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October 27, 2017 10:01 pm

Prince George Nears Monthly Rainfall Average in Just 11 Days

Tuesday, July 12, 2016 @ 10:43 AM


Prince George, B.C. – It’s been a soggy month in Prince George with just a glimmer of relief in sight.

It’s been so wet through the first 11 days of July Environment Canada notes the city has already received 91% (56.5 mm) of the rain it normally receives the entire month (62.1 mm).

In fact, it’s nearly eclipsed the total rainfall Prince George had all of July last year – 57.4 mm (the record high came in July,1982 when PG had 131.2 mm, the lowest was 0.8 mm in July, 1958).

To add insult to injury, meteorologist Lisa Coldwells says most of last year’s total came over the span of just four days.

“It was a four-day burst of rain – four days where there was some thunder storms and actual rain and the rest of the month it was generally sunny and warm.”

Don’t expect much of that the rest of this month – at least in the short term.

“Unfortunately today is another day of showery weather and there’s some thunderstorms involved today so if you get under a thunder storm you might see a heavier downburst of almost 20 mm of rain,” she says.

“And this pattern continues on through Wednesday, a little on Thursday but Friday will finally be a day where the sun’s coming out and even most of Saturday.”

And though the extra rain likely means less fun at the beach, Coldwells points out there are some real benefits that come along with it.

“When you look at the BC Forests wildfire web map you see a map of BC and it’s almost completely blue – that means the forest fire danger rating across the province is in the very low category.”

Amanda Reynolds, fire information officer with the Prince George Fire Centre, adds the wet weather has meant fewer fires and less hectares of forest burnt so far this year compared to this date last year.

Number of Fires to Date (PG Fire Centre)

July 12 2016 – 174 Fires//90,814 hectares

2015 Fire Season – 338/189,133  hectares burnt

10 year average – 149 fires – 37,867

She says the wet weather has other benefits too.

“Precipitation over an extended period of time increases the moisture level in all fuel layers, which essentially makes the fuels less receptive to ignition and continued combustion if ignition were to start.”

Reynolds also notes the wetter weather has allowed fire crews the chance to rest and participate in training opportunities though she cautions the fire season if far from over yet.

“Although we have seen a wetter June and July it only takes a couple of days for the fuels to try and increase the fire danger rating, and we are still early in the fire season.”


Warmers must be happy, the carbon tax is working.

    With our very early and very warm spring, the “alarmists” were screaming their heads off like Chicken Little!

    Hardly a peep from them lately!

Haha agree. So much for our hotter than normal summer

This has climate change written all over it! When I was growing up you could count on your summer to be filled with sun and fun, now we don’t know what to expect. All the cattle ranches and pulp mills around PG with the methane and other chemicals produced has created low pressure systems around the bowl dragging the rain with it. When will city council realize we need to fix our mistakes before we turn into Prince Rupert.

    Someone watched “Cowspiracy”..

I see the scientists are out in full force. You all know that’s not how climate change works, right? It’s still been the hottest year on record for the earth as a whole. The erratic weather is just another symptom.

    So what, why do we have to wallow in freezing temperatures 8 months a year for all to be right in the world? I don’t care if some guy in Belize has lost a foot of his beach, boo hoo…

The erratic weather is due to aerosol spraying (solar radiation management) that is taking place. Drought in some areas, deluge of rain in others, funnel cloud in the Okanagan. The whiplash weather events we’ve experienced – 29 degrees for a couple of days and then 8 degrees the next. Geoengineering IS taking place despite our governments pretending to come up with policy around it. High levels of aluminum, strontium and barium have been found in water and soil samples tested from around the world. Tree die-off, bee, butterfly, insect and songbird die-off – due to aluminum poisoning. Neurological disorders are on the rise – dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s and MS. Look up at the silvery white sky. It’s not normal cloud cover! Yesterday, it cleared up around 10am and at least 4 times yesterday, planes flew over aerosol spraying. Today, it started to clear up north around noon – 2 planes flew over before 1pm and now look – the haze has filled back in. You can see where the planes sprayed as it hangs in the sky for hours.
Please add your voice to end this practice.

