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October 27, 2017 10:01 pm

NDP Discuss Seniors Issues

Monday, July 11, 2016 @ 12:20 PM
From left MLA Selina Robinson, leader John Horgan and Judy D'Arcy - photo 250News

From left MLA Selina Robinson, NDP leader John Horgan and MLA Judy Darcy – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Around 30 people – the majority retirees – took in an NDP forum on seniors issues at the Prince George Public Library today.

Several issues were discussed – from surgical wait lists, the cost of prescription drugs to Medical Services Premiums.


Three MLA’s participated, including party leader John Horgan.

The forum was part of a provincial tour the party has embarked on.

Horgan says they plan to take the concerns “back to Victoria.”

The tour comes less than a year prior to the next provincial election scheduled for May, 2017.


Wow, 30 people! Big crowd!

I can’t believe that people weren’t lining up for a chance to hear from Horgan and Darcy!

Darcy especially, is a real prize! Seems that all she has ever done is work in various unions and then as an elected official. Has she ever had to worry about running a business or doing anything that doesn’t require spending other people’s money?

I especially like this part of her bio:

1981: In her youth, Darcy was active with the Workers’ Communist Party of Canada, a Maoist group, and was a candidate for the party in the 1981 Ontario provincial election in the Toronto riding of St. Andrew—St.

    Yup, and not one mention of the topic of the article which is “seniors issues”!

      I suppose that you actually think that these 3 and the NDP can or will fix all the “problems” in our province! Not very likely!

      I’ll bet that you haven’t noticed that Conservative (Right Wing) Governments have been recently been winning more and more elections?

      I’m sure the senior’s ‘concerns’ are already well known in Victoria. What are the NDP’s plans for dealing with them? Increased taxes? They’d only be eaten up by the increases they’re committed to in wages. A $ 15 minimum wage, to start with. Ever look at the tax tables, JGalt, and see how much greater a percentage is taken in income tax off $ 15 an hour versus off $ 10.75? Sure, the net goes up to the wage earner, but it’s the GROSS, plus the additional EMPLOYER paid costs for things like CPP, EI, and WCB on that gross that have to be ‘costed’ into prices. The prices those net wages then have to try to meet. But won’t. They will allow the recipient to go further into debt, though. Which a good many will certainly do. Ever hear the big Banks criticise socialist governments, JGalt? They may make out like they wish the people had chosen differently, but way down deep they just salivate at the prospects of all the extra business they’re going to get. The NDP will rail against their profits, but they’ll leave them strictly untouched. That old ‘Black Magic’ that pervades everything financial, especially to an NDPer, whose great God-father, old Karl Marx himself, never did understand the word ‘CREDITARY’, let alone what it meant.

More and more average working people are facing a bleak retirement while at the same time, they are forced to subsidize gold plated public sector pensions!

Perhaps it’s time (it’s actually way past time) to seriously get a handle on public sector costs so that we can ease the tax burden on the people that are trying to save for their own retirement using RRSPs and TFSAs!

Public sector workers should fund their own pensions and they should do so without taxpayer contributions! People who have no pension and can barely afford to put aside anything for their own retirement shouldn’t be forced to contibute to and subsidize public sector pension plans!

Every dollar that I don’t have to contribute to somebody else’s gold plated public sector pension plan is a dollar that I can invest in my own RRSPs and TFSAs!

I fund my RRSP and they fund their pension plan! Sounds fair to me!

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