days. Thieves take advantage of open windows & doors and will be drawn to easy targets;
  • Lock vehicle doors and do not leave anything of value in your vehicle.   Most thieves merely open unlocked doors and help themselves to the property left in the vehicle. Those few thieves that damage vehicles in order to get in, do so because they see items of value;
  • Install a vehicle immobilizer and use an anti-theft device to deter thieves. Older pick-up trucks are targeted most.

If you have any information about property related Criminal offences or those persons that are responsible, please contact the Prince George RCMP at (250)561-3300 or anonymously contact Crime Stoppers at 1(800)222-8477,



    The Citizen named him.

“He was found to have an extensive criminal record and was Breaching his Probation.”

Obviously a 28 day sentence will not have any effect on his behaviour. A one year probation will not have any impact either because he breached his probation as if it did not exist. Does such a light sentence make any sense?

    Ya pretty scary they can basically commit crimes then get a month to do it again…not really sure how you would solve that though. Putting people in prison is scary for some but some might even like it as its shelter/food.

    Need to find a way to make them see their actions are effecting others and make them feel empathy

Really 28 days for B and E. The crooks just laugh at the justice system in Canada. No doubt after doing 28 days of hard time the convict will mend his ways and become a model citizen.

    Aw, c’mon. He’s gonna have to do a whole 10 days out of that sentence, and he’s already got two days behind him, the poor misguided unfortunate then will have to answer to his P.O. for the next whole year.
    Yeah, I know my sarcasm drips. Seems the more prolific the offender is, the shorter the sentence. And these goofs keep stealing our stuff, partly because we’re too stupid to lock stuff up, and/or report the strangers in our residential areas.

When are the citizens going to receive some legal rights? When can we start to take action? Obviously our justice system is severely flawed! Please, A NOTICE TO ALL THEIVES, direct your actions on the properties owned by LAWYERS and primarily JUDGES.

Looking at the court records it appears that he also received a $100 victims surcharge. He will have to run 5 or 6 hundred bucks worth of hot stuff through his fence to make a c-note.

Worse yet does not appear to be a local boy but a recent arrival from the lower mainland, more specifically that den of iniquity known as Abbotsford.


Incarceration for these kind of repeat minor crimes, is nothing more than a drain on our taxes and a vacation for the nuissance criminals. I suggest a publicized caning for all to see, and then hefty public service to pay their debt to society.. Yes, em-bare-ass the crap out of them and then teach them how to work.
For the hardened criminals who continually leave a trail of victims (assaults, rape, murderers etc). Lock’em up in a jail that is similar to the one’s in Mexico, then work them until they bleed.. then work them some more. 3 strikes, then you are permanently “removed” from society.. maybe death penalty for the real heinous criminals, the others can spend the rest of their days in an isolated work camp never to create another victim.
For the serial rapists and child molesters you get the added punishment of castration.

To the bleeding hearts who will no doubtedly call me down for these ideas..I say this: a leopard cannot change its spots, and the damage these people do to their victims NEVER goes away. Rehabilitation does not work for the repeat offender, why keep giving them the chance to screw up more lives..more families..maybe yours..

    So much for a leopard not being able to change it spots, I can find plenty of more examples for you, including a more local one.

    www .cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/former-gang-member-has-a-warning-for-surrey-s-young-drug-dealers-1.3533022

Watch dog.Yeah,I suppose we can copy the U.S model. It’s worked real good for them hasn’t it. It’s them the pro’s here are listening to now. This isn’t new news. predators….. Good idea to use word pad. The page refreshes on you.

Determining who are predators. takes a community many months and years at a time trying to figure it all out. What makes them pros. A totally crime free society is what people that aren’t hating with want.

Kind of funny how even though on the surface it’s easy to say lock em all up. Lock these fools up. Any dummy society can do that. Ex cons should be given the rein as well. Many times I see men that could be good counselors, social workers. Can’t do it because of their records. Some of these people can do the jobs better. Who ya going to trust. To me I rather that than someone that knows it from a textbook. This kind of thing.

More people that want to change society. Not doing the job just for the pay. Having your heart into social change. Mental illness plays a huge part in all this going one with folks. Lack of understanding of it and how it’s brought on. Stressful world we live in. Man to just knee jerk comments is just a waste of space. I partly joined this site to throw a wrench into such a boring site. The comments are pretty much the same.

    There have been a few “wrench throwers” on this site and they acheive little sucess..Anyone care to wager how long cangeit will be around for..?

Man you got to want to do this work. There is no pay in it really. Not enough people doing it. In twenty years we have nobody but the few in jail.

Hey judge, have a good day.

Naw just saying man. Use the site to do more that throw text junk

CBC you got to front your whole name now. This just allows for hatred.

Site should change now. People are more careful what they say if you have to front your name.

    Would that have prevented you from accusing Colin Kinsley of singlehandedly representing the evils of British Columbian society on last weeks northern gateway pipeline articles..?

What”s your name changeit? Lead the way.

It’s up to the site. CBC had everyone re sign in.

This is baloney. Such a light sentence for an individual who obviously has no interest in reforming or changing his ways. It’s time for some real consequences.

Yeah hang em! bah lol

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