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October 27, 2017 9:48 pm

Harry Potter Party Draws a Crowd

Sunday, July 31, 2016 @ 6:59 AM
The latest Harry Potter book began selling in Prince George at midnight.  Photos 250News

The latest Harry Potter book began selling in Prince George at midnight. Photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Wizards and witches and fans of every stripe turned out in droves at Books and Company late Saturday night for the midnight release of the latest book in the Harry Potter saga, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Parts 1 and 2).”

The global release of the book this weekend follows on the play of the same name which debuted in London’s West End in June.

Books and Company invited fans to its Third Avenue location at 10 Saturday night for a little pre-release fun which included games, photos, tea leaf readings, a costume contest, a 3 for 2 Bargain Book Sale and more.

However, that was just to pass the time.  The real reason for being there was THE BOOK.  Jillian said she came downtown at 10 at night because “I just like Harry Potter.”  Why?  “Because it’s good” she says with a giggle.  Have you read all of the Harry Potter books?  “Ya, ya.”

Jillian’s older sister Taryn said “I started reading the books when I was like eight and have re-read them probably six or seven times at this point, so it was kind of a given that I had to be here at midnight”, which was when the books officially went on sale.  (more about that in a moment).  Asked whether she knew what the price tag was on the book Taryn laughed and said “no, at this point though I’m not even sure it matters.”

Jordyn stepped right up and said “Ya I’ve ready all the books and I think it’s so cool and ya, I really like it.”

The crowd grew steadily as the witching hour approached

The crowd grew steadily as the witching hour approached

Molly, like many others, came out because “I like Harry Potter a lot.  A lot!”  Have you read all of the Potter books?  She opened her handbag, pulled out a paperback and said “I’m re-reading this for the third time, like right now and I finished another about half an hour ago.  Powerful.”

Cameron explained the big draw for him Saturday night.  “I’m here because my significant other right here is madly in love with all the Harry Potter books so I’m just here for her.”  Significant other is Kristen, who says “I grew up with it, it was mostly in my childhood.  I remember starting reading it when I was in grade school and then just kept reading it up until (age) 25.”  And she was definitely anxious to ready the latest Potter saga.

As time wore on the book store received more enthusiasts, leaving one to wonder whether there were enough copies on hand to satisfy the insatiable throng.  Books and Company Manager Kayli VanderMeer said she had 120 copies in store.  The books could be officially sold as of midnight.

However, things changed shortly after 10 pm when one Potter fan asked whether it was possible to pre-pay, then wait till midnight to be handed their copy.  When the green light was given (after all the name of the game IS sales), customers flocked to the cashiers to lay their $41.99 (after taxes) down and the number of hardcover copies with “sold” slips tucked inside (below) soon increased quite rapidly.


The shop will be open during the day today for those who would like to purchase the book but didn’t want to cross paths with creatures of the night last night.  Vandermeer says “I’m expecting to go through 200 copies in the next week or so and we’ll keep on placing orders as long as there is the demand.”


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