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October 27, 2017 9:44 pm

Canfor Hosts Complimentary Breakfast

Saturday, August 6, 2016 @ 6:47 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Canfor is offering residents of Prince George a free summer pancake breakfast this morning.

It will take place from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. on George Street between Patricia Boulevard and 7th Avenue.Canfor Summer Barbecue

“Prince George does a lot for Canfor,” says Corinne Stavness, Canfor’s senior director of corporate affairs. “It’s a really important community for us for sure so it’s a small way for us to say thank-you for all the support we get.”

She says they will also have a bunch of swag on site for the first 100 attendees plus a Canfor cake for people to enjoy.



Bah humbug.
They certainly make enough profit from our natural recourses but I guess we like it that way. Just throw us a few crumbs an that’s OK

    You’d better hope they make ‘enough’ profit from our natural resources, or they’ll join the ranks of all the other once supposedly profitable ‘enough’ big outfits that no longer even exist.

    Every one of those companies, like Canfor, operated on bank-created ‘borrowed’ money. The principal of those loans is repaid from ‘profit’; the interest on them is an ‘expense’.

    No profit , no repayment. No repayment, no more credit. No more credit, no more Canfor. And then what? The “employees” take it over? Like they did in some other countries, Argentina, for instance, when the profits fell below what was needed to keep the credit tap open?

    When that happened the employees got a very quick object lesson that what they THOUGHT ‘profit’ was comprised of, i.e, an excess of revenues over expenditures, turned out to be something actually quite different indeed.

    Instead of all those ‘profits’ existing as cash they could take out and share with one another ‘equally’, they found that profit was mostly a bookkeeping figure, meaningless, essentially, outside the company’s whole Schedule of Accounts. Which were, in themselves, meaningless without continued access to credit. Which they still didn’t have. The Achilles’ heel of all good socialist schemes for dividing ‘profits’ which don’t any longer exist.

Retired 02 When did profit become a bad thing? No profit, no new investment, no confidence, no jobs, in PGs case no economic engine.

Then you will complain about how dead and shuttered it is in PG and why didn’t ‘they’ do something about it.

Nothing wrong with making a profit. But why does my livingroom, dinningroom and bedroom, have to reek from the smell of Canfor? Ah I guess if u live in PG u have to love the smell of lung cancer in the morning.

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