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October 27, 2017 9:51 pm

Salvation Army Looks to Stock Summer Shelves

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 @ 1:06 PM
The Salvation Army's Bill Glasgow - photo 250 News

The Salvation Army’s Bill Glasgow – photo 250 News

Prince George, B.C. – The Prince George Salvation Army is doing what it can to help people in need this summer by organizing a ‘Corporate Challenge.’

“The event is a three pronged thing,” says business manager Bill Glasgow. “It’s a bit of a food drive, a little bit of a fundraiser and then a big team building event at Masich Place Stadium on August 27.”

He says they are looking for teams of six to register after which they can immediately start a fundraiser and food drive at their office.

Glasgow says the deadline to sign up is August 12 and notes they’re off to a slow start.

“It’s your typical Prince George last minute thing, everybody I talked to said that sounds great, it sounds like a lot of fun but we’re not getting teams registered.”

He says that’s a shame considering up to 1,500 Prince George families rely on them for groceries each month.

“People are away on vacation but the marginalized, the people who need the food bank – they don’t take time off – they’re there everyday and we still need to provide for them.”


1,500 families-how can this be possible when the BC Liberals are telling us we are doing so well? Min wage to low? Lack of employment?

It’s a bit of a mystery. Story higher up than this one talks about PG economy on a roll. Lowes in a previous story said they only have 2/3 of the people they need hired. I still see what appears to be TFW’s working in all the fast food places, and yet (assuming one parent, two kids), there’s 1500 people who can’t find a job.

I don’t think it’s governments job to give people a reasonable standard of living, but I do think it’s government’s job to create the environment that enables people to acquire a reasonable standard of living.

This can be done through child care support – so a single parent can take one of those jobs – currently you’re better to collect welfare than work for minimum wage when child care costs are factored in.

This can be done through education and training – something I personally benefited from in the 80s.

This can be done through reasonable income assistance for those who have just simply fallen on hard times. What they pay now is shameful.

So the question is, are the senior levels of government doing an adequate job of this?

And the second question, is if they aren’t, are we all willing to pay more taxes so they can?

This government has already taxed the hell out of us and we still have to supply the food banks so many people do not starve. As you say ski51 income assistance is shameful. Maybe if the government does not want to raise the min. wage and fund programs properly they should supply the food banks so we do not have to.

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