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October 27, 2017 9:52 pm

Smithers Wildlife Society Focus of New TV Program

Sunday, July 24, 2016 @ 2:30 PM


Bear  cubs play in an enclosure at the  Northern Lights Wildlife Society – photo courtesy NLWS

Prince George B.C.- The Northern Lights Wildlife Society  and its work to rescue and rehabilitate bears in BC will be the focus of a 12 part series being  filmed  for  Animal Planet. 

The half  hour programs  to be titled “Wild Bear Rescue” will  follow the Northern Lights Wildlife Society  as they rescue and work with bears through to the release of the animals  back to the wild.

The Smithers based Wildlife Society  says it agreed to  the filming in order to “foster understanding of wildlife rehab practices and its benefits and limitations in wildlife management.”

Northern Lights  Wildlife Society  co-founder Peter Langen says  agreeing to  have this program  made was not an easy one to make  “The wellbeing of the wildlife is always our top priority. A special agreement was reached to ensure that our wildlife in care would not be negatively impacted by filming.”

The Langens are  the only people in BC  licensed to  do this kind of work.

This has been a particularly  busy  year for the Society, with two dozen black bear cubs and  an expectation  of as many as  20 more bears  this fall.   The society is  going to have to build another enclosure in the coming months to make room for  all of the bears in their care.

The project is being developed as a Canadian production but will be pitched internationally in the coming months. Wild Bear Rescue is slated to air on Animal Planet Canada in 2017.


would you like to come to my Place and pick up a few free Bears. (not Beers)

This is great news. I sure hope the Langens get some good money out of this to fund the wildlife rescue they do.

I had a cub in my backyard a couple of years ago. Called this place, they recommended contacting a specific conversation officer, which I did, he came out, rescued the cub, which apparently was quite difficult. He had her put onto a transport truck and I got to see pictures on FB of her life at the center and then her release. A very happy ending to what could have been a sad story.

Thanks Northern Lights Wildlife Society!

What a great organization. Rescue..Rehab..Release. Much, much better than destroying them.!! Very proud to be a member/supporter of N.L.W.S.

We are at our Place for over 38 Years and never seen as many Bears as the last few Years. I don’t get turned on stepping out the Front Door and seeing a big Mama Bear besides my Truck and you People even want to save more Bears ?

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