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October 27, 2017 9:49 pm

City Launching New Friday Feature

Friday, July 29, 2016 @ 10:57 AM
Kulwinder Bhatal and Husband Parmjit  package up  hot mini donuts at Summerfest 2016

Hot mini donuts a food truck favourite

Prince George, B.C.-  Remember the food trucks  at Canada Games Plaza during the Winter Games?  Well the  City of Prince George  is looking to bring back  that  atmosphere by  having “Foodie Fridays”.



Starting  one week from today, (Aug. 5th) and  on each Friday  till September 30th,  the space in front of City Hall  will be made available to local food trucks and vendors  from 11:00am to 2:00pm.

“I have always said that the area in front of City Hall is the best front yard in the city” says Mayor Lyn Hall, “Foodie Fridays helps to make use of that, and gives the thousands of people who work in the downtown area a pleasant, social, outdoor place to go for a casual lunch.”

A few of the local food trucks and vendors who have already signed up include the Frozen Paddle, Spicy Greens, Shiraz Café and Restaurant, and Smokehouse on the Run.

“I am very happy that the City of Prince George is undertaking this new initiative because it is a chance to show off the diversity of Prince George’s downtown and I encourage all businesses to support it,” says Reza Akbari, owner of Shiraz Café and Restaurant “As a restaurant owner, I embrace this as a new opportunity to advance my own business, meet new customers, and help to revitalize Prince George’s downtown and make it more walkable, vibrant, and fun!”

Restaurants and food vendors who are interested in participating in Foodie Fridays are encouraged to contact Deanna Wasnik, Manager of Development Services, at 250.561.7688 or by emailing deanna.wasnik@princegeorge.ca.


It would be nice to have some foodie trucks in Fort George Park. Most cities with water front have food venders.

    Yes, this would be lovely on weekends especially. At least there’s Frozen Paddle at the train station now.

Who would be paying for Deanna’s time on this project? It won’t be benefitting the ten’s of thousands of others that don,t work in the downtown.

clean up the site of the old south end weigh scales and come set up out there I know a lot of BCR’er who would enjoy the food, rumour that Tim Hortons is opening beside the ESSO card lock so that will be a nice option out here

Great idea! How about extending it to Saturdays as well?

    Why just Saturday. Why just those hours?

    In other words, why not let the vendors decide where they think they can get the best business and at what times they can get the best business. In fact, the food trucks are on wheels and can move to several locations.

    Are there any at the sports fields? – I know there are none at soccer and the track stadium. Never attend softball, so do not know that situation.

    Why are restrictions imposed, if any, and how long have they been imposed if they have been?

    If no restrictions, why have food trucks not taken off in PG? Not enough population?

    Prepared food is being sold at both markets in PG, but no food trucks.

I did not realize we have food trucks in this community other than at special events. I think some of these come from other communities.

I am not familiar with how they work around here other than those types that go, or used to go, to work sites. Are they still around?

So, getting to this situation. Why only on one day and why only in one place. That area is not even where the largest concentration of downtown office workers is, I would think. That would likely be on Victoria and Third.

Why has a food truck not been operating downtown? Has there been a restriction to get licenses?

There used to be a hot dog vendor outside Northern Hardware. What happened?

What is the cost of a license? Is it cost prohibitive? Would a $10 per day license to occupy two parking spaces encourage people to put a food truck downtown? Would businesses around there that sell lunch hour food complain?

There is much more to this story that would allow some more meaningful comments based on better understanding of the issue.

Only 15 years behind every other major city.

Food truck frustrations in Kamloops is worth a read.


That is why I commented earlier that the City should really let the community know what the regulations in PG are compared to other communities such as Kamloops.

The main fear is that any nearby “brick and mortar” restaurants will lose business.

What a goofy idea. Only in George. Shows a lot of respect for our Veterans.

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