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October 27, 2017 9:50 pm

Police Search Residence at 20th and Cuddie

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 @ 3:53 PM

police activity

Plenty of police presence at  20th and Cuddie this afternoon- photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. –  Five people have been taken into custody in Prince George this afternoon.

Police  executed a search warrant on a residence in the 1100 block of 20th Avenue this afternoon.

There was considerable police presence for this search,   as  Prince George RCMP were assisted by the North District Emergency Response Team.  The activity required the temporary closure of 20th Avenue at Cuddie Crescent.

Police advise the residence has been secured and 5 people have been arrested, results of the search have not been  released.

Investigators expect to be in the area throughout the afternoon, however there is no further concern for public safety.

The investigation is continuing and further information may be provided as it comes available.


Well, there was a concern for public safety, which is why they busted the place. Will the same police spokesman say there’s no concern after the perps are back on the street with a ‘promise’ to appear?

    Yah but think about it, they’ll be re-arrested when they breach, then it’ll be a recognizance, they might have to have a surety, you know, to keep them on the straight and narrow, then when they get breached, they’ll have a bigger surety, cash or property, then when they get busted again, it’s jail and their cash will be forfeited to the Crown,
    (Oops, I almost said Clown) and god knows what they’ll do for a job in between all this. But come sentencing ( With all the defenses their lawyers will mount) you know, the sad case of an abused childhood,
    addicted young, got in with the wrong crowd, there are a thousand excuses why they turned out the way they did but your Honor, this person has a job now and has a child at home, and it’ll be another slap on the wrist, with a stern warning by a judge who is so sick and tired of the same people showing up in court over and over again.
    A Judge who is bound by sentencing guidelines that he has to abide by,
    absolutely frustrating for police, crown and a judge to deal with these people.
    But, you gotta bear in mind, the five arrested may be released without any charges, we the public have no idea right now why these people were arrested and have no idea whether any charges will be laid. They may be innocent bystanders to some intelligence the police received. We at this time, have no idea.

      ?… if a judge chooses to slap them on the wrist and let them off with a stern warning because their lawyer has some lame excuse instead of finding them guilty (as you say) then it has nothing to do with any sentencing guidelines they may be bound to

Wish the Quesnel RCMP would be as active

As a citizen on this block i am glad that they are out in full force , i just wish it wasnt so easy to start back up. The last bust on this house started up hours later and continued until this time , granted it was alot scarier this time as at 3 pm i had the scariest moment of my life hearing multiple loud shots honestly unsure what they were beanie gun or tear gas. Our police force is working hard to keep oyr city clean and i thank them for that , having small children close to these situations is very scary.

Hope they where out soon enough so no tax payer funded meals had to be supplied. All about saving money you know.

    If they come to my house I have some food for them.

      Seasoned with arsenic? lol

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