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October 27, 2017 10:03 pm

Paddlers Ready To Tackle The Nechako

Saturday, July 9, 2016 @ 10:23 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Paddlers from around North America have gathered in Prince George for the 2016 Northern Hardware PG Canoe Race.

There are actually two races that go on Sunday: the Alexander Mackenzie Class is a gruelling 67.5 kilometre paddle for experienced tandem canoes.  There’s a briefing for competitors which starts at 8 am Sunday.  The race begins at 9 at Isle Pierre and will challenge the abilities of the participants as they take on the white water of the Isle Pierre and White Mud rapids on the Nechako.  The finish line is on the Fraser at Lheidli T’enneh Park.

The Simon Fraser Class is a 32 km race which is open to tandem canoes, solo or double kayaks, voyageur canoes and stand-up paddle boards.  The race starts at 10:30 am at Wilson Park in Miworth and it, too, concludes at Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park.

Festivities are lined up in the park following the races and will include awards, lots of music and a barbeque.  The celebration runs from 3:30 to 6 pm.  Should it be raining at the time the race awards will be handed out in the atrium of Exploration Place.

As well, Exploration Place is currently featuring an exhibition that focusses on the role the canoe has played in Canada’s history and will be open from 9 am to 5 pm Sunday.


Bravo northern hardware ! I love your business and what you do . I have a dream that one day the boats that built this country will be celebrated in this race , the York Boat .

Thank-you Northern Hardware! Great event.

The dugout canoe being built for Exploration Place will be competing in this race.

    It’s not really a dugout canoe…they used chainsaws…it a replica at best.

      New technology, same design, I’d love to paddle it.
      The Moffats and their races, sure glad they grew up here.
      Hey Blair, you in the lead canoe?

      Its a dugout because it was scooped out of a single log. Whether this is done hand tools, power tools, or fire does not change it into another kind of canoe.

      Incidentally, chain saws were used to cut the log to the desired length and for some rough work, but most of the shaping was done with hand tools.

      If you build a log cabin using chain saws rather than axes, is it no longer a log cabin?

      A replica of what? A dugout canoe? A replica implies its a copy of something, so in theory everything that that is made in multiples are replicas of the very first one.

I’ll bet that canoe is a beast to paddle but look out once it gets going! I’ve never paddled a dugout but I have paddled an outrigger canoe in the Philippines. It was beast to turn because of the deep draft and the outriggers.
The nicest canoe to paddle was a 24 foot Chestnut. Now that was a Cadillac!

By the way, I wonder what the finished weight of that dugout is? Anybody know?

    Who cares? Bet it will glide through the water like a knife.

    They say it is probably about 600lb right now, with the wood green and having been soaked daily.

Hey Give more, I’m going to the Cache to watch, you coming?

With the race starting at 9:00 am ,roughly what time would they be arriving at the Foothills Bridge?

    Figger between 3.5 to 4 hours from Isle pierre, 5 for the slackers, LOL.

    Just checked psst races, 9 AM from Isle Pierre, means 3 hrs and 40 min to Lheidli T’enneh Park.

Just want to say in advance, A Huge Thankyou to The P.G. Jet Boat Society and PGSAR keeping these folks safe on the water.

Bill power…silliest question of the day…if a log cabin is made out of logs is it still a log cabin…lol

If a dugout canoe is cut out with a chain saw it is Not a dug out canoe.. If you need more help just let me know ;)

    You seem to think that there is a connection between “dugout” and “axe” that none of the rest of us have noticed. A dugout canoe is a canoe made from a hollowed out tree trunk. How you hollow it out is irrelevant.

      Indeed, the really traditional way of making a dugout canoe is to burn out the inside. Stone adzes were then used to remove charred wood that had not burned away. Before metal axe and adze heads became available, it was much more efficient to use fire than to do the whole job with stone tools.

      Dugout and hollowed out are different..l have watched a true dugout canoe been made…they used nothing but traditional tools..and yes they did burn out A lot if it..

    This bias of yours is strange in the extreme . Should the other Canoes be made of birch bark , the kayaks be covered in mouth chewed seal hide ? The largest Viking ship ever built in modern times just resently reached our east coast . Is it any less a Viking ship if they used a power plane or stainless steel . It’s wonderful to see Canadian history being celebrated with this dug out canoe . It makes hearts soar .

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