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October 27, 2017 10:00 pm

Federal Conservative Leadership Race Heats Up

Tuesday, July 12, 2016 @ 4:34 PM

Mississauga, ON – A fourth candidate has jumped in the race to become the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.Clement

Ontario MP Tony Clement made his intentions known via Facebook this afternoon.

“As someone who came from humble beginnings, as a former small business owner and as a tested public official. As one of the earliest leaders in uniting the right and who has throughout my life been an unapologetic principled conservative,” said Clement. “I’m proud to announce my candidacy for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.”

One of his main planks is “eliminating waste in government” and boasted he led a government review which saved billions of dollars every year for taxpayers which he said helped balance the government’s budget a year earlier than scheduled.

The long time MP is currently the party’s Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs and was formally the President of the Treasury Board from 2011-2015.

This will his second run at the leadership – he finished third to eventual winner Stephen Harper in 2004.

Other candidates include Quebec MP Maxime Bernier and Ontario MPs Michael Chong and Kellie Leitch.

The party will select their next leader on May 27, 2017.



This is not a leadership race until Kevin O Leary throws his hat in the ring. Would love to see him run and win the Conservative leadership race because… well because, the Conservatives deserve someone like him.

www .youtube.com/watch?v=AuqemytQ5QA

    I’m assuming you intend that as some sort of pejorative, but that’s a dangerous thing to wish for. After 1 term with the boy in office, Canadians might vote back in the Conservatives irrespective of the leader. That would be a sad story indeed. I don’t want to become the US.

      You and I may not want to be a copy of the USA but the neocon do . If Tony wants to eliminate waste in government then he should join the crusty government . Then he could eliminate directly into the ocean everytime he sits in Victoria .

      “After 1 term with the boy in office,…”

      I am assuming you intend that as some sort of pejorative! A married adult in his forties, a husband and father of three children is not a boy. However, you may be bitter because Mulcair stumbled over his own feet!

      In my world, being a man has nothing to do with your age, position or how many children you fathered. It has to do with how you behave and conduct yourself. He acts like a boy – he is a boy. He is a dilettante. You couldn’t be more wrong about my political leanings, but that’s not surprising if you believe that boy to be a man.

      We know Joe Blow would not want to face our Prime Minister in a boxing ring, who certainly kicked ex-Conservative Senator; Patrick Brazeau a$$.

      But then again how hard could it be to beat up an ex-Conservative Senator who assaults a women physically and sexually?

    The cons deserve Kevin as much as the GOP deserve trump and more . Great to see albertans getting Jason Kenny , nudge ,nudge , wink , wink . He’s Stevie’s MAN .

Some people strive for success! Other’s are content to sit on the sidelines wishing that they were successful!

In Canada, more so than any other country that I am aware of, working hard and being successful is viewed as a bad thing!

Getting back to the topic of Tony Clement, I think that he’s a pretty decent guy and he would most certainly represent Canada in a mature, sincere and honourable manner, something well beyond the abilities of Justin!

    “In Canada, more so than any other country that I am aware of, working hard and being successful is viewed as a bad thing!”

    That is just your own pessimistic view! Or I suspect that frustration has clouded your outlook! Cheer up!

    And the world opinion is quite different than yours on this. Start reading some foreign press reports and you will find out for yourself.

Here come the loopy left comments from the O250 Politburo. They’ve never employed a person in their lives, or faced the challenges of running a private business, and they want ‘the government’ to look after their every need. Typical drivel from the systemic underachieving class.

    OH, how wrong you are!!!

    The fantasy that successful business people are all right leaning can be dispelled quickly if you were to watch Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. You would very quickly see how “Mr. Wonderful” is dealt with by his peers.

    He is the court jester.

      …and you couldn’t be further from the truth. I worked with Lori Greiener 2x last year, on two separate projects. She isn’t shy about her admiration for Kevin’s money knowledge, and they have a lot of dealings together. So does he and Mark.

      That whole ‘Jester’ routine is devised by the producers, its an act. Although you may find him irritating, you could do worse than listen to him for money advice. I would rather listen to a man worth several hundred million, than a unemployable substitute teacher who dabbled in MMA events to make ends meet.

One of his main planks is “eliminating waste in government” and boasted he led a government review which saved billions of dollars every year for taxpayers which he said helped balance the government’s budget a year earlier than scheduled.

Talk to any one in Ontario how he did… look at the cost of their electricty,, easy to save billions when you gouge the people with horrendously high utility bills.

    I wasn’t aware that Tony Clement, a Federal MP, had any say in Ontario Hydro’s rates!

      Clement has served as an Ontario cabinet minister, under premiers Mike Harris and Ernie Eves… please do your homework Hart Guy / Dirtman.

      where yo aware of how much Harper spent attending NHL games? Or is your selective memory working just fine ;)

      Oh pullease JGalt! Tony Clement has been in Federal politics since 2006!

      How has he had anything to do with the huge increases in Ontario Hydro’s rates, huge increases that are happening under that disaster of a Liberal Government lead by Kathleen Wynne?

      Come on Peeps, er BeingHuman, er JGalt, do your homework!!

      For you P Val:

      “When the PM attended a Stanley Cup finals game in Boston, the opposition erupted in outrage despite Harper paying for his own ticket. It is quite common for politicians to attend sporting events, but rarely does it lead to media criticism. This is quickly becoming a new theme by which the left is attacking the PM.

