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October 27, 2017 10:04 pm

Wine Festival Set for PG

Friday, July 8, 2016 @ 12:10 PM


Prince George BC- The stage has been set for the first annual Northern BC Wine Festival.The festival is set for October 28 to November 5th.

“We really think that it’s time to recognize the fine dining in Prince George and wines of BC ” says Pat Bell owner of Northern Lights Winery in Prince George.

He says  as many as 30 wineries from across the province will be invited to take part.

The Northern BC Wine Festival Society has issued a call for proposals  for those with organizational experience in events and festivals.

Bell says the festival will see events happening throughout the City, although  it’s expected downtown restaurants which are not franchises,  would  have more flexibility in  bringing in wines from  other regions. “This event is not about Northern Lights Estate Winery” says Bell,  “Our  goal is to highlight BC  wines, and one of our goals is to attract  wines from other emerging regions of the province, so wineries from  Lillooet,  some of the Vancouver Island wineries, the Kootenay wineries and then the mainstream wineries from the Okanagan.”

The event is expected to boost tourism in Prince George.


I hope it won’t be just wine – maybe cheese and charcuterie too?

Theater Northwest has had a couple of very successful wine tasting fundraisers. I’m wondering if this is in conflict with them, or did they cancel any plans for one this year?

    Does it say anywhere that this is a fundraiser?

    A wine festival has a totally different purpose.

    There are other organizations that have had various wine tasting events for the main purpose of fundraising. That notion is not exclusive to TNW.

    I don’t see this as a conflict for them. TNW has a loyal fan base and the community as a whole really understands the concept of a fundraiser..In fact I think this might be good opportunity for some cross promotion between TNW & NLEW..Cheers..,

Here I was thinking the “Friday Free For All” was our whine festival.

Funny how Pat Bell never suggested a wine festival for PG before he owned a winery, but this proposed one “isn’t about his winery”.

Right, I’m sure that his proposed wine fest has nothing to do with promoting his business. /s

    It definitely does..Are you suggesting there is something wrong with that..? It’s what businesses do, nothing new here. This is a huge step for PG..!

      No. I’m suggesting that the guy be honest and say that it is about his business and not deny that it has anything to do with his winery interest, like he does in the article.

      Good point Hahaha, this is about honesty… I wonder if Patty Bell’s fast food restaurants (Wendys) would be providing the Hors d’Oeuvres for these festivities?

    so, exactly how does Pat Bell promoting his winery and a wine festival have any negative implications whatsoever for you, Hahaha?

    One would think that promoting Prince George, promoting some of Prince George’s wonderful eating establishments, promoting a local winery and promoting other BC Wineries would be a positive thing to do! What is wrong with some economic stimulation in what some suggest is a stagnant Prince George economy?

    Perhaps you should give some serious consideration to stopping by Pat Bell’s winery so that you can express your concerns to him. Pat’s a pretty approachable person so please be sure to let us know how that goes!

      See my response to Northman. It isn’t about his festival. It is about his dishonesty in saying that it has nothing to do with his business. Pat Bell didn’t give two s**ts about the fine dining and wine landscape of Prince George until he opened a winery. Maybe he should try stopping being a politician for once and admit that his interest in a wine festival in PG only exists because it coincides with his business interests. He should stop acting like he cares about the success of competitors and the owners of dining establishments, beyond schmoozing them to stock his product.

    Maybe Pat Bell never thought much about wine until he got into the business?

And so what?
So what if the festival boosts Northern Estate Winery?
The Bells are the ones doing the work.
This event is good for P.G.

I’m no Bell booster, but the winery and potential festival is good business for the City, period.

    Second that..!

Let me know what Okanagan wineries are scheduled to show for this and I’ll be there!

I think the Okanagan wineries are doing just fine all by themselves. I think most of those vintages sellout every year. Doubt they need to come to PG looking for more customers.

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