    One sheep talking to another says ” call it conspiracy theory all you like but I swear that Shepard and dog are working together against us ” .

    Are you saying we’re getting crop dusted?

      There’s a lot of information out there, but mainstream media will not cover it. Pay attention to what’s happening over the City. A lawsuit has been filed against the Canadian gov’t.

      Rosalind Peterson addresses the UN on Geoengineering

      youtube. com/watch?v=o7g9oiyXuR8

The mountain pine beetle infestation was a result of climate change.

    Are you sure it wasn’t because Filtered’s planes weren’t flying about pesticiding the place?

    Maybe it was ‘mericans in one of Filtered’s planes dropping pine and spruce beetles on our forests.

    Show the proof. Oh by the way do you deny climate change before man? What is the correct temperature? What is the correct rainfall? What is the correct C02 level? What is the Correct ratio to natural and anthropogenic C02?

    Do you have a correct anything?

      We all have proof . It takes prolonged periods of -30/-40 degrees to kill the pine beetle larva . Don’t you ever look things up for yourself ? When was the last time you saw prolong periods of -40 ? Or are you just a couple of decades old ? You sure sound like a kid .

Earth’s final outcome is to run out of carbon leading to the demise of all life. Life is continuously sequestering carbon as biomass falls to the bottom of the ocean, eventually to be subducted and converted into fossil fuels and as life transforms carbon into carbonates. Returning this sequestered carbon to the atmosphere is the best thing we can do to insure our long term survival.
This is why the long term (multi-million year scale) CO2 concentrations have been steadily declining. Only as life benefits from warmer temperature are natural sources of CO2 recaptured by life, temporarily building up atmospheric concentrations to the levels required to support the increased biomass. We see this in the ice cores where the amount of Earth’s surface conducive to life is proportional to atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

C02 levels had been steadily falling for millions of years and before the recent rise had been getting close to the stress levels of plants. Then if it kept falling plants would die and the end of most life as we know it. Oh by the way anthropogenic c02 is only 3% of total. Everyone should be thankfull that c02 levels are increasing causing a 30% increase in earth greening=more food.

    Those giving my irrefutable facts the thumbs down must be the rent seekers up at the uni making a good living off the scam.

Manmade global warming is a myth!

David Suzuki, our very own renowned scientist flies all over the place, just recently up to Fort St. John to partake once again in the annual Paddle for the Peace event. He doesn’t walk or ride a horse to FSJ! He hops aboard a fossil fuel burning/C02 spewing jet and once in FSJ, he hops into a gas guzzling C02 spewing automobile to drive out to the event!

David doesn’t seem very concerned, if at all, about his personal carbon footprint, so obviously manmade global warming is a myth!

    The stupidest part of your David flies destraction is , the plane would be flying there with or with out him on it . And there is no infrastructure in place to drive electricly anywhere in the north . DUH ! Wow are some people thick or what ?

      Ataloss, all of your “save the planet” heroes, Suzuki, Al Gore, Neil Young, Leonardo DiCaprio, et all are all some of the biggest fossil fuel users around!

      How many houses do each of them own?

      How many cars to they each own?

      How often do they fly, and fly in private jets?

      Fancy yachts? How many?

      How much fossil fuel energy do each of them consume when compared to the average joe blow trying to earn a living and support a family?

      The stupidest part of your “are some people thick or what” is both your failure to acknowledge how hypocritical these clowns are AND your ongoing defense of their indefensible fossil fuel consumption!

      You amuse me! Keep it up!

Ya like the Leaf can barly make it from city hall to the uni in winter and that is with the heater off. City hall renewed the lease on that dud, now that is a DUH!

Maybe some of the posters are very young people. If you have been tracking weather like myself for a few decades. You can sure see that Canada’s climate. Especially this part of the Province has changed a lot. It’s gotten warmer. At the same time emissions have gotten lower. Much easier to breath these days.

    They must be in their twenties , maybe early thirties physically or perhaps mentally . They certainly haven’t been paying attention.

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