      Meanwhile at the Globe Jane Taber is accusing Stephen Harper of creating his own brand of populist nationalism which includes embracing the British Monarchy and being a hockey fan; and you can expect a lot stories like that from Jane over the next 4 years. To say that Stephen Harper should not be allowed to attend NHL hockey games would be absurd, just as it is to accuse him of having a sinister hidden agenda when he does attend.”

      Hmmm, Stephen Harper paid for his own tickets, just like the Harper family paid for their own groceries while living at 24 Sussex!

      ht tp://pragmatictory.blogspot.ca/2011/08/stephen-harper-attends-hockey-games.html

    Look to the current Premier of Ontario to give her thanks for the Hydro rates. She is the problem.

From Global News today:

“Liberal minister Jim Carr spends nearly $1,800 on hockey outing”

“Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr took energy ministers from the U.S. and Mexico to a Winnipeg Jets hockey game and dinged taxpayers for the bill to the tune of $1,784, government records show.

The seven NHL tickets for the Feb. 11 game against the Boston Bruins cost $1,258.25, and Carr charged taxpayers another $525.30 to rent limos for the one-kilometre journey from the Fort Garry Hotel to Winnipeg’s MTS Centre arena.

The approval request form, released as part of an access to information request submitted by Conservative MP Candice Bergen, describes the function as a ‘sport event for the US-Canada-Mexico trilateral meeting of energy ministers and ambassadors.’

However, the section of the form used to describe why the event would provide ‘value for money’ for the Department of Natural Resources was left blank.”

Left blank? You don’t say! Liberal entitlement seems to be spreading! Sure would be nice to see Tony Clement eliminate waste in Government by tossing the Libs to the curb!

ht tp://globalnews.ca/news/2819889/liberal-minister-jim-carr-spends-nearly-1800-on-hockey-outing/?sf30809634=1

The only good “Tory” is a suppository.

If Justin should run into trouble the Liberals still have Dion, Bob Rae, and Ignatieff to fall back on. They could import Iggy back from Harvard like they did the last time. Somewhere in the background we still have Paul Martin, and Jean Chretien. So no lack of leadership in that party.

Sounds like a who’s who list from Disneyland. Chretien(The Little Guy from Chicoutimi) , Martin (Mr Dithers), Dion, Iggy, Bobby, and now JT, the selfie champion.

Then of course we have the NDP (National Disgrace Party) who worked over time to lose the last election. They ran their campaign into the ground, which seems to be their lot in life.

Sit back and enjoy the ride people. This could be the saddest time in Canadian History, or it could be the funniest. Who knows.

    So tell us Palopu, why did we have to rely on Mr. Dithers to pay down the federal debt to an amount that has yet to be surpassed by anyone?

      Anyone can ‘pay down the Federal debt’ if they simply transfer it elsewhere, to other, lower levels of government. Or back to individuals and the private sector in general. Which is essentially what “Mr. Dithers” did. Too bad all the “Dagwoods” can’t see what’s really going on.

      The system is CREDITARY. Loans create deposits, the repayment of those loans destroys those deposits. What came “out of nothing” goes back to “nothing” once the loan is repaid. IF any Federal government DID actually pay down its National Debt, rather than just transferring it elsewhere, (just as WAC Bennett did here in BC, when DIRECT Provincial Debt was downloaded onto Crown Corporations, and became instead, a CONTINGENT LIABILITY ‘guaranteed’ by the Province.) that same amount of ‘money’ would simply disappear from being in circulation.

Didn’t Tony spend millions in his riding, an area full of natural lakes, to build a fake lake?

Yup, sounds like a great mind to me.

    LOL, Tony Clement also spent nearly $50 million on park upgrades and gazebos in his riding, often many kilometers from the G8 summit site. Maybe they can rename the Conservative Party, if he wins the leadership, to the Gazebo Party of Canada. I think it has a nice ring to it. ;-)

Conservative party. Former western separatist Reform Party. Exists only because the people of Canada don’t vote. Which allows fridge party like this to prosper. If folks voted. This party wouldn’t even have a leg to stand on. Best thing for Canadians to do is get out and vote. It will keep crazies like these at bay.

    changeit, are you JGalt’s alter ego? Come on, be honest! ;-)

    “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” – Winston Churchill

Just speaking the truth. If more people voted. Justin Trudeau would never of gotten in the PM chair. We would have much better leadership over all if we had a country that got involved in the process. Canada is a dictatorship in many ways because of nobody voting or caring what happens.

    Well, I certainly agree with you that not enough people vote or care about what happens! They bitch but they don’t vote!

    Can anyone prove that governments would change one bit if there were 98% of the population voting rather than 52% just as a for instance?

    In other words, is there a biased sample of the people who are not voting?

    Then again, maybe if more young people and more smart people would have voted in the UK, they would still be in the EU.

    I cite the quotation again:

    “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” – Winston Churchill

We got very poor leadership in Canada. To say this is a democracy is very untrue. Even freedom of speech is limited.

    I am calling the cops to let them know what you just wrote!!!! Just wait for that loud knock on your door.


gopg2015 I assume that you would agree that the average voter posts on this site, and also that you would be included in the average??

The myth of Paul Martin as a great finance minister, and reducer of debt is alive and well. If anyone cared to do some reading on what actually took place while he was in power, they would have a different perspective, however its much easier to listen to the hype than to do some serious research,.

Paul Martin was a dud, and actually caused this Country some serious problems.

Palopu, none of them in power in the last two or three decades were good for the country.

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