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October 27, 2017 9:45 pm

Cullen Offers Mixed Reaction to MMIW Inquiry Details

Thursday, August 4, 2016 @ 5:57 AM

Prince George ,B.C –  M.P. Nathan Cullen whose Skeena-Bulkley  riding covers  a significant stretch of the roadway that’s become known as the Highway of Tears, offers some kudos and  concerns  about the  federal inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women.

Cullen says  it was good news to hear the  inquiry will look at addressing the root causes of violence, ““Requiring the MMIW inquiry to thoroughly unpack the deeply rooted challenges that underlie and sustain violence against aboriginal women and girls, from racism to poverty and everything in between, is absolutely a step in the right direction to bring justice to past victims and put future generations on the path to a safer future.”

Cullen noted the Highway of Tears Symposium, held in Prince George  ten years ago, found that poverty, often intergenerational, is the most significant contributing factor for many of the aboriginal women hitchhiking on Hwy 16.  The symposium report notes the percentage of families living at, or below, the poverty line in First Nations communities is disproportionately higher than any other population segment in Canadian society.

“Of key concern, however, is the fact the MMIW inquiry doesn’t appear to identify a direct role for the provinces and territories, despite underlying problems in provincially-regulated police and child welfare services that can actually increase the risks of violence to already vulnerable Indigenous women and children,” Cullen said.

Other concerns, also expressed  by women’s groups and social service providers, are the narrow focus of the inquiry and limited trauma and support services to victims, families and witnesses expected to testify at the inquiry.

Cullen will continue to work with the families of Highway 16 victims of violence to hold the federal inquiry to account, deliver justice to victims, and secure a safer future for Indigenous women and girls.

The MMIW inquiry will begin Sept. 1 and run until Dec. 31, 2018, at an estimated cost of $53.8 million.


I find the makeup of this inquiry interesting, I am sure no bias will be shown.

58 million, will there be an accounting of how the money is spent seeing its taxpayers funds. Seems a bunch of people will be living high off the hog for the next couple of years. Oh wait Trudeau our dear leader cancelled the accounting of funds to reserves for vote buying, so no accounting.

The police report is ignored, why is that, oh right it does not fit the mantra that the problem is everyone else’s fault.

Racism is mentioned, well one can see the biased outcome already.

There does not seem to be any inner accounting of the violence so the inquiry is a fail already.

    guess you’re like Clint Eastwood who, in a recent interview defended Trump by saying that Trump is “just saying what’s on his mind” in a country where “everybody’s walking on eggshells.”


    There is the outcome of the inquiry … people are just saying what’s on their mind

    As opposed to saying that they should not be and should be doing something to not support what is on there mind.

    So, we have two sides of the world …. the way it was ….. the way it should be …. and the way some people are still hanging onto how they grew up because that is as much as their brains will hold.

      Yes but what will be the outcome of this enquiry when there seems to be a bias going in. Just politics.

      Have you actually looked into what trump actually said or just the liberal left snips. I don’t like either one but look into Hillary’s record resulting in the donations she will have to repay, scary, very scary. If it was anyone else they would be in jail.

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