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October 27, 2017 9:48 pm

Truck Flips Over North Nechako Rd. Embankment

Sunday, July 31, 2016 @ 6:43 PM
Truck lays on its roof after going over embankment off North Nechako Road Sunday afternoon.  Photos 250News

Truck lays on its roof after going over embankment off North Nechako Road Sunday afternoon. Photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – For the second time this weekend the on-ramp to Highway 97 from the traffic circle at the north end of the Cameron Street bridge has been the scene of a vehicular accident.

At approximately 5:15 Sunday afternoon emergency personnel responded to a single-vehicle accident off North Nechako Road, between Ongman Road and the traffic circle.  They found a pick-up truck which had come down the embankment, flattened small trees and brush and flipped onto its roof.

At this time it is not know how many people were in the truck when it went over the bank.  Police at the scene did not talk about the accident.  There was a civilian in the passenger seat of the police cruiser as it left the scene.  Two ambulances left the area without lights and sirens on.

Truck rests on passenger side, leaving driver's window unblocked

Truck rests on passenger side, leaving driver’s window unblocked

Early Saturday afternoon a rig towing a trailer, industrial welder and pump lost the load off the side of the same on-ramp while heading up from the traffic circle.  The driver unhooked and left the scene before police arrived.



Just wait till one of the idiots riding their bikes, gets hit. The fly down the Hart, cutting down the one way, to the traffic circle, to hit the bridge. They fly right through , apparently cyclists don’t need to yield when entering a circle from the wrong direction. Just a matter of time till they hit a vehicle.

    Or they do not hit the vehicle because the vehicle swerves to avoid them and rolls over the bank.

    Even better, at night, in a rain storm–to meet one of these cyclists going the wrong way, right at the sharp curve before the intersect of 97north!!! been there. There are driving rules for cyclists, too!!

…….way too many people on the road that think they can drive……..

    Way too many roads which could be built to better standards.

    We have spent money for someone to drive around the city to see where bike lanes could be created and where pinch points are where lanes will have to join normal vehicular traffic.

    Have we ever spent money for someone to drive around the city to check for all encompassing road safety such as this situation which is raising questions?

    Do you drive?

    If so, you must be one of the 99.99% who thinks they can drive.

      Jo Gus…..I have lost count, just in the last week, of how many arseholes I have witnessed that can’t keep their mini-station wagons in their own lane.

It is difficult to tell where this actually occurred. I am not understanding the Ongman Rd reference since it is paralleled to North Nechako Rd..

Looking from the lower part of the on ramp as it starts off parallel to River Rd before it takes a right turn to parallels to meet HWY 97N, the steep treed bank is to the left between the on ramp and River Rd.

There is also a very steep, and treed bank between River Rd. and Ongman Rd..

Both locations of steep bank have one thing in common, there are absolutely no guardrails of any kind to prevent vehicles from going over the bank in case something happens, whether the fault of the driver, some other driver, a mechanical failure, an animal, etc.

As the on ramp gets higher up where it is close to intersecting with HWY97N, there are no post guardrails to prevent vehicles from falling over the steep treed bank. That continues for a length of about 430 metres until the end of the merge lane.

So the question becomes, why is one part protected with no post guardrails, while another part is not protected in that fashion? What is the highway/road design standard which is used to determine where no post guardrails as well as reflectors are recommended or required? What are best practices and what are standard practices and what are unacceptable (dangerous) practices?


I don’t see the connection between this accident and the several posts about bicycles and bike lanes? Did someone witness a bicycle rider causing this accident?

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