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October 27, 2017 9:47 pm

A Wet July in Prince George

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 @ 9:58 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Environment Canada has confirmed what everyone in Prince George already suspected – July was wetter than normal.

“In terms of precipitation, it was definitely a wet one,” says meteorologist Matt MacDonald. “We picked up 90 mm of rain compared to a normal of 62 so that’s 145% of the normal rain amount.”

He attributes the unsettled weather to upper low pressure systems “we’ve been plagued with.”

MacDonald says it wasn’t nearly as wet as things got in 1982 though when 131 mm of rain fell.

“A good news story in terms of agriculture and forest fire but for summer weather seekers that love to go camping – not so much.”

In terms of average temperature, he says July was on par with previous years at 15.8 degrees.

Looking ahead, he says August isn’t looking much different.

“The first week of August is looking like more of the same. Another upper low coming in off the coast and that supports a lot of atmospheric instability so today being a classic example,” says MacDonald.

“We start off the day kind of nice with a little bit of sun but those clouds will start bubbling up as we get into the afternoon and then we have a chance of thunderstorms.”


Wow, I would have never noticed…LOL

“145% of the normal rain amount.”

Trust a weatherman to use that terminology rather than 45% more than normal.

Lets hope it continues into winter. Great for the economy and rather have snow than rain in the winter months.

    Don’t have to shovel rain … hopefully.

      Well I like to snowmobile, snowboard and take the family to the local ski hills. In other words, I like to actually leave the house, unlike you. Local contractors keep equipment working moving, hauling snow and stores thrive in the winter.

      Lol you know nothing about me .. leave the personal attacks at home

      “In other words, I like to actually leave the house, unlike you.”

If you run a business other than snow removal it is a huge expense to get the snow removed. I would rather have very little snow.

    Price is already placed in the product you purchase because of destination. Farther up the province , higher the price, snow removal price is included in the product. Even the reason why people cross the border to shop , even with the exchange.

I always wondered what the total would be if you totaled up all the household, civic and business expenses related to snow removal in PG. Every snow blower, shovel, piece of equipment that cleans snow, the wages, fuel, wear and tear, maintenance etc. I bet it’s a pretty gross number.

Didn’t they all say that it was going to be a drier summer than normal? We went from Juneuary to Julember. Can’t think of one for August if the rains stay.

Those that complain about the snow, why are you here?

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