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October 27, 2017 9:49 pm

Local Man Looks to Establish Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Friday, July 29, 2016 @ 2:00 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Neal Hagreen  has  a plan,  one that would see  prescriptions for medical marijuana delivered  to  a Prince George patient’s front door.Hagreen is the CEO of  Kenderdine Healthy Alternatives and is  in  the process of  obtaining  accreditation with the Canadian  Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries.  The goal is to open  a medical marijuana dispensary in Prince George.  He has already lined up a building,  but  says there won’t be any product  stored at the site, that it would be more of an information kiosk.  The actual  medication would be delivered by courier  to the patient’s address.

He knows the whole medical marijuana  issue is divisive,  “Really, we’re not talking  about pot heads on a Friday night smoking a joint.  We’re talking about   people that need medication in order to live. It bothers me that they combine the recreational attributes of this  product  with  its medical  quality of this product.  As a result  we have a tendency to lump them all together, and as a result, we’re able to   write off the medical side  because of the Cheech and Chong side.  The two are entirely different equations.”

According to Hagreen,  those  in Prince George  already  receiving prescription ordered marijuana  are getting it from sources in the lower mainland.  “The irony here is that it ( the medical marijuana) is coming from here.  There are medical marijuana operations in the central interior. ”    He says he has no affiliation with any of those  producers,  but  the product he hopes to deliver will be sourced from local  medical grow operations.

He has sent an open letter to members of the  medical  community in P.G. but says it’s not a request that they send  business his way, more that it was  a call for physicians to  look at the issue  in a more personal manner.  The letter reads in part “The need for a program such as this is dire.  Many of  you know  someone who could have benefitted from these  types of therapies and is no longer with us.”‘  The  letter  goes on to say “While we understand the stigma attached to this, we believe its time has come.  There are dispensaries in every major centre in British Columbia except this one.”

So far, he has not received any response from anyone in the medical community,  but says he really didn’t expect  one “The letter wasn’t put out so they could support this and funnel people to me,  it was put out to  appeal to the human nature of it all.”  The letter makes  two requests,  “All we ask is that you give this letter, good and valuable consideration”  and then  reads “If you see merit in this proposal please contact me.”

Hagreen  is realistic,  knowing there are still a lot of hoops  to  jump through before his plan  comes to life “I’ve been jumping through a lot of hoops the last two weeks,  I’m getting pretty good at it,  I’m learning how to do summersaults.”


So once pot has become legal, where can we legally buy it from, other than from a medical use source?

Good plan getting your foot in the door. By the time all your permits go through it will be legal. Then switch over to recreational.

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